Written by Rachel, Contributing Writer

I remember last year I shared my day with you; it was much different than a day of this year. I was very busy, and–not to say I am not now–it was just a different kind of busy. Last year I told you that “I went from being a stay-at-home mom to aย working momย and was then a part-time working mom with the intentions of being a stay-at-home mom once again” and guess what???

With much patience, prayer and waiting, God gave me a desire of my heart to be back home as a SAHM!

I was back at home but still carried a deep desire to have more children. I wondered why I couldn’t get pregnant but had just recently saw a young girl pregnant and smoking or read about a woman who had an abortion of twins. I really couldn’t understand why not me.

It wasn’t until I finally surrendered andย lay my desires down that He answered me.

This Day in the Life post is more of a pictorial tale of the past couple of months rather than one specific day.

Before a few months ago, adoption was never something I thought about doing–to be honest. But I knew we were supposed to have more kids. It was just something deep down I felt. So I decided to go to a pre-adoption class at a local Christian agency. On the way home after rain, I saw a rainbow and thought “God is so Good!”

I finally was able to lay down my desires to birth more babies after months and months of infertility or the inability to get pregnant and willing to accept whatever the Lord had for us, even if it was different that what I thought was supposed to happen.

A few days later while I was visiting family in Arizona I got a positive pregnancy test. I was excited yet fear rushed over me as I recalled the past two pregnancies that ended.

Shortly after we got home from our trip the morning sickness settled in. I spent about five weeks on the couch looking like this:

For the next couple weeks I wanted to allow myself to be excited but I was so scared of loss. We were able to hear the heartbeat but felt like I constantly needed confirmation that everything was OK. (If you have ever become pregnant after a loss you know what I am talking about.)

If there is a resounding theme here, it’s that I am constantly learning to trust God and waiting for His plan to unfold.

Although we wanted to do everything naturally with this pregnancy, we needed to confirm a healthy pregnancy due to my previous ectopic pregnancy:

We made our way to swim lessons, while I practically lay on the floor, while hoping the kids were in good hands with their instructor Miss Tiffany:

I watched on the sidelines while my my husband helped our son to learn to ride a bike:

I napped on the couch, trying to not think about the nausea while my kids played in PJs all day, read, watch more TV than they should and wrote on the walls, yes, they sure did!:

I finally began to feel (a little) better around 11 weeks, and we rented a boat and enjoyed a much needed family day:

All this time my husband really stepped up to the plate–cooking, cleaning, folding laundry…because oftentimes this was the state of our house:

Our 4.5 year old sneaked into our bed every night (still does) and I’m too tired to deal with it:

Our school year started; we do homeschool and school:

We let the kids choose an activity to be involved with for the first time: Lincoln choose karate and Julia choose ballet.

I’m here at an appointment with my midwife. We’re planning a homebirth:

I feel so blessed. Today I am 14.5 weeks pregnant! Although the past couple months didn’t go as I planned, and I was unable to get everything on my summer to-do list done, I had an amazing, nauseated past couple of months.

Here’s how we announced the good news earlier this week:

As I mentioned above, we never know what God’s plans are for us. We may think a certain way would be best, when all along His plans are far better than we could ever ask, think or imagine.

And I am up for whatever He has in store. Right now it’s carrying a precious baby, caring for my little ones, keeping home and being a help-mate to my husband! If one day He calls us to adoption, we’re willing to follow His lead just as we were before I got pregnant.

Thank you for reading about my past couple of months! This is a chapter of my story; we all have a story to share!


What is your story? Are you waiting for God to reveal His plan?