Bugaloo Kids: The Cutest Baby Shoes (And You Could Win Some!)

Chloe bugaloo Gosh, these are such adorable designs! The leather baby shoes at Bugaloo Kids are definitely not your typical, cutesy baby designs, but more fresh and modern. I had such a hard time choosing a pair because I really liked them all!

They are the same style as the ever popular Robeez, but much more affordable. They go for a mere $15 a pair, which is very, very reasonable for this style and quality of shoe. Not to mention, if you purchase 3 pairs, then your shipping is free (they'd make a great and affordable baby shower gift, although you could just get 3 pairs for your own kids! 🙂

They are definitely higher quality than so many of the other little leather shoes that are out there. I was really impressed by these.  I personally like this style of shoes for babies because I find that they will fit a bit longer than your typical Size 2 or 4 (or whatever) style shoe, just because they are soft and flexible and they don't need to be such an exact fit.

They're great for babies toddling around the house (and outside as well), and are so much easier for little ones to learn to walk in than shoes with stiff or thick soles. My understanding is that it's actually much better for their feet and for their walking development to use soft sole shoes like this, and I can understand why! Unless you're buying very expensive children's shoes, they often don't fit well and just aren't conducive to ease of movement, especially for little ones who are still tripping and wobbling and tottering around.

Kyle bugaloo My son Caden adores them. He has the green pair pictured on the right, and I just love their simple and stylish design. When they arrived he kept exclaiming over his "Noes!" The fit is generous, and even though he's just turned 2, he's still able to wear the 18-24 month size with some room to grow.

I was blessed to see that 5% of the profits are donated to International Justice Mission, which works to fight again slavery and human trafficking. I think it's wonderful to see businesses that are using their profits to give generously to others. These are the kind of businesses that my husband and I love to support!

Want to win a pair? I know you do! 🙂

Here's how:

1) Visit their site Bugaloo Kids, and check out their adorable designs. Come back here and leave a comment letting me know your favorite design (or designs- I know it's hard to pick!).

2) Get a second entry into the giveaway by posting about this giveaway on your own blog. Leave a comment with your post url.

3) Get another entry by twittering about this giveaway (linking to this post, of course), and then come back and leave me a comment that you've done so.

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5) Giveaway ends on Friday, July 3, at 4 pm PST.

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Bugaloo Kids: The Cutest Baby Shoes (And You Could Win Some!)

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  1. Those really are cute! I’m having a baby the end of Sept. but since the gender is a surprise, it’s hard to know which to pick… Maybe the bluebirds one.

  2. So cute! And these are much cheaper than you normally see for this type of shoe:) I love the Chloe and the bluebird. Did you know there is a great pattern to make these kind of shoes from fabric (or leather if you are that handy)? You can find it here: http://stardustshoes.blogspot.com/2006/10/cloth-shoe-pattern.html VERY easy (takes about 1.5 hours or less) and they turn out so cute!! They are great for using up scraps.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! I like the Jack design. I don’t blog or tweet, but you are on my rss feed (google reader).

  4. Wait? Choose ONE design?! These are super cute, my favorite is the Bluebird…no it’s the Charlotte…
    the Bluebird…

    You get the point! These are all so super cute, but I just love the cutouts on the Bluebird so that’s my pick!

  5. My sister had her first baby boy last night. I’d love to win the “Jack” for her!

  6. I like the bluebird ones in the boys section. I’m going to have to tell my sister about this company; she’s due August 7.

  7. I can’t narrow it down to one, so I’ll settle for three. 🙂 I love Zach, Jack and Sneakers. Very cute!

  8. These ARE adorable and so reasonably priced. I like the “Zach” style!


  9. My girls and I just got done checking out this site and LOVE the little shoes! My youngest will wear nothing but Robeez so I would love to try these out! Her first choice was the cat but they don’t come in her size (XL) so the next in line would be Bluebirds! Too cute! I so hope to win! 🙂

  10. I like the bluebird & the chloe. So adorable. I loved the robeez for my daughter when she was crawling.

  11. Wow, it is hard to choose just one!

    I wish they made the bluebird design in giant feet mama size! But my son would probably prefer the pirate.

  12. These are adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing about them. I love the “Zach”…it would suit my 1year old perfectly. 🙂

  13. I like them all!! So cute! I like the Kyle, the Eddie and the Bluebird.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Ok, here is my short list of my favorite styles 🙂 Robyn, ellie, francis, dash, leo, and owen. I couldn’t just pick one! My children loved their soft soled shoes and I do agree that they are so much healthier for their growing feet. I am hoping to get them some to wear around our camper and at grandma’s house. Thanks for sharing this site!

  15. I like the Robyn and Ellie for girls and the Kyle, Jack and Clyde for boys…but they really need a choice or two for sneakers style for girls too. My daughter has one pair of the Robeez that were passed on to her from a friends daughter she wears all the time and I love them but haven’t been able to justify spending money on another pair. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  16. These are so affordable! I think when my first was wearing these we paid around $13 for the generic ones at Target (that was 2 years ago, maybe more now), so these would be about the same and probably much higher quality. I think I like the Jack for my second boy. They are all so cute!

  17. These are so affordable! I think when my first was wearing these we paid around $13 for the generic ones at Target (that was 2 years ago, maybe more now), so these would be about the same and probably much higher quality. I think I like the Jack for my second boy. They are all so cute!

  18. I’d love to win the Kyle (green ones) for my sister who is due with her first in November! 🙂

  19. i love the kyle or jack or george! these are great–my little boy will be one on friday, and he just started walking a few weeks ago. i have yet to put shoes on his little feet, but i’d put these on in a heartbeat!

  20. Those are so, SO cute!! I think I like either Robyn or Bluebirds best. Which works out well for me since I have an almost 2 year-old girl and a child of unknown gender due in February (as well as 3 too big for little leather shoes). We like things that are adorable on either gender around here. I’ve just posted to my blog as well, so I’ll take 2 entries, thank you very much 🙂 I’ve been following you for a few weeks now so I can’t add you to my Reader again 🙂

  21. I love the sneakers style. My little guy has a pair of sneakers right now that are a pain in the butt to get on his feet, so these would be awesome!

  22. Hi! I am a new subscriber and I also Twittered and linked to it from my Facebook.
    I love this style of shoes! My girls have worn them and now my 9 mo little boy has a couple too he is growing out of.
    My favs are the ZACH, SNEAKERS & DASH

  23. So cute! I like Chloe and Bluebirds best. Thanks for the giveaway, would love to win 🙂

  24. oh my I love clive size 6-12 months and sneakers ha ha those are fabulous!

  25. Oh, this is a hard decision. I think I like bluebirds in size 6-12 months for my little girl!

    IJM is a wonderful organization. My sister-in-law works for them in DC, and we have been able to visit the office and meet many of the people who work there. We love supporting them financially whenever we can, knowing that the organization is run by people who love Jesus and who have compassion for people all over the world.

  26. These shoes look great! I love the “bluebirds” pattern.

    Michele 🙂

  27. I just LOVE the ‘Ollie’ design, perfect for a girl or boy.
    I can’t believe how affordable they are!
    Thanks for the link!

  28. My only regret is that they don’t make these in adult sizes! I liked the Kyle and Dash ones.

  29. My son probably wouldn’t fit in these anymore, but they’d make a lovely gift for my niece! I like the Mary J’s for girls.

  30. I have always been a Robeez fan and customer, but I LOVE these shoes and how affordable they are!! I especially love the Lucy and Chloe style.

  31. These are adorable. I would love the little green Kyle shoes for my little guy. Why don’t they make them in bigger sizes for preschoolers? My kids would love wearing these around the house.

  32. Fell in love with the “sneakers”! They immediately reminded me of miniture Converse Chucks with the white toes! Awesome. My little guys at the age where we’ve moved away from cutsy into little man style. These would be so fun to have.

  33. Sweet! I placed an order for a “Mary Jane”, a “kyle” and a “Zach” – all for baby gifts. I was pleased that I qualify for the free shipping even to Canada (all international orders qualify). I was going to buy Robeez but I think these’ll work great and save me $. I think my favorite is the “Zach” style.

  34. Those are great shoes! A friend and I were both lamenting the high price of Robeez the other day. These are all so cute! I particularly like the Mary J’s and the Chloe’s. If I’m not the winner, I will definitely consider placing an order. Two of my friends recently gave birth, so these will be great gifts. 🙂

  35. I’d go for the Mary J. for my little girl. I have a really hard time finding a shoe that fits her well, and stays ON! I think these might work really well for her. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  36. I LOVE the Bluebird girl shoes 🙂 I love that retro style. I’ve always wanted to try these types of shoes. They were just coming in style when my son was about 1 1/2yrs, and now my daughter is starting to stand on her own, so walking is coming soon!! I’d love to be able to try these out on her 🙂
    My blog post can be found here:

    And my tweet posting here:
    And I added you to my RSS feed on my new MAC 🙂

  37. I think the Charlotte is my favorite; pink is my favorite color. But I agree that it is difficult to chose just one. What I love even more is that IJM benefits!! That alone makes me want to buy them, even though I don’t have my own kids; nieces and nephews and friends instead.

  38. I really like the purple ones with the flower! I know just who I’d give them too:)

  39. Love the Mary Janes! Hopefully my sister has a baby girl so I have an excuse to order them for her. You are now in my Google Reader feed too!

  40. Ooooh! Baby Girl is coming in September and these would be perfect! I love the Mary J, but the Robin are adorable, too.

  41. Bluebirds!

    And then I shut my eyes and hit the back button or this would be a list of about 10 styles!

    So cute

  42. I love the Lucy (hoping for a girl, this round, I guess!). I added you to my Google reader list, too.


  43. I’d never heard of this company before and am glad to know about them. That’s awesome they donate to IJM!

    I would pick Robyn or Charlotte–super cute!

  44. These are adorable! My kiddos are way too old for these but I will have a new niece or nephew in a few months. For a girl…Chloe For a boy…Jack

  45. ohh, i love the ellie/elephant girls show, my little babe would be so happy in them im sure!

  46. So, I’m becoming a Granny! It’s not new to me, I have 7 already, but it’s always a huge blessing and I’m so excited. Every time is like the first time. So my daughter sent me over here to try and win HER a pair of shoes for the newest blessing.:) She said that she loves the Robyns and the Bluebirds. I fancy Georgette myself, but then again, I’m the Granny. What do I know???:) I know I LOVE these grandbabies, even when they are already 8 years old!
    God’s blessings!
    Leslie <><

  47. Oh. My. Gosh. Those are all so stinkin’ cute! And perfect for my little one. It’s too hot to wear sock and shoes here in Hawaii, but I never have anything to put her in when I do need something on her feet. These would be perfect! Even if I win I think I’ll head over and buy a few pair.
    As for favorites – it’s a toss up between the Mary Jane and the Bluebird. And….and…and… Seriously, their all so adorable.

  48. What a great giveaway! I have a brand new walker. I love the pirate, but since my little one is big for his age, I think the sneakers are perfect.

  49. Strange – I posted earlier in the day but it is not up. I placed an order this morning for baby gifts and was pleased that the free shipping counts for international orders. The three pairs I ordered were “Mary Jane”, “Kyle” and “Zach”; I think my favorite of the three is “Zach”.

  50. Could this be my answer?! My 1-year old has such chubby feet that we are really struggling to find some comfy shoes for him. Forget the hand-me-downs from big brother and sister! These look so soft, cozy, and flexible. He would look so adorable in the sneakers!!! Thanks!

  51. Oh, how do you decide??? Since we are expecting a little girl in September, I think I’ll pick the Mary J. Hope I win- I’ve been wanting to try these! 🙂

  52. it’s so hard to choose, but i adore the bluebirds shoes. i love how affordable they are and that they support the international justice mission. awesome!

  53. I liked Dash and George the best. I’m so excited to see them support IJM as well – I heard Gary Haugen (the founder) speak at my husband’s law school graduation, and he was AMAZING. And our best friends are going to Asia to work with IJM next year. This organization does amazing things for people not protected by the laws of their country.

  54. I love the “Charlotte” design for girls. My daughter wears ALOT of pink and these shoes would go with everything. Not to mention they are extremely adorable!! The price is great too!!

  55. Love these – my granddaughter has this type of shoe and they are so much better than the hard sole type.
    I visited their site and she’d love the Bluebirds and Kitty designs.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail

  56. We loved the Jack and Eddie!! Can’t wait to see them on my baby boy! They are so cute 🙂

  57. I’m a first time subscriber.
    cokelush at gmail

  58. SO cute!! I love the Dash … and Zach … and Sneakers. Too many to narrow it down to one! Awesome giveaway and adorable shoes.

  59. I love this company! I bought some of these for a good friend who had a baby a few months ago. What a great price and I really like the designs.

    I’m expecting baby number three in the next couple of weeks–AND he’s the first baby in our family NOT to have clubfeet! So, I’m super thrilled that I’ll have a little one who won’t be encumbered by casts or braces. This little guy is getting cute shoes and socks for sure!

    I really love the Bluebird design–though I’m not sure how practical a light colored shoe is (especially for a little boy). I also love the Owls–I think it’s called Owen?

    Thanks for such a great giveaway, Stephanie!

  60. I absolutely love the Chloe design. My daughter currently wears a style like this, but the choices were not nearly as adorable as these!

  61. I love all the great tips you give out! And how to pick just one? I love the Eddie/Ellie!

  62. I like Francis for a baby shower gift. My daughter already has Bugaloo shoes – love them!!

  63. Love your blog! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I am expecting our third baby August 12th. Don’t know what we are having ,so I’d pick the Lucy for a girl and Owen for a boy. Hope you’re having a great pregnancy! Harmony

  64. I really like the “Lucy” shoe for little girls. Adorable! Can’t wait to get a pair for my new little niece!

  65. The first 4 in the boys section are all great, but I think I like Kyle and Zach the best. So cute! Thanks for the chance!

  66. How fun!
    They are all so adorable! I’m really torn between the Mary J. or the Charlotte as being my favorite shoe. Choices, choices!
    Even better that some of the proceeds go to such a wonderful organization!

  67. Just took a look and my favorite is the lavender ones with a flower, Chloe.
    Our daughter just started walking and these would be perfect.


  68. Oh my, they are all adorable. I love any of the boy shoes that look like real sneakers. I think the one I like most is called Sneakers.

  69. Oh, do we have to pick one favorite? So darling! I pick Dash though! Thanks for telling us about them. (PS: I’m following you on Google Reader already)

  70. Hi:
    I like the Robyn design best!
    Was it you, a while back, interested in cross-cultural titles of children’s picture books/early readers? Four of our 14 children were adopted from West Africa, and we have run across some great titles…
    Julie B.

  71. So cute, and reasonably priced! I love the charlotte design which would be perfect for baby #3 arriving soon! Thanks for the givaway.

  72. Wow!!! They’re all so cute!!! I think I’d have to go with the Charlotte though. Adorable!

  73. I like the “Lucy” style for little girls. These are too cute and I can’t wait to get a pair for my new little niece!

  74. I love the Owen pair!! I’m expecting a baby in late December and these would be great! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  75. They are all so cute. “Zach” is cute, and that is my baby boys name. But I think my favorite is Jack and pirate. Size 12-18mon

  76. It *is* hard to pick a favorite one. I agree with Lindsey in AL, I like baby clothes (or shoes for that matter)that work for either gender. One can use them more times that way:*)… My favorite ones are Quackers and Bluebirds. Seeing these brings back a lot of memories of a pair of little mice leather shoes my younger sister and brother wore as babies.

    I tweeted the contest. http://twitter.com/OneBigAdventure

    I’m signed up for your updates via google reader.

    And posted about the giveaway on our blog. http://skellyfamilyjournal.blogspot.com/2009/07/another-giveaway-leather-baby-shoes.html

    Thanks for the giveaway! Our family is enjoying your site.

  77. My little one really hates wearing shoes, but I’ve never tried something soft like this. Maybe they will do the trick! I usually just let her go barefoot, but when the weather cools off, it would be nice to have something soft to put on her little feet. My favorite is the Charlotte. I think. I like them all!

  78. These shoes are too cute! I have an 8 month old son (so this type of shoe will be perfect for him when he starts cruising and walking), so I looked through the boy shoes. I loved the dash the dog and leo the lion shoes- although my husband doesn’t particulary like the ones with animals on them, so if I win I would probably have to choose something different 🙁

    I would love to win a pair of these- thanks for a great giveaway!

  79. Whew! I’m glad to be back online I almost missed the giveaway entirely !! 🙂 I love the little girl Mary J.’s too cute !!!

  80. First off, thank you for showing these to your readers. They are great!

    Second, they are ALL cute! I couldn’t pick… I loved them all so much. I did finally narrow it down to two favorites: Charlotte and Bluebirds.

    I’m crossing my fingers that I win a pair!

  81. Thanks for the offer. My favorite is the “clive” pair. They’d go with almost any outfit and the curvy lines would be very entertaining for my son to play with. He’s just under 10 months and as curious as ever.

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