And we’re off…

I'm so excited to finally be leaving for our two week family vacation!

We'll start with 4 1/2 days in Seattle, visiting with my husband's family, reading, going to the zoo, and just relaxing. Then next Wednesday morning, we'll be catching a plane bright and early to fly down to Phoenix, Arizona. The first day we'll be driving right up to Flagstaff, where we will stay for 6 nights, and take day trips out to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, the Painted Desert, Montezuma's Castle, etc. For the last two days, we'll head back down to Phoenix, enjoy dinner with the lovely Lylah and her hubby (such fun!), sightsee a little, then back up to Seattle on the Thursday, and home again to BC on the Friday.

In the meantime, though I will be absent, my blog will still go on. In fact, I've got a busy blog schedule all set to go, starting this Saturday with the Living Simply Saturdays Carnival. Then next Monday, for two weeks, there will be an incredible array of guest posts, and a few replays of some oldie but goodies of my own, with something new up every day.

I'll be checking in from time to time, but mostly I will be relishing every moment I have to just unwind and connect with my family, and enjoy this amazing trip that we are so blessed to be going on. In fact, I will be doing my best to forget I even have a blog! 🙂

Don't worry, though. I expect to return refreshed and excited for all the plans and ideas that are running through my head!  See you in two weeks!

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