A quick comment, and my review of freezing Spud Special Soup and

First of all, can I just be sappy for a moment and say how great you all are? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments for the giveaway! Thanks for sharing the wonderful reasons why you’ve chosen the book that you’d like to win- honestly, I wish I could give away a book to each and every one of you (sorry, it won’t happen, but I really wish I could!). 🙂

Secondly, someone emailed and asked whether Spud Special Soup froze well, and it had been so long since I tried that I couldn’t really remember. Today I used some that I made a couple weeks ago, and here are my thoughts.

If you’d like to freeze it, keep it undercooked. The veggies, especially the potatoes, get too soft otherwise, and it becomes a little mushy. I would turn it off once the potatoes were almost cooked, but still a bit too hard (maybe 10 minutes before it’s done). Also, it would be better if I hadn’t added the milk before freezing, but instead added it after thawing and reheating (however, I had to add it at the time, because I was trying to use milk before it went bad, and it certainly didn’t ruin it or anything, it just would have been better the other way).

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  1. We tried out your spud soup recipe last night. My husband wasn’t too sure about it when I mentioned trying it because he likes “hearty” meals when he comes home and soup didn’t sound like it’d hit the spot. Well, I said, “Maybe we can just try it once and if you don’t like it, we’ll never eat it again!” So we tried it and he LOVED it! He ate two bowls of it and told me I could make it every night 🙂 I loved it too! Thanks for the recipe.

  2. I am sorry to be a downer about this particular recipe, but I tried it at any rate. It wasn’t a unanimous success with those in the house. It wasn’t terrible, but I guess it just wasn’t what we are used to. I have tried other of your recipes or recipe links, and we have liked those. Thank you for doing what you do.

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