Surprise Getaway

I'm pretty sure I have the most romantic husband in the world! (You're allowed to think your husband is the most romantic, but I'm biased and I'm ok with it 🙂

Yesterday he totally surprised me, by turning what was supposed to be a few hours at the beach with friends (or so I innocently thought) into an overnight date up to Whistler Village!


He had been working on it for months, to arrange for his Mom to be here to stay with the kids, and to get a great deal on a room through a friend's timeshare, and to do it all without me knowing! He tricked me (I mean that in the best way possible) into making plans with another familiy to go to the beach, packing a cooler full of picnic food, and then proceeded to let me know minutes before we left (after he had secretly packed the car) that we were going on a date and his Mom was watching the kids. We began driving, and I thought we were headed for a semi-local beach or lake or park area, and then he got "lost" and just kept on going. For 2 hours. 🙂

So he admits that we're actually going to Whistler, for the day and to have a nice dinner, and that we'll be home late at night, missing our friend's bbq and was that alright with me? Sure, sounds like fun! Then he "misses" the day parking, and pulls up in front of a hotel, sneaky man! What a great surprise! He even tried hard to pack everything we would need and did a pretty good job (though we laughed as we checked out this morning and discussed that it was probably half of what I would have packed, had I known!).

Sadly, it rained, which seems to be an unfortunate thing that happens every time we get away together on a trip. Apparently, we bring the rain with us. No matter. I may not have any lovely pictures to show you (I was hesitant to pull my camera out in the rain and honestly, the pictures wouldn't have been great anyways), but we had a wonderful time and made lots of memories. I was even spoiled with a half hour massage at a spa and a fancy restaurant for dinner!

We left early this morning, and enjoyed a peaceful drive back down the gorgeous Sea to Sky Highway. The kids were well taken care of by Grandma and Uncle Grayden, and I was so happy to see them when we returned.

Even better, Ryan's sister's baby decided not to arrive while we were gone. She's 5 days overdue, and I'm set to be her doula for her homebirth, as I was for her first baby as well. We were all relieved that nothing happened in the 24 hours while we were gone, and now we're ready for baby to come anytime.

**Here we are the other day, showing off our bellies. Last time around, I was about 2 1/2 months ahead of her. This time, it's the other way around. So fun!

Speaking of any time, I need to rest up just in case her birth happens soon! I'm feeling a bit tired these days and like I may be fighting a cold or something. I might not be on the computer too much in the next couple of days, depending on when the birth happens and whether I need to take a day to recover from it (sounds silly, but I wasn't 29 weeks pregnant the last time I did it, and I'm not sure my endurance or ability to handle an all-nighter is quite as good as usual. If my blog is quiet, you know why. 🙂

Have you every been taken on a surprise trip like that? Or had the opportunity to be a doula for a birth?

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  1. You do have a romantic husband!! I’m gonna forward this post to my hubby, maybe he’ll take a hint for our upcoming anniversary! haha

  2. So fun! I love surprises! My husband planned our first wedding anniversary as a surprise. We got off track with the last few while I was pregnant and such, but this year I am planning on surprising him. That is fun to do too 🙂 I hope your SIL’s birth goes well! My sister just had her second, I love new babies!

  3. Aw, I’m so glad for you! I love surprises.

    I’ve never had the opportunity to doula, but I’d love to one day. I think it will be really neat for you, carrying your own little one, to participate in the birth of your SIL’s new one. Our Creator is just so amazing, and those connections are precious for you all – all the best to your SIL and hope you have plenty of stamina for as long as needed 🙂

  4. You absolutely do have a romantic husband! I don’t think my husband could keep a secret like that. He’d be so excited that he would have to tell me! But that’s okay, he’s perfect for me!

    I would absolutely love love love to be a doula at someone’s birth!!! But I haven’t had that opportunity yet! haha

  5. What a fun surprise! Isn’t it sweet when our husbands plan something special for us? 🙂

    It sounds really interesting to be a doula… I’ve never been, but have done some reading on the whole midwifery/homebirth thing.

  6. Surprise getaways keep the the romance alive! My husband has planned a few for us… bed and breakfasts and fun activities and of course, FOOD! Most recently was a winter weekend in VT complete with dogsledding, visits with friends, lots of yummy food, two lovely lodges… all planned with love…

    Trust God will give your sister-in-law a great delivery!

  7. My husband surprised me for our first anniversary. We had dinner at the same restaurant where our rehearsal dinner had been. And then, instead of turning east on the Pacific Coast Highway to go home, he turned west! And continued on to Santa Barbara for the night, where our first night had been. It was a lovely surprise!

  8. My husband surprised me with a trip to San Francisco last spring. (We live in Texas). I knew we were going somewhere but I had no idea where until we got to the airport to get there. It’s wonderful to have a thoughtful husband.

  9. What a special surprise! You have such a cute little pregnant belly, too!:-)

    BTW, I tried your Peanut Butter-Banana Smoothie recipe for breakfast this morning and it was a big hit. My husband thought they were the best!!! Thanks.

  10. nope, no surprises here, but my husband also knows me well enough to know that I would totally not be the kind of woman to like that idea…things like that would stress me out. LOL. He does other, wonderful no-stress-for-me surprises though so he’s still wonderful. 🙂

    I’ve never been a doula but I had one for this past birth. Especially since I had to have a doctor this time around (there are no midwives at all where we live, I mean totally none). It was great to have a doula. Enjoy it! That sounds like a lot of fun. So nice that you have that relationship with your SIL.

  11. What a fun get away!! I haven’t been a doula for a birth, but our last baby (number four) came so quickly that my husband and I had an unassisted, unplanned, homebirth!! =) It was so awesome!! Now, my husband does have his EMT cert., but that isn’t what he does for a living. We had a great time, God was our help and our provider!! Everyone was healthy, so we opted to stay home until the next morning and visit baby’s doctor and mine. Glad you had a great trip, and rest up for the big event coming!

  12. What a great (and special) picture!!! You are both so beautiful!!! I believe that a woman is at her most beautiful state in full bloom of pregnancy!!! You both have such a glow!!!

  13. I’ve been a doula for the last 7 years. I LOVE it!!! Especially doing homebirths…they’re the best.

    I love the pregnancy pictures! What a special time for you and your husband. And how fun to be a doula for your SIL!

  14. What a sweetie your husband is! I’ve never been surprised with a trip but my husband loves to surprise me in other ways.

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