Some Housekeeping (in the Midst of the Chaos!)

First off, a big ol’ apology to everyone for the train wreck that is my blog right now!

This week we are in the midst of a switchover from my previous blog platform (Typepad) to a self-hosted site through WordPress. Though you can’t see a whole lot of outward changes, there is a LOT happening in the back-end of my site. The reason for doing this is that it will ultimately give me much more control over how I want my site to look and function, allowing me to offer many more reader-friendly functions in particular. It will give this blog room to really grow and develop, which is why it is worth the utter CHAOS that has resulted! 🙂

For those wondering what happened to my RSS feed, it was temporarily down but is now back up. If you unsubscribed, please feel free to re-subscribe (in fact, please do- I’d miss you if you didn’t stick around!). That issue should be completely worked out now, whether you use my feed through a blog reader or through your email. If you are still having any issues with it, I would really appreciate knowing it so that I can get those ironed out as quickly as possible!

You may have also noticed that many comments are either missing or under the incorrect blog post. This, too, is being looked into and hopefully will be fixed very shortly!

You might also have wondered whether I took down the comments on my recent post A Trip to the ER, as there were some that were a bit controversial and in disagreement with me and my actions. Rest assured that I did nothing of the sort. I do not ever remove comments unless they are explicit or very obviously inappropriate, and would never delete comments simply because someone strongly disagrees with me. Although I always appreciate opinions that are shared in the most polite, constructive and respectful manner possible, please know that this blog will never be censored in any manner and that opinions that differ from my own are certainly welcome!

Please note that the Organic Gardening Carnival which was supposed to happen tomorrow (Wed, Oct 21) has been postponed for two weeks (it is now slotted for Wed, Nov 4). Due to my illness last week, and then all of these technical blog issues this week, it just didn’t seem wise to go ahead with it. This will give me more time to get ready for the carnival, as well as the rest of you time to consider joining in and to prepare your posts!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience as I get everything back up and running as it should be!

And a little something to anticipate…

Next week (October 26-30) I will be celebrating my 2 Year Blogiversary! During the course of the week, I will be hosting several great giveaways including one particularly desirable addition to any healthy kitchen, as well as launching a few new exciting site features and even a new product! Can’t wait to see you all there! 🙂

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  1. Haven’t commented in awhile, but glad you’re getting better -and praying that continues. Can’t wait to see what you’re giving away next week.

  2. Sounds great! I hadn’t really noticed anything going funny. LOL

    Hope you are doing better and taking the time to rest too.

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