Saving money with online coupons

Though I’m not a big online shopper, there are times when the items I want just happen to be available more readily online than at a local store.

I’ve recently learned a simple trick for saving a bit of money each time I make an order!

When you’re completing an online order, before you finalize and pay for it, most companies will give you the opportunity to put in a coupon code. Did you know that these are quick and easy to find online?

Simply google the company you’re looking and the word “coupon”. For example, the other week I was placing an order for more of my favorite mineral makeup from Everyday Minerals. I googled the phrase “everyday minerals coupon”, and found this page. I used the code “scrapbook” and was granted 7% off my order total, just like that! The other day I was looking for a Children’s Place coupon to take advantage of some end-of-the-season clearance sales for my kids, and lo and behold, I stumbled upon 15% off my entire order here!

Saving money with online coupons
The best website that I’ve discovered for finding these coupons is, though my preferred method of finding coupons is just to google the store name and the word coupon (usually, comes up as one of the top search items, though).

Another aspect of this is that you can also find printable store coupons the same way. For example, I knew that Michael’s (craft store) usually puts out 40% coupons off of any one item, but I didn’t have their latest flyer. I was trying to find a way to get the craft supplies for my daughter’s birthday party cheaper, and was able to grab myself not just a 40% off coupon, but one for 50%!

It hasn’t worked for me every time. I was trying to place an order for supplements and natural toothpaste the other day, and sadly there was no coupon to be had. It’s definitely worth a try, though, and every little bit of savings counts!

Have you discovered any other tricks like this? Any other sites you like for finding coupons? How do you find little ways to save on your everyday purchase?

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  1. I also google the retailers to see if I can find a discount code. The other trick I’ve found is to sign up to a couple of cashback sites – that way I can use the discount to pay less then get a percentage of cashback on what I do spend to get the lowest out-of-pocket cost I can.

  2.! They have tons of retailers they are affiliated with and not only do you get a discount code, you also get a certain percentage of your purchase credited to your ebates account!

  3. Thanks Stephanie! This was a great tidbit! I just saved 5$ off a baby shower order! I was about to make a purchase and I remembered reading this today, so I googled and came up with a coupon! :o)

  4. RetailMeNot is a good site, but sometimes I get annoyed by the large amount of expired or non-working coupons.

    My favorite coupon site is Dealio. I have used them for awhile now. They have only current working coupon codes and printable coupons. I like that I can vote and submit my favorite deals as well. They frequently have Michaels coupons as well.

    Here’s their link if anyone is interested-

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