Giveaway: FuzziBunz Diapers from Just Bumming Around

Giveaway: FuzziBunz Diapers from Just Bumming Around

Giveaway: FuzziBunz Diapers from Just Bumming Around

This giveaway has now ended!

Since this was a wildly popular giveaway last time around, we’ve decided to offer it again!

Just Bumming Around is a wonderful mom-owned and run cloth diaper online boutique, serving both Canada and the US. They carry only their very favorite products (which happen to include some of my favorites!) and strive for excellence in providing you with amazing diapers at affordable prices.

Not so long ago, I reviewed a number of products from Just Bumming Around, including their FuzziBunz One-Size pocket diaper, a Fuzzi-Bunz Perfect Size diaper (a sized pocket), a hemp contoured doubler, and some bamboo wipes. You can read my rave reviews of all the products in this post.

I am definitely a huge fan of FuzziBunz. I have 4 of their Perfect Size diapers, and also 4 One-Size (and more to come- yay!) and I couldn’t be happier with them. They have definitely captured the number one spot in my heart and in my diaper pail.

What’s Up for Grabs

We chose to run the giveaway this week because FuzziBunz has just released their new line of colors and there are definitely some real winners among them. Take a look for yourself:

most FB colors

last two FB colors

Personally, I’m loving Choco Truffle and all of the Funkadelic colors, especially Grape. And Big Sky. And Apple Green… well, like I said. All of them.

**Just a note that as these colors are brand new, the new images may or may not be up on Just Bumming Around if you go to purchase some. Nonetheless, you will still be able to choose and purchase any of the new colors!**

To celebrate these gorgeous new colors, Just Bumming Around is offering one lucky reader a FuzziBunz diaper in Choco Truffle, in their choice of style/size (Perfect Size or One-Size), as well as one additional diaper or diapering accessory, up to a $25 dollar value! That’s a $50 package, full of cloth diapering cuteness!

Would you like to win? Here’s how to get entered:

(Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry)

  1. Visit Just Bumming Around and then leave a comment let me know whether you would pick a Perfect Size or One-Size diaper, and what your additional $25 value item choice would be!
  2. Follow Keeper of the Home and Just Bumming Around on Facebook.
  3. Follow @keeperhome on Twitter and tweet this giveaway. “I entered to win a FuzziBunz cloth diaper package from JustBummingAround and @keeperhome. Enter here!”
  4. Subscribe to Keeper of the Home by RSS or email.

Giveaway ends Monday, May 31st at 4pm (PST). Good luck, everyone! Giveaway has now ended.

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  1. AH I LOVVVVVE Fuzzi Bunz, by far my favorite cloth diaper. I also love the Funkadelic or the Choco Truffle colors! If I won, I’d probably use the gift certificate on another zip up bag, since I usually am needing two (one in the laundry, one clean)!
    Sarah M (comment #1)
    .-= Sarah M´s last blog ..Ladies Weekend! =-.

  2. I would also love the fundelick colors – Super cute! I’d get another zip up bag, also or maybe another diaper – um, too hard to choose!!

  3. i would pick a one sized fuzzibunz in crushed berry for the extra. i’ve had my eye on these fun new colors for a while now!

  4. I love fuzzi bunz! I would go with the one size and my additional item would be a second diaper 🙂

  5. I too love the Coco Truf! it would be just adorable on my little 7 week old’s bum!
    I would pick the One Size, and for my extra $$$ i’d get a bunch of the Contoured Hemp Inserts.
    So much fun!!!

  6. I would love to try out the medium Perfect-sized! And the coco color is probably what I would have chosen, anyway. 😉 I’d go ahead and get a second one of the same thing with the extra $25.

  7. I’ve been using Fuzzibunz for 6 years now and love them! I’d love to try out the one-size diapers, maybe even two!

  8. I would pick the one-size diaper, then I would get a perfect size for my extra item…can I do that? I can’t decide between the two diapers…they both look amazing 🙂

  9. I visited the website and I think I would choose the One-Size diaper. My additional item of choice would be a Grape One-Size diaper. It’s such and awesome color for a diaper!

  10. I would get the perfect size diaper because I have all one size right now and would love some smaller ones for our baby that’s on the way. I’d also buy some inserts because those are always useful. Thanks for the chance to win!
    .-= Greta @ Mom Living Healthy´s last blog ..There is Life in the Garden! =-.

  11. I would pick the one size and get the perfect size as my extra item. That way I could try them both out. In on of the funky colors, of course.


  13. How beautiful! I have really been wanting to try cloth diapers, and this would so help. The one size diaper would be perfect, and my other item would be the crushed berries in the perfect size. That way, I could try both. Thanks!

  14. I would love the one size, and if one is good, two would be even better! But I’d go for the second one in apple green…

  15. I would love to win this – I cloth diaper, but have never tried a FuzziBunz before! I would definitely get the one-size diaper and probably get a second one with the extra $25 (probably in kumquat)!

  16. Definitely the One Size! I’m torn between a zip bag (never had one, wondering if it would keep some smells out of my laundry room better than a bucket), and a Big Sky one size. Kumquat is really cute, too…
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..Kids’ Top Baby Names =-.

  17. i can’t quite tell the difference between the pocket and the perfect ones – so i’d use the 25 dollars to just get one of the other. i haven’t used cloth diapers before and am not sure which i’d prefer anyway.

  18. I would do one size, which is already what I have and I think I would pick another one size in crushed berries

  19. I would pick the one size diaper, and my additional item would be the zippered bag hold dirty ones in 🙂

  20. I would get a perfect fit, since I already have a bunch of one-size. The additional item would be the overnight inserts, since my little guy seems to overflow his diaper pretty much every night.

  21. i would choose a one size, because we dont know the exact age yet of the two children we will be adopting.

    for my second item i would choose Kissaluvs organic Fitted Diaper: Hemp/Organic Cotton

    thank you! 🙂
    .-= sarah´s last blog ..i heart puritans =-.

  22. I am expecting twins and just starting to look at cloth diapering. I would love to try the one size. With my additional $25, I think I would try a perfect fit in Medium- same color.

    And, I am already subscribed on my reader! (as of last night when my friend recommended it)

  23. Im loving the Choco Truffle and Kumquat and Blueberry!hehe. I would pick a one size diaper and I would probably use the $25 to get another diaper. I really love my fuzzibunz!
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Playground Bully =-.

  24. I love me some fuzzi bunz!!
    I would spend the $25 on another medium fuzzi. My daugher wears one every night and her smalls are getting well…. a little small.

  25. We use fuzzi bunz on our 2 mnth old and love them so I’m so excited that your doing another giveaway!
    I prefer one sized diapers and would probably get a second diaper with the extra giveaway – watermelon is great!

  26. I would spend the extra $ on a zipper pouch and maybe a few disposable liners. I would also choose the one size diaper. I am very new to cloth diapering and have always wanted a fuzzi bunz diaper but went for a different brand because of cost. Hope to win this one!
    .-= liz´s last blog ..MIA =-.

  27. I would choose a perfect size and a zippered diaper tote and some inserts to round out my purchase!

  28. I would love to get a one sized diaper and for another item I would probably get another one sized diaper. These are super cute and much nicer than the cloth diapers I currently use (some of which are 30 years old).
    .-= KK´s last blog ..Weigh-In Wednesday =-.

  29. I’d go with the one-size diaper and use the $25 towards the Just Bumming Around Try-Me-Out Diaper Package! I’m so glad to know about this company!

  30. I think I would choose the perfect size and for my extra items probably some whisper wraps as I could really use some more of those!

  31. I’ve always been curious to try cloth diapers. I would choose another diaper maybe the buttercream one!

  32. Oh I would love to win this!!! What a great giveaway 🙂 I can’t wait to try fuzzibunz one-size and would also love a new bummis super-brite in small as well as a good-night insert. I didn’t use cloth at night last time, but really want to take the challenge with this new baby 🙂

  33. I would pick the one size and for my second item…I’d go with another FuzziBunz diaper! Can never have too many of them. I’d go with the Big Sky in a one size. 🙂

  34. I would pick a One Size! I would get a second One Size Fuzzibuns with my $25…and I would give it to a friend who is expecting!

  35. Love FuzziBunz! They are the best cloth diapers ever and if I win this contest (I hope I do!) I’ll definitely be getting the one-size diaper in the choco truffle and big sky! GREAT CONTEST! 🙂

  36. and…e-mail subscription (at my hotmail account.) Thanks! Hoping this ups my chances of winning!

  37. I would go for another Fuzzibunz one-size in watermelon 🙂
    I already “like” your Facebook page and added Just Bumming Around too!
    I don’t have a twitter, but I did subscribe to your RSS feed by email!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  38. For some reason my first comment isn’t showing…but it said – visited just bumming around website! 🙂 If I win (and I hope I do!!!!) I’m going to get the one-size choco truffle and one-size big sky! I have 13 fuzzi bunz already and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I’m hoping to add to my stash with the new colors! Thanks for the great contest!

  39. oh I would choose the one size, with a 4th baby on the way and a the toddler still in dipes, it would be easier to have one that fits both! And for that same reason, I would get a second diaper! never too many with 2 in dipes!!

  40. Oh… seperate entry for each… ok, well I already said what I wanted, so I DO ‘like’ your Facebook page!

  41. I follow keeper of the home on facebook and now I am signed up to follow just bumming around

  42. I would absolutely love trying out the one-size dipe, and would love another to go with it if possible! 🙂

  43. i visited the website and would choose One Size and an additional diaper in Apple Green…just love these new colors!

  44. AWESOME!!! I’ve been wanting to try these for awhile (I have flats and Mommy’s Touch one-size covers)!

    I’d definitely do one-size … and the additional product? I’d get ANOTHER diaper! 😀
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..The Homeschool Swap =-.

  45. This would be fabulous to win!! I would choose the one-size and I would get another one-size in blueberry color.

  46. I would want a perfect size and would use the rest to purchase FuzziBunz One-Size Pocket Diaper. Thanks!

  47. I would love a one-size diaper, and another one in Big Sky! I have 5 kids, ages 6 and under, so one-size diapers really make my day!!

  48. I’d choose a one-size diaper, and a Bummis Super Brite cover (medium, gender neutral colours) for the extra, if I were to win.

  49. Hi Stephanie–great giveaway!! I would prefer the perfect size diaper, and for the second item, another one, same color. I am also following you and just bumming around on FB…Thanks! 🙂

  50. I would love to win this giveaway as I am just getting back into cloth diapering after about two years of not doing cloth diapers because of washer issues. I would get the one size diaper and then I would probable get some Bummis diaper covers because covers and prefolds are my favorite system at the moment
    .-= Felicia Eis´s last blog – Whoozit Baby Photo Book {Review} =-.

  51. I would get a second perfect size diaper in a new color…I have to much green/blue for my boy! I love fuzzi bunz!

  52. I think I’d pick the perfect size in M and I’d choose a KISSALUVS ORGANIC FITTED DIAPER: HEMP/ORGANIC COTTON for the remaining $25.

  53. I would pick a one size, and I would get another one size for my $25 prize. I have a 15 month old, and one due in August. The baby has outgrown her cloth diapers a little, so they leak and are uncomfortable. We have been supplementing with disposables, but now she has a blistering rash! We can’t afford new diapers right now, but I will buy FuzziBunz when we can. We have one of the one size, and they are amazing!

  54. I think I would choose one size to try it out. We LOVE fuzzi bunz! With the extra $25 I would get some Goodnight inserts.

  55. Perfect timing. I just pulled out my cloth again for my newborn. I think I would like to try the perfect size diaper. I would also love to try the good night pocket inserts for over night cloth. This is the one area I have not been very successful at.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Crayon Cakes =-.

  56. Checked out the website. Still not sure what the difference is in size, but now I know the difference in the types of diapers. Would love to win this!

  57. I would pick the Perfect Size and then just a fuzzibunz perfect size diaper in any color!

    I am looking into cloth for our next child (due in August) so I am very glad I found your site! Thanks!

    Also following on Facebook. (I don’t use twitter… 🙂 )

  58. I believe I would choose a one-size diaper in the chocotruffle, and then a perfect size large in Grape. This is so exciting!

  59. I’d go with a one size, since I already have several of the Perfect Size, and the FuzziBunz zippered diaper tote!

  60. I’d get a one size, and with the extra $25, get another one size! My first is coming in September; I need to stock up on diapers. 😉

  61. I would get one size because I have a 2 and a 22 month old in diapers! I would probably pick a couple of bummis covers for the other $25. Would love to win this!

  62. Following on FB, twitter, tweeted, subscribed… all of the above!

    And if I win the giveaway, I’d use the extra $25 to get a kissaluvs and a goodnight insert. I’d love to try those!

  63. Would love to the win the Fuzzibunz one-size and my “extra” would be a Fuzzibunz Perfect Size in small/apple green.

  64. I love FuzziBunz! I would pick a OneSize because I haven’t tried their OS’ yet and then I would also pick a Perfect size in Mac N Cheese because I love the color and the name! Thanks for the chance!

  65. I just bought some after your last review. I just got home from the hospital with my third little boy so I will soon get to try them out! I would love to win some more! I would get the one size and probably get a second diaper or some inserts.

  66. I visited the website and I would pick the one-size diaper. I love my one sizers that I have now!

    1. @Melissa Fox, I forgot about the other part of this entry. I think that I would chose either a bunch of inserts, a perfect size diaper, or put it towards the sample package!

  67. I think I would do the one-size option, love all the color choices, I would have a hard time picking just one 🙂

    1. @Jen, oops- forgot the other part, I would probably look at the sample kit, I haven’t used cloth and I would be curious what other options are and how I like them!

  68. I love choco truffle color! I would pick a one size and with the $25 prize I would get another one size in one of the other great new colors….maybe grape or crushed berries.

  69. I would get a one size diaper because we have all perfect size (bought when that was all they made!) and I want to try out the one-size. My second $25 item would be a second diaper in another one of their pretty new colors!

  70. I would like a one size. I would also get a one size in a funkadelic color. I love the new colors!

  71. I would choose perfect size because I have some and love how trim they are! And each size lasts a really long time. Love, love, love FB’s!

  72. love the new colors! I would pick a one size and then for the extra item, I would pick a perfect size in large in big sky.

  73. It’s very possible that I am just being impatient, but I couldn’t find the difference between the two sizes.

    If I won I would spend $25 on more diapering supplies…I would love to try out cloth and know one diaper isn’t enough!

  74. I would choose the One Size diaper because it ould grow with the baby a lot longer. (Weight wise)

  75. I would choose the one size. With the additional $25 I would get a couple of bummis covers. I am already signed up for your feeds and on FB. LOVE your site.

  76. I would the one size. I have always wanted to try it. I would pick either some of the goodnight diaper inserts or the Kissaluvs organic fitted diaper in M/L. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  77. I would love the choco in perfect size (small) and the crushed berries in perfect size (small). What a wonderful giveaway, thanks!

  78. What an awesome giveaway! I would love to win the Choco Truffle one size diaper and I would choose and additional one size diaper in Watermelon color.

  79. Stephanie,
    Thanks for doing another giveaway! My husband and I would prefer the one size diaper, and would probably get another fuzzibunz diaper with the $25, or a bummis whisper wrap.

    I enjoy being subscribed to your blog through email!

  80. I really like your blog, I subscribe to your blog on google reader.
    I would choose the one size diapers and my “extra” color would be blueberry, that is a really nice color 🙂

  81. I would love to receive the Choco Truffle in one-size and a small Apple Green perfect size as the additional item. What a wonderful giveaway.

  82. I just started cloth diapering with my 3rd baby, and so far I love it, but I don’t have many diapers so I’m not doing it full time yet. I would choose the one size diaper, and then with the $25 I’d choose another one size diaper. I need more diapers so I can cloth diaper at every diaper change.

  83. i would love the one size diaper in the choco truffle and and for the extra i would take an apple green one size diaper.

    what a wonderful giveaway. thanks!

  84. What a fantastic giveaway! I would choose the one size and an additional one size for the bonus.

  85. I’d pick the “one size”, and I think I’d get a second “one size” for the extra item. Those colors are great!

  86. I’d pick the one-size diaper and a second one for the extra item (I could cover the extra $.50 🙂 ).

  87. I would love the Choco Truffle one-size diaper and for the extra item…if another one size diaper met the requirements (even though it’s $.50 over the $25) I would like a one-size in the Watermelon color. If it does not meet the requirements I would love the 12-pack of double sided wipes. This is such a great giveaway! Thank you!

  88. I would get the one size choco truffle and then spend the other with bumGenius! yay for this give away!

  89. Thank you for your give away! I visited humming around website and would love to win a one size in kumquat.

  90. I would choose perfect size (because that is what I have now) and another as well for the extra item but if that is not allowed then I would love a hemp insert 🙂
    .-= RaisingZ´s last blog ..An Award for Me 🙂 =-.

  91. i would love another diaper! Love that chocolate one, and I think I’d also pick the apple green if i win 🙂 i love colorful cloth diapers – they brighten up our days 🙂

  92. I would love the one-size diaper (I’m so ready to start cloth diapering !) and would add another one in watermelon. I love these colours!!
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..Fleißig gewesen =-.

  93. I would like the perfect size diaper because I have the one size and love them but with a new born coming I think I might like a few small ones.

  94. I LOVE Fuzzibunz! I’m on my 3rd child and just switched to cloth (actually starting thinking about it after reading one of your posts – thank you!). PLEASE pick me to win! 🙂 We have a few cloth diapers now and really can’t afford any more for a while…but I could really use a few more. I like the one size diapers.

  95. I would choose a Perfect Size diaper, and for my additional item I would choose a second Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size diaper.

    lisar79 at msn dot com

  96. I use Fuzzibunz on my 13 month old twins. I would choose the One-size and for the extra item I’d choose another One-size in “Grape”. I have Keeper of the Home on my blog reader and I follow on FB already. Now off to do the other things for the giveaway!

  97. I think I would pick the one size for the first diaper. and then I would pick a perfect size for the second diaper. I really want to try the one size on my boy and then the perfect size would be for the second baby. 🙂

  98. I’d get the one-size in choco-truffle, and use the 25 to buy another one-size in kumquat. And I’m a fan of you on facebook now!

  99. I would choose the one size and then us the $25 to get the perfect size. I am new to cloth diapering and have heard great things about Fuzzibunz.

  100. I would love to have any of the new colors – size L. I have two in cloth and we love Fuzzi Bunz! If I won I would select another FB diaper or maybe some of those yummy Bamboo wipes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. Also I’m subscriber via email….my choice would be a perfect size (L) in watermelon and apple green.

  102. I just realized my first comment should have been split into two according to your instructions. SO, I would love the One Size in Grape or Apple Green. Thanks!!

  103. I love one-size pockets, so that’s definitely what I’d pick. As for the additional item, it would be another one-size pocket, in either white or Kumquat. Their one-size pockets are adorable, and definitely what I need the most of right now!

  104. I have never used cloth diapers with my kids, but I am considering trying with our next baby. So, I would want to try their JUST BUMMING AROUND TRY-ME-OUT DIAPER PACKAGE and see how it goes. Thanks for the chance! Rene

  105. I am planning on using Fuzzi Bunz with my son due in July. I would LOVE to win this! I would choose a perfect size and for the $25 I would choose another perfect size in Sky Blue or Kumquat. It would be a welcome addition to my slowly growing stash!!

  106. I would pick the One Size and then I would get 2 of the GOODnight diaper inserts (night leaks are a major issue around here!) & 1 of the Contoured Hemp Inserts. Thanks!

  107. I too am thinking I’d like to use cloth diapers with my next little one. I like the watermelon and would probably want a liner to go in there too. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  108. I would choose a one size diaper in either apple green or kumquat. I also love Fuzzi Bunz! I have a lot of their perfect size diapers, but have never tried one of their one-size diapers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. I just had my first child 8 weeks ago. Many moms at my church use Fuzzi Bunz and I would love to try them. I would choose the one size. For the other item I would get the either diaper tote or another Fuzzi Bunz diaper (haven’t decided yet).

  110. La la love the One Size diaper in orange and zippered diaper tote accessory. Planning for baby #1 in October 🙂 Praise the Lord!

  111. I would love a One sized diaper. My extra item would be a BUMMIS SUPERBRITES cover or a kissaluvs fitted. I can’t decide!

  112. I think I would go for the one size and then if I could take another one size in the watermelon color

  113. I love cloth diapers! I would get the One-Size, and for my bonus item, a Kissaluvs cotton fleece fitted in size 0.

  114. I’m thinking the One-size, then a Perfect-size for the second item, though I really like the diaper tote and the Just Bumming Around Try-Me-Out Diaper Package, which is really close to the $25 limit. I can definitely afford the extra 50 cents. One youngest daughter is looking in to using cloth diapers. This would be so great.

  115. this is my friend’s sister-in-law’s site… so fun to find the connection! I would choose two one size. After using bumgenius with the last child, I’d like to try these.
    .-= calli´s last blog ..Strawberry Picking 2010 =-.

  116. I love Fuzzi Bunz and would love another one-size diaper. I would also love to try the new Kissaluv diapers that are supposed to be more absorbant.

  117. Well, I would likely choose one of the one-size diapers to try it out, since we use all prefolds here. My extra item would have to be a Bummis SuperBrite cover, since I love the one I have! Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. I’ve just recently subscribed to Keeper of the Home via my Google Reader at the suggestion of Kitchen Stewardship! I’m loving it!
    .-= Antonina´s last blog ..Home Sweet Texas =-.

  119. I would get a one-size and then with the $25 an additional fuzzibunz one-size in apple green or watermelon! 🙂

  120. I “like” Keeper of the Home and Just Bumming Around on Facebook! I love my one-size FB, so I’d choose those in the featured chocolate brown and orange, for sure!

  121. We’ve been cloth diapering with prefolds and covers… would love the opportunity to try FUZZI BUNZ perfect fit… additionally LOVE the cotton candy pink :o)

  122. I would go with the One Size diaper, and my extra item would be…well, probably another diaper! There are soo many cute new colors to choose from!

  123. I would take a one-size because I have a toddler and a baby on the way. If I could I’d spend the $25 on Goodnight Inserts ’cause I really need something for overnight. However, if it had to be just one item I’d probably get the Just Bumming Around Try-Me-Out Diaper Package or the Zippered Diaper Tote.

  124. I would pick the one-size diaper in the Choco Truffle, and I would like another FuzziBunz diaper in the perfect size style.

  125. I would choose a FuzziBunz one size dipe, any “boy” color works for me! My son was a preemie and I would love to try this brand and see how they fit my little man!

  126. That’s such a nice offer! I’m having a baby soon and fuzzibunz is on my list of diapers to try out. I’d choose the one-size and the fuzzibunz zippered diaper tote in brown.

  127. Happy to see this giveaway again!!! Definately the fuzzibunz perfect size in large. Make that two fuzzibunz….green apple is great for this spring and summer!

  128. I love the blueberry, I’d take it and an additional diaper…grape or kumquat. Stunning colors!

  129. I’d probably go with onesize and for the additional, I’ll take one in cotton candy!

  130. I would do the one size and would probably do the travel bag or maybe another diaper. . . Thanks for the great giveaway!

  131. I would choose the perfect size, as I like their fit better. I would also probably pick the bummis cover in froggy, since my daughter is obsessed with frogs right now (oh yeah, and a fitted to go under it!)
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..New Carpet =-.

  132. Lucy is only 5 days old so we are still using newborn prefolds and covers but I love the idea of one-size pockets for later on. I would probably use the other $25 for another fuzzi bunz too. I love choco truffle and grape.

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