At Raising Homemakers: Have You Had a Date With Your Daughter Lately?

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Today you can find my debut post up over at Raising Homemakers. Here’s an excerpt from it:

We said good-bye to Daddy and her siblings, made a quick stop for yummy drinks, and then pulled up to the movie theater. Movies aren’t generally something that we go out to see, especially with the offerings in the theaters these days, but I just couldn’t resist this particular night… we paid, found our seats and sat down just as the old classic The Sound of Music burst upon the screen and my delighted little girl squealed to see her very favorite movie in a theater.

Just her and mommy.

{And yes… she sang along to every song. I have to confess that even I found myself humming along. Wouldn’t you?}

That night, I had plenty of other things that felt really important to be doing once the kids were in bed, but I sensed that she was in need of some extra mommy-lovin’ and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spoil my sweet Abbie.

Before you assume that I must be some supermom, who is always attentive to her kids, never says “mmm-hmmm” when she’s not really looking or listening, spends hours of quality time with them each day, or the like, I’ll burst that bubble. I’m not that mom.

Read entire post here.

Do you take your children out on one-on-one dates? What types of things do you do together?

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading it.
    We actually took our 4 year old son on a “mom & dad date” for his 4th birthday yesterday! To keep it simple, each child gets a party (family only) one year and then a “mom & dad date” doing things they want to do, the next year. My daughter went to Oma’s for the day (which, by herself is practically a birthday celebration!~) and we took our son out for a cookie, to a movie in a theater for the first time, and then out to lunch where he wanted to go. He also got to open a couple gifts so he had a great day 🙂
    We love this idea!!

    Sarah M

  2. This is what I don’t do enough of with my daughter…thanks for the reminder of how important it is.

  3. My husband takes our daughter out for a “daddy date” once a month – breakfast at Friendly’s and a craft at the Home Depot. They also have special alone times together that are less scheduled, usually if I go out to run errands with the baby in tow.

    Once the baby is older, I hope that I can do a better job of giving my daughter _planned_ “mommy date” time, instead of just snatching bits here and there when the baby is sleeping.

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