One last hurrah for amazing stainless steel products!

Ok ladies (and any gentlemen that happen to be reading this!), this is the last of 4 giveaways from the Tickle Trunk this month, so please make sure you don't miss out on this one!

What I love so much about these giveaways is that the products are high quality stainless steel, intended to replace the plastic in your kitchen and food storage. Wouldn't we all like to find more ways to reduce our dependence on plastic and make certain that no harmful chemicals are leaching into the foods we feed our precious families?

Here's a sampling of what they have to offer:

Rectangle container 

Small stainless container 

Silver bottle 

Double walled stainless 

There are such a great variety of sizes and shapes to suit anything you want them for… leftovers, baby food, taking lunches to work, etc. As well, a full selection of excellent quality water bottles ranging from 12 oz to 40 oz with 4 different lid styles to choose from, as well as 4 different colors.

This is your last chance to enter to win any (yes, any!) item from The Tickle Trunk before Christmas! I tell you, the Christmas spirit of generosity is flowing this month! 🙂

1) Visit The Tickle Trunk and take a gander through their impressive selection of products.

2) Leave a comment letting me know which item you would like to win, and which item you think would make the best gift for someone you love.

3) To be entered a second time, post about this giveaway on your blog and leave me a comment with the url of that post.

4) Contest ends Wednesday, December 24th. Wouldn't winning be a nice Christmas present?

Edit: This giveaway has now ended. Merry Christmas, everyone!

And for those who entered last time, the winner is:



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  1. Seeing as this is the last chance I guess I might need to start saving up my money to make an order 🙂

    I still like the 40 oz water bottle, but if I was giving a gift, I like the food storage container #3 for a lunch container for my husband… Its really neat!

    Oops- I hope this doesn’t get posted twice as it disappeared on me…delete one if it does please…sorry.

  2. yep — still the 40 oz water bottle for me too – I’d love to send it to school with my hubby!

    I’m missing Living Simply Saturday? 🙁

  3. I would love the food storage container #3 for my husband’s lunches! It is perfect! He would love this.

  4. My husband is a stainless steel water bottle addict! He’d love a new one, and I have a friend who could really use the food storage container #3.

  5. Wait, is the Food Storage Container 5 available? If so, I’d love to change my vote! My hubby could take it to work!

  6. If I could win the pink water bottle, it would be a huge blessing. My daughter carries a water bottle with her everywhere and she loves pink!
    These are great for the environment too!

  7. Food storage containers would be great… for storing extra flour or my yeast in the freezer.


  8. oh i so hope i win! especially since i procrastinated on ordering my husband a water bottle for christmas….that would be my pick! stainless steel 18oz water bottle to give to my husband so he doesn’t have to keep using the rubbermaid bottle he has been. thanks so much!

  9. Hi. Wow, good to learn about their other products. For my husband, Food Storage Container 3 would be great for his lunch: very manly looking! For myself, I like Food Storage Container 4 for its size and because you can easily mark its contents and date on it.
    THANKS! Happy Holidays!

  10. I couldn’t wait and ordered a water bottle for myself a few days ago, but I would love any of the food storage containers.

  11. I would love to win a stainless steel waterbottle. Or a storage container for sending lunch to work with my hubby!

  12. I have really been enjoying your blog. I have subscribed to it. I have never gotten around to actually entering one of your contests, but I am doing it now. I would love to win the 1.5 liter storage container. I have been replacing my plastic storage containers bit by bit with containers that are not likely to leach chemicals into my food and which will keep bugs at bay. This looks like a great container.

  13. My DH is trying to stop drinking Diet Mt. Dew…he’s addicted to it I think. A large water bottle would be wonderful for him to have at hand. Thanks for the opportunity to play and for Simply Living Saturday!

  14. I’d love the 18 oz stainless steel water bottle with a flat cap – we’ve been using old glass jars – this would be safer! And the Food Storage Container # 3 would make a great gift for my MIL – long commutes and much time away from home. Thank you!

  15. For you ladies worried about flour weevils and the like, my grandma told me decades ago to put a bay leaf in with any grain containers. I also lay the bay leaves loose in my cupboards. Haven’t seen a weevil since I began using the bay leaves (I use tightly sealed containers also when I remember). And I would choose the food storage container number 3. I have a couple of the stainless steel water bottles and love them. Thank you!

  16. I’d love to try the Food Container #4 -I love that they can be labeled. I have a friend that would use the 18oz water bottle.
    Great products – thanks!

  17. I love the bottles (our kids all have one but not my husband and I yet), but the lunch containers would be so great for my husbands lunches. I like it all!

  18. I’ve visited this site a couple times now, and I’m absolutely crazy about the water bottles!

  19. I’d like to try the 710 ml food storage container. I think the 800 ml water bottle would be a great gift.

  20. Still love the 18 oz pink water bottle with the sport cap and I for a gift-another water bottle for my dear friend and hiking buddy.

  21. I would love to try any of the food containers. One of my close friends would like them, too. It is so cool that you can write on them!

  22. I loved the Water Bottle ‘Black’ 27 oz and it would be great for my hubby to use at work!
    All of the products are great and it is so good to learn about how this is better than the plastic kinds we have!

  23. Wow! Anything to send hot lunch in for my husband…that would work great on our night-shifts. And a “regular” lunch box for my dad…he likes my mom’s sandwiches. The hubby doesn’t care so much for mine. 😉

  24. thanks stephanie for giving me yet another chance. i’m still loving the double walled round food container.

  25. Wow! What a great giveaway! The food storage container 5 would be amazing for feeding the baby healthy food while traveling. Thanks so much for doing this!

  26. I would love the round food storage container for our family. If I was giving it as a gift I think most people these days could use the larger water bottle.

    This is my first day to come across your blog. We are like minded, home educating, natural living and eating believers. Blessings to you, I will be back:)

  27. For me:
    food storage container – 240ml b/c it’s air/liquid tight…great for wet lunches

    For a gift:
    water bottle – 27 oz b/c I have one and LOVE it 🙂


  28. I’d like the 27 oz stainless steel water bottle with loop cap. I really would 🙂

    For someone I love…the 14 cm stainless steel food container for a pregnant relative. Then she can take snacks to work!

    Thanks for introducing us to this great company.

  29. The food storage containers look awesome! Our family has so many leftovers and this would be a great gift for my mom … Thanks : )

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