My Review of Essential Oil Brands (and how much of a difference does quality really make?) 2

My Review of Essential Oil Brands (and how much of a difference does quality really make?)

E Obrands

Written by Stephanie Langford, Creator of Keeper of the Home

Although I am in love with using natural remedies, including herbs and essential oils, I have remained skeptical about just how much of a difference the particular brand of oils that you use really makes. Perhaps you, like me, have heard what you deem to be “hype” about this brand or that one, and wonder if it’s there’s really anything to it or if it makes no difference.

If I’m being honest, that’s how I felt every time someone  commented or emailed and told me about a well-known brand of oils and how amazing they were. I’d secretly roll my eyes and think “here we go again”.

I have to go eat a slice of pie now. Humble pie.

For the past two months or so, I have been testing out a number of essential oils, both individual and blended, through Modern Wellness. Christy from Modern Wellness asked me back in October whether I would consider reviewing some oils, and I decided to give in and said yes. She asked me for some of the health concerns or needs for our family, and then sent a wonderful package full of oils in the mail.

At this point, I got a little bit excited. See, I’ve been falling in love with essential oils over the past two years, as much as a skeptic as I was that these particular ones were any different, I do enjoy experimenting with them and learning how we can better use them for our health and well being.

She also sent me an amazing essential oil reference book, Modern Essentials, which lists every single oil and every blend carried by the brand she carries, with detailed instructions on how to use them, as well as a section in the back with all sorts of illnesses, ailments, mood and behavior struggles, etc. and then numerous ideas for various oils that could be used in each situation. This book was invaluable to me, both in delving into my review of these oils, and also in becoming more experienced in using essential oils in general.


Here’s what we thought of the oils we tried:

  • Soothing Blend– This is my favorite, hands down. It is similar to an icy blue rub, like what you might buy at the pharmacy, but a million times better. You can buy it either as an oil blend, or as a lotion that is already mixed with the oils (this is what we tried). It has a beautiful blue color to it, which actually comes from the oils. It smells divine. Every time I or my husband used it, we commented again on how incredible it smelled. Even better, it was such a soothing balm to my sore, tight muscles (courtesy of a car accident we were in earlier this summer). I used it on my worst nights/days and it definitely gave a good measure of relief. I really, really want to buy more of this stuff.
  • Calming Blend– This is another oil blend, with lavender, sweet marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood and vanilla bean. I sometimes struggle with insomnia, and this is the oil that I would dab just lightly on my wrists and the pulse points on my neck before going to bed. I honestly found myself sniffing my wrists as I went to bed, because the scent relaxed me so much. I can definitely say that this blend helped me to sleep better on the nights that I needed it. I also tried it on my daughters on two different occasions, when they were upset about something and just couldn’t go to sleep, and this really helped to calm them down so that they could rest.
  • Lavender– I’ve been using lavender oil for a long time, but this is the purest, strongest, most beautiful smelling lavender I’ve ever used.
  • Equilibrium Blend– Can I just say that whoever put together this blend is talented beyond belief? Every single blend that we tried smelled absolutely heavenly, this one being no exception. I used this one on days when I felt stressed and unbalanced. Sometimes I put it on my feet and pulse points on my neck, and other times I put it in my nebulizer (this distributes minuscule drops of the oils into the air in a very fine mist, so that you both smell and inhale them gradually). I could tell that it helped to keep my more calm and level-headed.
  • Protective Blend– This was a very close second to the soothing blend as my favorite scent. I used this one mostly in the nebulizer to help keep everyone healthy when colds/flus started going around where we live. As for how well it works, I’m not sure. I did use it on myself when I as really sick and I couldn’t particularly notice a difference.
  • Wild Orange and Peppermint (these were both individual oils, not a blend)- Again, I was incredibly impressed with the purity of these oils, just like with the lavender. The orange was even orange-tinted and smelled so sweet. The peppermint was strong and I hardly had to use any of it for a good effect. Christy had said to try these two together, and so that’s what I did in my nebulizer and the scent was beautiful and very energizing. It’s my new happy smell (well, that and the equilibrium blend). I also used the orange (diluted with the fractionated coconut oil) on my baby when he experienced some constipation. The book said to rub it on his feet and tummy, and when I did so a couple times, it seemed to stimulate his system and help clear up the problem. It was around the time when I was sick, so it may have had to do with being slightly dehydrated since I was struggling with my milk supply a little, but nonetheless, the orange oil did the trick until he was back to normal.
  • Headache Blend– She sent me this one because I had been experiencing headaches, but wouldn’t you know it, I haven’t had too many since having this oil blend around. I did try it a few times and I found that if I had a headache that was still mild or just beginning, it worked really well to counteract it. If I waited too long and it turned into a migraine (which I’ve had occasionally since the car accident) then it helped a little but it seemed like it was a bit too late to make a difference at that point.
  • Focus Blend– I wanted something to help my 5 year old focus a bit more during homeschool, because he’s very easily distracted (I know, all 5 year olds are, but he can be particularly so). I didn’t always remember to use it, but when I did, I would rub it on the bottoms of his feet (which made him giggle, but he enjoyed it and liked the scent). The difference wasn’t dramatic, but it was noticeable. I also took to using it on myself a few times when I felt really scatterbrained and though that it focused me a little better, but again.


My overall thoughts:

  1. They seem to be very pure and strong. I already have lavender, peppermint and orange, so I compared each of them with the ones from the brand I tried and definitely noticed a difference. The new oils seemed stronger, sweeter, and had a more true scent, and even retained just a slight bit of color. I also felt that maybe I could use less than I normally would, because of the strength. I made a glass with a couple drops of peppermint oil, as I sometimes do for an upset tummy, and the oil was way too strong. I had to pour half of it out and just fill it up with water. One drop would have been enough.
  2. The blends are incredible. I wish that I could make my own blends, but even though I have a wide array of different oils (probably 12+ different ones) that really isn’t enough to make well-balanced blends. Beyond that, it just takes a lot of knowledge and skill to put together blends that are both effective and pleasing to smell. My husband even specifically asked me if I was going to buy any of the blends, especially the soothing blend.
  3. They’re expensive. I would like to be able to buy these oils, particularly some of the blends that we loved, but I do find the cost a bit prohibitive. I’m used to paying more like $5-$25 per bottle (depending on which oil it is, prices vary), but these oils are more like $13-$50+. To make them affordable, you can join as a Wholesale Member, for $35 start up and $25 yearly fees. You can then purchase oils at significantly lower prices (at least 25% lower), as well as earn points and rewards for what you do buy. I calculated it a bit and I think that if you used essential oils frequently, this would probably work out to make them reasonably affordable. Note that this is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company, but that’s too big a ball of yarn to tackle in this post, so I’ll suffice it to say MLMs can have both good and bad points. 🙂

Common questions about essential oils

This is where we get to the frustrating area of hot debate, unknown answers, differing points of view, hype, and all that fun stuff.

First of all, I’ll state that this is a sponsored review, by Christy of Modern Wellness, who is a rep for a specific essential oil company. The primary focus of this post is to review the products that she sent me. I also want to say that as far as reps go, she is the first one that I chose to work with, because I really liked how she approached me, her completely non-pushy attitude, how much she wanted to share good information to help people, and she’s just been a pleasure to work with overall (thanks, Christy!). If you’re going to buy this particular brand, I highly recommend doing it through Christy.

I do know that because I have readers that like to analyze and dig into the details as much as I do, I can’t just let it go without addressing some of these questions as well as best as I can.

I am nowhere near an essential oil expert, but just a wife and mom that seeks out alternative natural remedies for my family. I do the best research I can with the limited time that I have. Some of you will disagree with me on some of these points, and some of you will wish I had provided more detailed/scientific answers, and I’ll apologize in advance for that, but this is my basic understanding of the issue as a non-expert, so just take it all with a grain of salt.

1. What is a “pure” essential oil?

From my limited reading, I understand that for an essential oil to be pure, it should:

  • Be extracted using a low-temperature and low-pressure system. Steam distillation is the preferred process, and ideally the oils should be from the first distillation.
  • Not contain any other ingredients whatsoever. It should be 100% pure oil. However, we should take a clue from the food industry and realize that “pure” doesn’t necessarily mean pure when used on a package. There are companies selling cheap oils that have other oils or fillers added, to boost their profit margins. As Adrienne wisely stated, if the price seems to good to be true, it likely is. Genuine essential oils are not cheap to produce.
  • From one of two sources, either a) wildcrafted from where they naturally grow (this in an instance in which we don’t want locally grown- we want herbs and botanicals taken from where they originally come from, as this is where they will grow best and provide the most medicinal qualities, or so I’m told), or 2) from organic sources, to avoid any chemical contamination.

For a bit more reading on essential oil purity, Adrienne of Whole New Mom has been exploring the whole issue and this post (and the whole essential oil series) takes a closer look at the processes and the darker side of the industry.

It’s important to note that as with many natural health alternatives, there is no one governing standard or certification process for essential oils. One of the major essential oil companies says it themselves on their website. There is AFNOR in France, which sets standards and regulations, but it is NOT a regulatory body.

Which means, everyone creates their own standards, tries to show how their processes are better than everyone else’s, and in the end, it’s difficult to know exactly what’s what. Honestly, in many regards, I’m as confused as the rest of you. Do the best research you can into the process, try the oils for yourself, and go with your gut on the ones that seem pure and effective for you.

2. Are essential oils safe to ingest? Any of them or only some brands?

Again, this is up for debate. If you’re using 100% pure oils, not cheap ones that may have chemical residues or unwanted filler ingredients, then my feeling is that it is probably fine, as long as they’re oils that are meant to be ingested (not all oils should be taken internally). The brand I tried specifically states that theirs are safe to ingest because of the purity, and I would personally apply that safety to any brand that is actually a pure oil as well. However, more questions are coming to light about the safety of ingesting at all, regardless of which brand it is and I’m not an expert on EOs in any way, shape or form, so I cannot give you a recommendation either way.

That said, I personally think that we’re a bit too quick to take things internally, especially essential oils. I do use them in a few things, like my toothpaste recipe (which we spit out), and very occasionally a drop or two that we drink in water, and sometimes Oil of Oregano under the tongue. Other than that, I don’t like taking something so strong internally. You can get excellent results using them topically, or sometimes in the air (through something like a nebulizer– I love mine!).


3. How much does quality matter? Will they still work if I buy a cheaper brand?

Again, I don’t know for sure. I’ve used some cheaper brands over the years with limited success, but I mostly bought them for the scents or for cleaning purposes. As I’ve begun to use them more medicinally, I’ve preferred to find ones that are higher quality. Sometimes it requires trial and error.

I think it’s possible that some cheaper brands could still offer medicinal qualities and good results, but I do know for sure that I’ve seen real results from the higher quality oils I’ve tried. I was particularly happy with some of the results that I had with the oils from the brand I tried, and it would be interesting to try to mimic those results using something else.

4. Do they honestly even work in the first place? There seems to be so much hype about essential oils.

I love essential oils and I do believe that they work. I’ve used them so many times over the past few years and have been very impressed with some of the results. For muscle pain and soreness, for headaches, for tummy troubles and constipation, for nerves and balancing moods and relaxation, for healing infections. I can say that from my experience, essential oils are a valuable part of my natural medicine cabinet.

5. If I can’t afford something like the brand you tried, what else would you recommend?

I personally really like Plant Therapy oils, which I have just begun buying. But notice their warnings, which include not using them on babies (unless using their kids safe line), children or pets. I’ve also heard many good things about Aura Cacia, Edens Garden, and Heritage.

I do think it’s worth it to check into the Wholesale Membership option through Modern Wellness. You could contact Christy through her website or Facebook page to get a better idea of how the benefits work and what the discounts would be like.

Bottom line on the brand I tried?

I didn’t know if I would notice a difference with the new oils and I went into this skeptical, but I honestly was impressed by them. I really, genuinely liked them and found them to be effective. In my books, that’s enough for me to warrant a bit of extra research and to consider some higher costs, since I regularly use essential oils for our family’s health needs.

I also wanted to mention that when you buy oils through a rep, you’re more likely to get a high level of support. That’s worth something, because most of you aren’t essential oil experts (just as I’m not). Oh sure, we can google it and research it on our own, but we all know that there is a ton of unreliable information out there, mixed in with the trustworthy sources.

I appreciate how Christy shares helpful information on the Modern Wellness blog, website and Facebook page, and how she offers free webinars to further teach about the uses of essential oils. You aren’t likely to get that kind of help and information from most oil sources, and so that’s something to consider.

Do you use essential oils? What are some of the ways that you have found them to be helpful and effective for your family?

Also, I know that many of you are chomping at the bit to turn this into an EO brand debate. I’m all right with a few carefully worded comments sharing your opinions, but please, let’s keep it civil. I’ve seen such awful, nasty comments on this topic (it’s shocking, really!), and I just don’t care for that at all. We’re all adults, so let’s have a conversation like adults.

Disclosure: I received product from Modern Wellness for the purpose of review. This post has been generously sponsored by Modern Wellness, but the product reviews and all opinions on essential oils are my own.

A note from Christy…

Over the past three years I’ve been able to educate and share my love of essential oils freely. Due to their increasing popularity there are government agencies that are stepping in and enforcing what we can and can’t say about oils. Do I love having my freedom of speech hindered? Not really but I want to ensure that thousands more people can learn that they have options! So I will play it safe and abide by the rules. While I would love to share more information on how you can get started and what brand of oils we use, I can’t here. Strange huh? There’s an easy fix to that though. Just send me an email to with any questions you have and I’ll get right back to you.

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  1. Thanks for this Stephanie! I’m just learning about the whole EO world, and it’s good to hear a review from someone I completely trust. I’m not educated enough to have an opinion on brands, so no controversy from me 😉

  2. This is interesting. Something I never have looked into before.
    When are you going to make your “announcement” about your move though! You certainly keep us all hanging!! LOL

    1. It’s totally not intentional, I promise! It’s actually just that we’ve been so busy and I’m waiting to be able to link to something when I announce it, and with our busyness and preparations, everything has taken SO much longer than I though it would. It’s driving me crazy, too, that I still haven’t announced it! LOL!

  3. Thank younStephanie! I’m new to EO too and would really like to purchase some! Would you say that Mountain Rose Herbs oils are as pure and effective as doTERRA from your experience? Thank you for your insight! I’ve been looking forward to this post!

  4. Thanks Stephanie! I have to say that I love EO. I have used doterra, young living (I am doing a once a month eo thing on another blog to learn even more about the oils, you have to use yl for this, and I am ok with that), mountain rose, aura cacia, and from a company called a scents worth. I like you can see a difference. I have no problem using from all of these companies for difference things. I have to say though that I have noticed a difference when using the two larger companies first mentioned. I do love the Thieves blend from yl as I find the onguard does not work as well. I do love the sweet orange oil from doterra, it is heavenly. The serenity is sitting by my bed right now too. My favorite peppermint and lavender are from yl. I guess what I am trying to say is, why do we have to pick a company. I don’t understand why we can’t use what we like from all of them. Again, thank you for the review. Hopefully you will have a chance to try a few from yl and see what you think about them. I am interested in trying the Heritage oils, so I may have to order a few and see what I think. I love the blends also!

  5. I have tried the Do Terra oils and while I do like them, they are prohibitively expensive for me right now, even with the discount. I can’t commit to a monthly order for that amount to get points. And from past experience I’m not terribly good with MLMs and recruiting people, LOL. I’ve been very happy with Heritage Essential Oils, reasonable prices and good quality. I buy as I need them and the customer support is very good. Lightning fast shipping too!

  6. Great review! I use many different brands of EO. But hands down recommend anyone to just start getting educated about them in general if you want to see some changes in your family’s health. They have been such a blessing to our family. I am not a doctor, but in my experience-In as little as a couple years, our medicine caninet is now just a cabinet. And I come with ‘the oils’ to combat any illness/symptoms. THEY WORK 🙂
    James 5:14-16

  7. Essential oils can really be a touchy subject! I personally love them and will NEVER be without! I had used some of the cheaper brands in the past with limited success. Come to find out, they didn’t work because they are so poorly made. When using essential oils you really want to be sure they are distilled using only low pressure and steam and that they DO come from the first distillation. Anything past that first time alters the efficacy of the oils. With that being said, I only use Young Living. And here are my reasons- First off, they have all their own farms and don’t source out their plants/oils. The plants grown in their native areas (such as frankincense which only comes from Israel). Everything is organically farmed so no chemicals. Young Living has been around for many years and is the ONLY brand here in the states that has their oils used in hospitals by actual doctors. Doctors know that Young Living has the highest quality and purity of essential oils.
    Just a couple more thoughts. One of the people that helped create doTerra oils was Gary Young’s right hand man at Young Living for a long time. So, many of the blends are based off of Young Livings blends. There is also evidence that doTerra uses hexane in their distillation process, which gives some of the oils their sweet smell. Normally most essential oils should not be sweet smelling.
    Anyway that is just my thoughts on the essential oil controversy. Just please everyone do your research and learn about the oils and quality!

  8. One more thing that you didn’t mention about doTERRA oils is that they not only test to make sure that there are 100% pure, but they also test to make sure that each batch is potent and has right amount of natural chemical components it is supposed to contain. And I believe they do the testing not just once but at least twice per batch. I think that is why you notice a difference in the wild orange and peppermint and lavender being stronger and sweeter smelling.

  9. Yep- I was the same way! When I first started hearing people rave about doTERRA, I kept thinking “Yeah right… Blah, blah, blah…”
    But then I had the chance to use some of them, and I was instantly hooked! (The first one I used was Breathe– it’s amazing stuff!) In fact, I liked them so much I signed up for a wholesale account and haven’t looked back since. We are a frugal, one-income family, so I was concerned about the cost at first as well. However, once I combined the wholesale pricing and the free oils I got as a part of the Rewards program, they became much more affordable. (I got $125 worth of free oils a few months back!) Plus, in the 7 months I have used the oils, they have kept us out of the doctor’s office more than once, which of course, saves a lot of money. (They even helped us recently treat a dog bit wound without medical intervention or antibiotics.)
    And I think if you are wanting to sign up with doTERRA, Christy is the one to go to- she’s great!

    1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who felt that way! You just made me feel so much better, and I’m glad that you liked the oils as much as I did. It’s good to have my own results replicated by someone else. I’m considering the wholesale account, too.

  10. Could you tell me the name of the book you referenced? I, too am new to EO and would appreciate a good tool to reference. Thank you!

    1. Jade, If you look near the top again she mentions the name of the book and there’s a link. It’s called ‘Modern Essentials’.

  11. I’ve been a little obsessed with this topic as well. I currently have a few of the basics from DoTerra, but I’m stocking up on all the single oils from Mountain Rose Herbs. Their quality standards seem high.

    I would agree that I would keep going back to doTerra for the blends. Breathe and onGaurd are amazing! But with the MLM it is pretty pricey even though I have the wholesale 25% off. And the shipping is killer!

    Even my very skeptical husband admits its been the lightest illness winter we have ever had. We are sick less, and for less time when we do get sick. That is worth a lot of money to me! So you see I am sold but not 100% sold.

    Interested to see everybody else’s opinions!

  12. I’m also interested to hear your thoughts on Mountain Rose Herbs EO, as someone who has actually used them. I was introduced to Young Living and doTerra recently, and like you said, the cost of both is quite prohibitive (pretty much impossible for me at this point). Since I had heard such great things about Mountain Rose, I started doing some digging, comparing the companies. What I found was that they all use the exact same methods, and Mountain Rose definitely fits all the criteria you listed above for an oil to be “pure”. What I can’t wrap my mind around is how significantly cheaper their oils are. I even emailed them, and they simply said it was because they don’t use middle men (among other reasons I found on their website). Can you tell a major difference in the smell and effectiveness of their oils? And if so, I’m confused how that can be since they use the exact same methods as the pricier companies. I’m all about saving money, but I want to make sure that I’m getting good quality. Mountain Rose prices seem too good to be true!

    1. While I cannot speak to the quality of their essential oils, I will quickly say that I am not a fan of Mountain Rose. I use to order their coconut oil by the case for a buying club that I ran. At one point, they switched the labeling on the expeller pressed coconut oil to say that it was meant for cosmetic use only. I called the company to ask why the change and was told the label had always said that. Problem being, I had saved my old gallon buckets for food storage, and they most certainly did not have that disclaimer. The new coconut oil smelled like petroleum and was of poor quality. Friends of mine in other locations (so, outside of my buying club) had the same experience. Unfortunately, if I cannot trust a company’s integrity when it comes to one product, I just don’t trust the company, period. I choose to use oils from Young Living for that very reason. There just is not another company out there that exhibits the high levels of both quality and integrity I have experienced with YL.

  13. I have a bottle of lavender EO that gives all of us headaches. It’s the only lavender I’ve tried so I am interested in finding a better one because I always read how wonderful the scent is. I enjoyed hearing the comment that mentioned Young Living as having the best lavender. I am curious if anyone else has tried many brands of lavender and has settled on a favorite.

    1. Kim,
      I had a bottle of lavender eo that made us all sick, I can not remember where it was from. The DoTerra brand does make my mom have a headache, but not my family. I do love the Young Living lavender. My husband said how nice the sheets smelled the other night, I put a few drops of lavender in the laundry that day. It has a nice true smell, not like perfume.
      you can email me at if you like, I have tried doterra, young living, Mountain rose, a scents worth, and aura cacia.

    2. It could be that your body is cleansing in reaction to the lavender (it’s a great anti-bacterial), which can make you feel sick until all the toxins are flushed out. (this would be only if the lavender is truly a pure high-quality oil– a cheaper oil could cause an allergic or chemical reaction) It also could be that your bodies might be running acidic… This is from the Heritage Essential Oils website:
      “When detoxification takes place at a rate greater than can be eliminated through our kidneys, colon and respiration, then allergy-like symptoms can occur. Given enough time, accompanied by a cleansing regimen, detox reactions to oils will cease and the oils that had caused a reaction initially will no longer do so. This is an indication that cleansing is complete and proof that the reaction was no allergy.
      Dr. Stewart suggests that when detox happens, stop using the oils for a while or reduce the frequency and/or quantity in use, which will to slow down the release of toxins. Focus on cleansing procedures with lots of water, fiber and fresh foods. Fasting also helps to flush out the toxins. Gradually use the oils again and proceed slowly to observe how your body handles them. Eventually the offending toxins will be gone and you won’t have the unpleasant reactions to the oils any more. As a practical tip, people who are more acidic (low pH) are more prone to adverse detox reactions, such as skin rashes, than those with a more alkaline (and healthy) body chemistry. Eliminate as many toxic exposures as you can, such as synthetic compounds and petrochemicals found in most personal care products and many household cleaners.
      In every case we know of, when a person complains that the smell of a pure essential oil gives them a headache, once the person balances their pH, the offending aroma is no longer a problem, and in most cases, the person comes to like the aroma that once caused them grief.” (

  14. I personally prefer Young Living EO. I havent tried any of the others. My mother in law started me on them a few years ago. I love the company because they are VERY supportive and informative. Young Living buys the land and grows, harvests, and distills all their own plants. There is no middle man. This way they also know exactly what has been used on the plants to make sure that they havent been contaminated with pesticides or anything else.They own land all over the world because they grow the plants were the originated so that they are in the evrironment the were made for. This way the plants are at their peak. If you want to and have the time and money the company allows tours of distilleries and you can sign up to work harvesting plants and see first hand how its done. They are 100% pure and can be ingested. I also use them on our animals and our kids. When one of us gets sick we may go to the doctor for an diagnosis but we come home and look it up in the book and use the oils. A good site for EO books and supplies is This is were i purchased my books. This is truly an awesome company.

  15. Hi Stephanie, We have been using essential oils for the last 12 years while raising our children. We were introduced to Young Living and heard all the teaching and standards that they offered. Over the years, we have tried others, claiming to be “as good as” YL but in taste and comparison tests, always came back. Unlike doterra, there is only a one time start up fee of $40, and no yearly charge. They also offer oils rewards on those purchasing monthly. Proof is in the using and this company has stood the test of time for us. One does get what they pay for. If an oil is cheaper, I highly question the quality. Many oils are refused from YL because of quality and then goes back on the market and someone is buying it to sell. I like to know that I can ingest and cook with those oils that are GRAS because they are safe and beneficial. (I use them in my water kefir to flavor as well) I find essential oils fascinating to study and in many ways feel like I am only scratching the surface even after all these years. They have kept us out of the doctors office as we make our own “antibiotic capsule” for any colds that come around if we catch it and carry it where ever we go to have on hand for emergencies. (after a car crashed into ours last year, smashing my nose against my husbands face, I immediately put lavender on my whole face over and over. Besides being so calm I had NO bruising or black eyes) Like homeopathic remedies (which we used in the first half of our child rearing) the faster you get the remedies on (or in) the faster you see results. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your site! Puts a smile on my face every time I see new sharings! The Lord continue to bless you and lead you in all truth and wisdom and understanding. ♥Monica

  16. Thanks for such a great post Stephanie! 🙂 I wanted to point out a few things that I discovered in my research over the years that I thought might be helpful for those looking at essential oils.

    Mountain Rose Herbs says on their website that you shouldn’t use their oils on children or internally. I don’t think many people realize that since it’s tucked away on a back page.

    When I called Aura Cacia they told me that their oils are for Aromatheraphy only. So they aren’t recommended for medicinal use.

    There is a booklet that doTERRA has put out that talks about the process of how they get Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. At then end is a checklist that people can use to approach their current supplier of EO’s to do a comparison of sorts. You can access the booklet here:

  17. We use them for our family, but I still have tons to learn.

    My son’s pediatrician told us to mix tea tree oil and coconut oil together to rub on his eczema patches and it works really well! He hasn’t had a bad flare-up since we’ve started applying it everyday.

    I use e.o. for cleaning products and for stinky kids’ rooms as well. I have a book ordered from the library that I can’t wait to read!

    1. Thank you for that information on the eczema mix. This winter has been expecially hard on my six year old’s eczema and nothing seems to be helping. I am going to try this tonight!

      1. Hello, I’m completely new to essential oils although I am an Esthetician and skincare specialist and I’m aware of the benefits of oils as ingredients. However, I’m pregnant with my first; planning a home birth in June and have been exploring oils. My question is that I just read a book called Gentle Babies I believe by Young Living and it says their oils too can be ingested orally, applied topically and inhaled. So without meaning to spark a debate, can anyone speak to the differences between doTERRA and YL? I may opt for a wholesale membership and my husband actually may be interested in the business opportunity. Thank you!

  18. I have my son put lavender on his feet every night. Also give him vetiver daily. What a difference they both make just for him. As far as the brand debate, Doterra just happens to be the one I was introduced to first.

  19. Are doTerra oils organic? For me, that would be very important – especially if it was something as potent as an essential oil. I’ve used Mountain Rose oils (which I believe are all organic, or at least most of them are) and J&M Botanicals carries all pure and organic oils – both would good success!

    1. Oh – I meant to add: I usually try to stay away of MLM companies for health related things – mainly because the mark up is so high because all the ‘levels’ have to be paid. I’d rather get a good quality oil from a ‘regular’ company that isn’t trying to get me to sign a ‘whole sale’ agreement. It’s just a personal preference!

  20. Hi, I have been using essential oils for our family for 4-5 years. About 6 months ago I was introduced to doterra and incredibly impressed. I can probably get a copy of the presentation I heard about why doterra costs more, the purity of it,and why you use so much less (see below regarding cough and colds) and how it is produced. I am really picky but I did some additional research and was so impressed by the products that I became a MLM distributor, mainly to get the discount but also to be able to introduce friends and family to it. So far everyone who has purchased it from me has loved it. My favorite way is using lavender and eucalyptus together for croup, cold, allergies and cough. I can literally put a few drops on a croupy coughing kid in the middle of the night and it stops immediately, I previously used to wipe a bit of olive oil on their chest and then use 3 drops of Eucalyptus and 3 of Lavender. With doterra I mix one drop of each in a dab, less than a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil and put it on both kids during allergy season and with cough and colds and that is enough for 3 of us, instead of using 9 drops of each for each of us. There is a blend called slim and sassy which helps with weight loss. The On Guard is awesome to make a spray bottle of hand sanitizer that is health, the On Guard cleaner concentrate is awesome. I believe the use of these is the only reason none of us have gotten the flu which has ravaged NC this year, hope we don’t get it tomorrow after posting this. The book I use and that was mentioned in this article is called Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils. As a rep I can get you a copy for $25 or you may be able to find it on Amazon. It is a great hardback book, very useful. There is a great starter kit which you can purchase which will introduce you to many of the products and a couple of blends like on guard and deep blue, balance as well as lavender, peppermint (great for headaches), eucalyptus, melalueca which is awesome for skin problems and several others, 11 or 12 in all.Over Christmas my skeptical sister burned her hand badly, I put a drop of melaleuca in a dap of fractionated coconut oil just as it began to blister…the next morning it was only slightly red so we put it on again and then that night and it was healed the next day, it was a bad burn, I was very surprised. I am happy to answer any questions and would be happy to sell to you and explain more about the company if you want. I am in NC if you want to get together in person and try some out. YOu may post back to me here or email me at lisamarkstodd @ (remove the spaces). Regardless of who and how you purchase it, I am confident you will love it. Let me know your questions. Enjoy!!!

  21. After initially discovering and learning more about doTerra this summer, I have a somewhat unpopular opinion. I am leery. I do not believe it’s necessary to pay their prices for “that” level of purity. I did lots of my own research on them vs. other companies, and while I believe them to be very pure I do not believe they corner the market on purity. I know that there is no such designation as “certified therapeutic grade” for EOs (that is simply an arbitrary label) and yet doTerra continues to use that as justification for their exorbitant prices, which is really just a way to fund their MLM system. Therefore, I choose to patronize companies that do not employ that business structure, so I can get the most quality for my money as opposed to lining others’ pockets. Again, I am not questioning the purity of their oils – I’m simply saying it is not necessary to pay their prices in order to obtain that level of purity. Thanks for reading.

    1. Thank you for your honest opinion, even if it is “unpopular”. Having used a few brands of EOs for various purposes, I’m repeatedly impressed with the difference in quality available from different companies– as well as the price tags that accompany them. I became an independent consultant for doTERRA last month, and am therefore very new, and have little to teach a seasoned EO user and I’m not trying to change your mind or “sign you up”. My thought was simply that by patronizing ANY brand, you are already “lining someone’s pockets”. MLM is just a different way to pay for advertising and education. Frankly, the MLM people I know are much better at answering questions about their products than people who work in a store, or even when calling a manufacturer. If you are satisfied, though, with your knowledge of what to use when, and the quality of the oil is doing everything you need it to, it sounds like you are just as well saving the money. 🙂

  22. I’ve recently been using Eden’s Garden eo’s and have been impressed with their quality and price. I simply can not afford YL or doTerra (which I’ve heard good things about both). I will have to try Mountain Rose Herbs again (I have a couple of their oils that were gifts). The eo’s sold by MLM companies are just too expensive to our tight budget, even with the discount and I think that there are other eo companies that are equally as good, yet not as expensive. Plus I’ve had bad experiences with reps from those MLM eo companies who are very pushy and quite frankly rude.



  23. Great review. It was nice that you kept it “real” and didn’t come off as an “expert” 🙂 Like one of the other folks who commented it takes many years to become knowledgeable in EO and even then, there’s still more to learn. I am a thru and thru doTERRA user, lover, supporter, and pusher. For people who are new to the EO world here are a few points to consider when looking at quality and effectiveness. Can you trust the company in what they are claiming is true/fact? What I’m getting at here is can you trust the knowledge/skill of the people responsible for sourcing the oils? Consider your intuition of the integrity of the company. WHY is this so important? When you are using something medicinally I would think most people would want know what they are purchasing is trusted. As in most things in life you do get what you pay for, so really do an accurate cost analysis based on quality first vs quantity. Try to remain open in consideration of the MLM aspect and not let past experiences or hearsay affect your openness to receiving something that could be sooo beneficial (this is difficult I know, but I can tell you a great deal of people using/pushing doTERRA were resistant initially only to be pleasantly surprised and never looked back…’s those past bad experiences that we let creep in and affect our decisions because we don’t want to be let down yet again after spending good hard earned money). As you made note of there is the value of the personal service you receive with a Rep (be sure you find someone who works well with you…this is key and is knowledgeable). I can say with full confidence the majority of doTERRA consultants are extremely helpful and caring people. It’s not about the sale in doTERRA (the product speaks for itself) it’s about help/caring about others. This is true of the ENTIRE company from the owners, to scientific advisory board to the consultants. The company is debt free. They give back worldwide. The owners are not only caring and genuine they are extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields. We were a single income family (until I learned about doTERRA and started it as a business….and let me tell you I am not a “salesperson”) and I had those same initial thoughts….wow the cost! We were desperate for a change though. We dug deep and made a purchase. We have been blessed ever since. Don’t get me wrong it’s a struggle some months to make a monthly order, but we do it because we know that our health is not something we can compromise on. It’s easy to not use the oils…they work that seamlessly. It’s easy to forget the health struggles when you’re feeling good. BUT let me tell you we don’t have buyers regret with doTERRA oils. The oils are multi-faceted in what they can do. My last thought to leave is READ the “fine” print and labels. A lot of the EO out there will say “not for ingesting” right on the label. They will say 100% pure, but still say not for ingesting and then a further look at the ingredients shows alcohol, water, etc. So definitely understand the extraction process and the amount of oil that comes from that process. This will help in understanding the larger volume of EO isn’t pure…there are additives/fillers. Don’t forget the origin of the plant has just as much to do with the quality as the extraction. I’m just happy in general that people are looking to find natural ways to care for their families!

  24. I really appreciate your review. I wondered about this, YL, and mountain rose herbs and they seem the most popular in the posts I’ve seen around the ‘net. I have gotten blends in the past and just don’t use them. I am amaazed you can put oil of oregano under your tongue! I diluted it in water and did a shot and it still burned my tongue and lips. I used it to clean my toothbrush when my son got strep in case I was getting it. I also put several drops in when I am in the shower and put a drop or two in my son’s bathwater along with a few drops of lavendar. I am intrigued by the book you mentioned. Thanks again.

  25. I just wanted to chime in and say thanks for your post! I’ve been digging more into the whole EO thing for little and haven’t learned a whole lot yet. I’m hoping to continue to learn more and more. The price of the MLM brands is more than we can do right now – and so I’ve been using Heritage Essential Oils. It is run by a sweet Christian family in Texas!

  26. Much like above, I am a newby to the world of EO. Thus far I’ve just used them for scenting cleaning products and a few cosmetic/personal products. No medicinal uses although I do find relief from headaches when I use my lavender eye pillow (before the headache gets too extreme). I have a friend who uses and sells YL oils and have wondered about it as a brand against others. I would not make a good MLM person except for just personal use but not sure I could justify the cost of YL or doTerra even with a discount at this point. Thanks for your post. Maybe a YL person will do the same so you can review for us!

  27. From Nature With Love sells some very good quality EOs for half (or less) the price doTERRA charges. I’ve started to buy all of my EOs from FNWL.

  28. I use essential oils. I love doTERRA as well. I’ll use cheaper oils for adding for cleaning products and mixing up for bath salts and lotions and such so that I can save my doTERRA oils for illness, preventative and anything I take internal. From my experience I have had good success for using with children (dilute!!! with coconut oil or any other carrier). For viral illness especially I swear by DoTERRA’s Melaleuca (tea tree) and On Guard. I really really really like Breathe and Eucalyptus for anything respiratory (the diffuser works great for this). And I use quite a few others for all sorts of things (Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon, Peppermint, wild orange, serenity, balance). I am happy to hear your review of them. They have some new blends that I am eying and hoping to get soon. 🙂

  29. One of our health practitioners who uses essential oils as well as homeopathic and other natural remedies has tested many essential oils for effectiveness, and there are two brands she recommends as pure, strong & great companies: doTerra & Heritage Essential Oils. Check them out.

    I LOVE HERITAGE ESSENTIAL OILS!!! The purity is amazing, the support is insane– Linda will email you back within 2 days when you have a need or question, and will pray for you to boot! The prices are absolutely unbeatable without the multilevel structure. It’s run by a Christian homeschooling family who started out selling oils in their family store, and now ship all over the US (world?). We’ve been using them for about 4 months and love love love them. If you like doTerra but are a bit turned off by the company structure/price, definitely look them up!

    I’ve struggled with yeast/fungal imbalances for the past 9 months without much relief from any OTC, natural or prescription medicine. The ONLY thing that has made a steady dent in it is their Cleansing blend, which I’ve taken internally regularly. Whenever my daughter gets any touch of a cold, flu, or cough, all it takes is a few drops of an appropriate oil on her feet, chest or nebulizer– or in tough cases, a drop in a tablespoon of honey taken throughout the day– and she kicks it. I’ve watched her fight off bugs that kept others in our circle of friends/extended family sick through 2 rounds of antibiotics! Check them out!

  30. Great review. I have used YL, Mountain Rose and now doTerra. I think Mountain Rose is great but my love for doTerra is really the blends. If you have kids Breathe is amazing! Although not sold by doTerra a blend called Peaceful Child made with doTerra eo is great along with In Tune for my 5 yr old ADHD boy. I agree with you, Balance is awesome too!

  31. This came at just the right time, I am looking at EO’s and trying to find the best fit for our family. Everyone’s comments are great and I cannot wait to read more about what brand is one worthy of spending the money on. Great article – so informative!!!

  32. Thank you for your honesty. I’ve been wondering about the quality differences between the different brands. Every time I look into making a purchase, the price knocks me flat. It’s good to know it’s probably worth it.

  33. Nice post Stephanie!….as one who has been using Therapeutic-grade oils for 10+ years, I like to help when I can: If your love of Jesus, is the Savior of the Bible, read
    Proverbs 21:20
    Revelations 22:2
    James 5:14
    Mark 6:12-13
    Exodus 30:22-25
    You may then be interested in knowing a divinely-inspired expert in the field.
    ~ Mark

  34. Loved this post! I bought the Young Living starter kit a couple of years ago and really have enjoyed the oils. I quit using them for a while and have just now started back. I know they’re quality oils, but I’m a newly wed housewife now and can’t afford to keep buying from YL. Thank you for suggesting Mountain Rose! I was delighted by their prices and from what I read on their site they seem to use the same process that YL and doTERRA uses as well. The support you would get from YL and doTERRA is great, but the price does exclude many willing users. Found your blog through Pinterest! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

  35. I am not affiliated with doTerra. I just started using their oils several months ago and at least 2 of them work without a doubt. I used the Breathe blend for my daughter who has a chronic nighttime cough (worked well, had to reapply after about 1hr 15 minutes, but again it worked and she went to sleep without Benadryl and no additional coughing). I also used Breathe and OnGuard with my son who has a variety of medical issues and we try not to use antibiotics with him. These two oils cleared up his congestion over a period of several days. I had to apply frequently, but was amazed that he felt as well as he did and the congestion didn’t develop into anything else. I’m extremely pleased with their quality. My husband, who is very skeptical also admits that these oils work. I don’t use these as aromatherapy as I have always had problems with eucalyptus, which is in Breathe. Strangely enough, the first several times applying it to my kids caused me the usual problems, it is affecting me less and less.

  36. Excellent post. Thanks so much for the review. I’ve used EOs for over 15 years and, right now, only use doTERRA. Bottom line…they work.thanks again!

  37. I enjoyed your article. I have been a doTerra consultant for 3 years. I joined to get oils for my family and any financial returns are simply a bonus to me. I did want to comment on the cost from the perspective of a wholesale buyer.

    #1, the $25.00 fee each year isn’t as horrible as some may make it out to sound. Each year along with my payment I have received a free bottle of peppermint.

    #2, as preferred customers and consultants we have the opportunity to earn free oils in more then one way. As long as our auto order is 50pv we earn points to redeem for oils, it does cost $3 for each 100 we redeem but no biggy when compared to the overall picture. For 3 months they earn 10%, the next 3 is 20% then after that is 30%. Since I keep my order at 100pv I’m getting at least 30 points each month. If someone does 125pv before the 15th they have another opportunity for the free product of the month. Often they will give opportunities to get other bottles of free oil.

    #3, if you do become a consultant the compensation plan is better then I’ve been shown in other MLM’s. If you want to do a direct sales business, doTerra would be an awesome choice.

    I won’t get into my personal opinion about other oils. I can only say that I have never personally met a person, even those loyal to their brands, that actually compared smells couldn’t admit that ours smell pure.

    I will say this, someone mentioned using cheap oils in cleaning products. I won’t do that. Everything we touch and smell enters our system. I don’t see the point of adding chemically laden cheap oils into my all natural products. As has been mentioned these are strong oils so less is needed. A bottle of lemon wholesales around $13 and is potent enough to go at least as far as a $5 from the store.

    Thanks for this lovely post! I will be sharing!

  38. Great article; I love your blog! I just wanted to warn you, though, not to drop doTERA’s oregano under your tongue. It is very strong, and as you will see in the Modern Essentials book, it is one that is always used with a carrier oil. I told my father, but he had tried other brands and thought I was exaggerating. He said it was “like fire”. Very powerful stuff!

  39. I have just recently been introduced to EO’s. First by DoTerra, then Young Living. I went to classes by both and just felt that I was better suited for doTerra. Of course, cost was an eye-opener, so did my own research, I came across Ananda Apothecary, who seemed to be of high quality, great customer service, and great pricing. I am surprised that no one on this blog has mentioned them. But I already had been introduced to doterra and their Life Long Vitality vitamins which were highly recommended by my wellness doctor, and was told about the anti-aging blend Imortelle, and was hoping Ananda would have those, and I could save some money. But they didn’t have either, and at that point, I realized, I had already found the company that had the best and most comprehensive products to meet all our health needs, so joined up and am now a rep. Every time I talk to someone, they talk about “something” that could benefit from an EO, (stress, arthritis, headaches, you name it) and I feel like doTerra has something to offer them, with the highest quality products. Looking forward to seeing where this will go and the lives that will benefit from them.

  40. Hi, I really appreciated your take on do Terra, I was just recently introduced to the oils by a neighbor who is also a rep. I’ve been using Peppermint, Rosemary and Lavender essential oils in my massage oil candles and soaps for quite a few years. These have been from San Franscisco Herb Company. I never questioned their quality until now. After learning about do Terra, I plan on doing a little more checking. SFHC has never said the oils were safe to be used in food or drink, but that they were safe for soap, candles, etc. Now, I’m very interested in topical use, I think I’ll look at do Terra a little closer, as I think they may have what I want for my own family’s health. I’ll keep the SFHC EOs for my craft uses. Thank you again for your research, and honest feedback on Do Terra!

  41. Nice review! I just came from a neighbor who gave a presentation … VERY impressed. Also, love that you do NOT have to become a representative. … there was no pressure…just very useful information. I bought an intro pack … I have severe allergies ,… so was happy to see non-fruit based (citrus) oils … I will take my time to decide if I want to delve further … but I am, so far, impressed with the brand.

  42. I personally just signed up to be a doTerra consultant. (black friday to be exact) I am not one to just jump into something without much research and personal accounts about the effectiveness and safety of a product. I did however read up on Young living, and the oils available at whole foods store, and another brand online. I went with doTerra because they are the only oil that are certified pure theraputic grade that can be taken internally, applied topically, and aromatically. I find these oils to be so concentrated that you need very little of them to be effective. My family has found that with just a little bit of experimenting, we found which oils to use for different ailments, or mood lifters. Different things work for different people. Bottom line is they are a healthy alternative to synthetic chemical drugs that you buy OTC, or Rx meds. We love them. My young daughters have their own keychains with little bottles filled with their favorite oils. they carry them everywhere and tell their friends about them. If you are going to dabble in oils, why not go for the pure ones that you can trust.

  43. I am just finding essential oils and and natural healing. I have been very sick for 1 1/2 yrs now. Thank you for posting. This is my last hope for my life. I have now gone without antibiotics for 10 mths. I was exposed to long-term mold exposure for at least 2 yrs. We found it by pulling up our bedroom carpet. The entire floor was covered by black mold. I have been using the lavender, lemon, and peppermint oils. I am wary about ingesting them. I will keep reading anything you write that might help.

  44. I appreciate your candid remarks and efforts to learn more about essential oils and the industry. There is an FB page called Essential Oil University by Dr. Robert Pappas a world renowned expert in the distillation and testing of essential oils. He tests and distills oils for several different companies. On his FB page he debunks myths about EO’s. One of them is the first distillation, second distillation myth. I hope you will check out his info. He’s a no fluff scientist type, and cuts to the chase. Thank you for sharing your discoveries.

  45. Hi I just wanted to share that I also recently started using doTerra and especially I’ve experienced wonderful results from Balance and Peppermint as a driver for helping with hot flashes. They would wake me up several times a night just feeling Hot but no sweating, more like a heater on inside of me. I started using Balance on the back of my neck and driving with peppermint and also clary sage twice a day driven with peppermint. Two drops on my fore arm in the morning and two drops on my ankle in the evening. It is amazing.

  46. I am a rep. I love doterra – I have used other brands and have found that although they are all natural they are often diluted with carrier oils and are not as strong and less effective . I recommend oils to my patients i am a counselor and have seen the emotional benefits of using oils .

  47. I have been using EO’s for several years (it started with tea tree oil in our homemade soap for athletes foot) so I know they work but was very skeptical when doTerra was presented as the best. Also I hate multi marketing. However, due to several health issues with my family I decided to try them against other brands (that work well I will say). I found that DoTerra’s worked faster, more effectively and in smaller quantities than other brands. While I still dislike the multi marketing aspect I still chose to buy the yearly membership to get the 25% off and am using oils exclusively to treat/prevent most everything with my family. And after a stay in Children’s with kidney failer I feel the cost of prevention is much less than a full blown condition (that could have been avoided had I known) that results in thousands of dollars in hospital bills.

  48. I have tried Vetiver with my son… he has Autism. It has definitely helped. Does DoTerra have a 2-5 drop sample of InTune for purchase so we could try it? I would love to see how it works with the Vetiver.

    1. Pam, my daughter also has Autism. With Lyme disease I am fighting, she is one of the other main reasons I got the membership deal for the discount. (And quite by accident began to make money because I can’t help but share what works for me… health is so important.) Anyway, another huge blessings has been her nighttime bedwetting… when I use balance on her feet (specifically on her big toes in the crease) she stays dry! It didn’t work last night, and I realized we forgot to to it last night! It has been working for over 8 weeks, and now I can say that it is certainly due to the Balance blend! The other reason I wanted to reply to you is to let you know there is a blend recipe called peaceful child. It has vetiver in it. I love it for me, and for my kids as well. (I have ADD, as does my daughter…) I can look it up if you find you are interested. I realize you have likely found a rep to work with, and I would not try to interfere there, but am happy to share what I have if you want the info. Many blessings to you. 🙂

    1. For some women they do experience a decrease in their milk supply but I would say for most Mom’s they don’t. If you happen to use peppermint and you experience a decrease basil and fennel can be used to increase it.

  49. Thanks so much for this thorough review. I am considering purchasing the Family Physician kit through doTerra, but am very new to the whole essential oils arena. The amount of information is really overwhelming!

    1. If you are interested, I found a website that is currently running a special discount on the Family Physician Kit When I buy from this website, I actually receive the package directly from doTERRA. The oils are pricy, so any discounts are nice!

      1. Wondering why you would pay $150 through this website when you can get it for $125 as an IPC (which includes the $35 enrollment fee). You would also get the wholesale price on everything else. Just wondering.

        1. Hello Rena and GOD bless you.

          Which website are you referring to when you speak of paying $125 for the Family Physician Kit??

    2. Hi Mary,
      It can be very overwhelming. I am happy to answer any questions or just talk through it with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. You have lots of help at your disposal. 🙂
      Best wishes!

  50. Thank you so much for sharing your opinions and experience on these essential oils, Stephanie! My daughter and I just came home from a presentation at our chiropractor’s office and we were amazed at learning so much about health and oils. I will be ordering some doTerra oils from our rep, and your comments have helped make my decision. God bless!

  51. Thank you for that review. That is really a lot of research. I’ve decided to get doTerra because a friend from church used it and her inoperable tumor breast/cervical shrank after using it for two weeks daily. I’ve had cancer in the past and if I knew about this (EO/doTerra) I would have tried it. I wish our health insurance covered it. Thanks for all your valuable work.

    1. Hi LPatton-
      What do Terra oil did your friend use? My mom has an inoperable tumor as well and I am interested in trying to use the oil.

      1. Jen, This is not LPatton, but I just ran across your question and thought you may be looking for an answer and LPatton may not respond. I don’t know for sure what LPatton used but, there is a cancer protocol that I have read about and would be happy to share with you. E-mail me at and I would be happy to help you.

  52. Just an FYI– there’s no such thing as a therapeutic grade– per the FDA; that’s just marketing hype. Either an essential oil is pure or it is not.

    1. According to FDA, one cannot make the therapeutic claim because it is a health benefit claim. That being said, the essential oils can be tested by different means for purity. Doterra uses mass spec, while others use gas chromatorgraphy. Mass spec is a more stringent and specific test for detecting impurities that may be present.
      P.S. I worked for FDA for 12 years.

      1. HI M Harvey,
        doTerra uses Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, FTIR Scan, and Mircrobial Testing,

        1. doTerra’s 3rd party testing:
          1) Organoleptic Evaluation: evaluated for physical and aromatic properties, overall appearance, color, flavor, and odor, 2) Microbiological Evaluation: to make sure there is no bacterial contamination of any kind,
          3) Shelf Life Testing
          4) Heavy Metal Testing
          5) FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophoto-Infrared Test): “fingerprint” of the oil to make sure that the origin of the oil the area where it should be from
          6) Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer: to identify the individual components of the oil, every single component of the oil

  53. I worked in a,spa for 10 years and wanted to bring in a healthy, inexpensive line of EOs. I found Elizabeth VanBuren oils to be great and what a wonderful company to work with. They even have their own e
    EO school in California and she’s written her own EO books. They educated me on the fact that every one if their oils are out through a GC/MS gas chromotagraph mass spectrometer filtration system. A lot of so called ” natural and pure” EOs in the stores do not go through this healthy process, FYI. Enjoy your oils. Happy Blending and good health to all. if interested.

  54. Thanks you for your well-done and thorough article. I’ve been working with essential oils for over 20 years and may be able to answer some of your questions.
    Yes, there is definitely a difference in quality essential oils. Essential oils include between 200-500 different chemical components and when you have a cheap oil, there are simply less chemical components. So you wind up using more of the product to get the results you want, and in many cases the nuances or complexity simply isn’t there. Like in most things in life…you get what you pay for. With that said, MLM’s are not really where you want to buy essential oils because they jack up their prices to make a hefty profit. You need to find a quality oil that you can buy wholesale. I have tested Mt. Rose Herb essential oils and found them to be mediocre. If you have a retail license you can purchase Oshadi from Lotus Light at wholesale prices. Their growing and processing procedures are tested and certified by EcoCert, that have the highest organic standards in the world. In my experience Aura Casia sells a bottom line oil. It’s popular because it’s inexpensive.
    For the most part you do want the 1st steam distillation and not a combination of distillations. The only exception I can think of is Ylang Ylang. I have found the complete (combo of distillations) great for bath salts, but not strong enough for the facial serum I make and sell. Also essential oils from citrus can only be expeller pressed, as the oil comes from the rind, and you definitely want the 1st pressing.
    Trust this have clarified things.

  55. Thank you for all your research. A friend of mine is a DoTerra rep. I love that she does not push it on anyone. She believes the product speaks for itself. She mailed me some samples and I was amazed at the difference in the smell and the feel of the oils. I am a massage therapist and use essential oils. Been an EO user for almost 10 years. Thinking of signing up myself.

  56. I am a firm believer in Doterra oils. Last summer my daughter had a rough month starting out with the flu that lasted 2 weeks, then a double ear infection, followed up with hand foot and mouth. A friend of mine gave me a mix of sandalwood and Helichrysum to rub in her mouth and by day 3 she was eating like she use to. Her mouth had huge sores from the HFM and they were healing way faster than the 7-10 days the Dr told me it would take to heal. Thank you for the review!

    1. I think my daughter had the same thing. I thought it was huge cold sores, three in a row, on her tongue. VERY PAINFUL, I assume. She couldn’t eat or drink without being in tears from the pain. Oh, I felt so bad for her. That’s when I was SO GRATEFUL to have my doTERRA oils. I put melaleuca on her tongue the 1st day. Then, OnGuard on the 2nd day. Like Jenna’s daughter, she was able to eat without pain on the 3rd day. It was truly amazing. So glad I have these oils–a God-send, I tell you.

  57. Hi, I was recently introduced to doterra by a friend. One of the comments on your site by LPatton said a friend at church used essential oil on her inoperable tumor and it shrank. Can you please tell me which one
    Will be really appreciated. Waiting for your response. Thanks

  58. I also purchased the doTERRA Lotus Diffuser. It’s so beautiful and I just love it! I have tried diffusing many oils like On Guard and Lavender. I would be glad to take any suggestions on which oils are great to diffuse. I purchase them from, and I think they offer the best prices.

  59. I have been using doTerra oils since Oct. 2012. They have litterally brought me back to life. It is such a long story to tell. I have used many holisiticavenues for health. I have had a very hard 10 years, with many deep trials that have truly taken a toll on my health. In every facet. The oil protocol that I am doing and affirmations that go with them, have truly empowered me again. I have a strength within me that left years ago. I always thought essen. Oils were fairydust and bubbles(in a manner of speaking). It is not true. I know doTerra has a good pure cptg(certif..pure therapudic, grade) must pass 3 tests to get that stamp of approval. I am still on my journey, but feel confident doTerra will continue to be my vehicle. Mary.

  60. I was introduced to Doterra oils 6 weeks ago at a time in my life when my health was at its worst!!!! and had been for many many years with inflammatory disease, broken sleep, and also mental health issues. What a God send they have been in helping RECLAIM MY HEALTH back. I cannot recommended these oils enough. They have also worked in assisting me with long standing emotional issues. I now find myself recommending them to ALL my loved ones!

  61. Oh. My. Goodnezz.
    Another new EO line to try.
    Frankly, my husband is gonna cry. But, well…it’s all in the name of science, after all. (running off to grab debit card)

  62. As an R.N., I know the body works on an electrical field. I have always used many natural methods, herbs in particular for all types od my family health. Essential Oils, I discovered have a FAR HIGHER vibration rate (i.e. how well something works to restore wellness) than herbs-or anything I’ve found. After extensive research, trial & error, money “thrown away” on essential oils, I have happily stumbled onto doTerra. EVERY oil I have used, has worked, i.e.Deep Blue, Peppermint, Serenity, Balance, On Guard-and on. This Co. gives Much support, started research yrs ago, Costs are ok, as a drop is sufficient, I would spend more at the drug store, on similar products, (like pepcid, antibiotics), & know we are preventing-not waiting for the virus or condition to arrve, then suffering. If you have children-you should absolutely have doTerra!

    1. I wish I could get Sheryl’s email address.. or hear more from her! Love her RN perspective.. and she seems to understand the body and how natural products can help

      1. Melanie, If you are interested in speaking with an RN I have one on my team that you can get in touch with. Just send me an email.

  63. I do like doTerra oils, but be VERY careful about the other products they make, such as the deep blue rub. If you look at the ingredient list you would be very shocked at some of the ingredients. I am disappointed when companies claim to be into “health and wellness” but then use so many harmful, synthetic, or questionable chemicals in their products. I think DoTerra as a company should just stick with selling the oils, and a lot of the reps that I know do not sell the other skincare and body care products. You can look up the ingredients on the EWG’s website:

  64. I have been a user and reseller of doterra products for years. In my opinion, they are the best EO in the business. I also think this review is very accurate and I thoroughly enjoy Stephanie’s writing style. That is why I have decided to offer a 10% discount to the readers of this page on any doterra products by going to my website and entering the coupon code PARTNER10. Thanks again for such a great website!

  65. Thank you for your honesty. I use doTerra and I make it a point to be informative, respectful, and a non-salesperson. The great thing is doTerra has launched a website called which takes published research papers from around the world on essential oils.

  66. I thought I would clear up something I have learned about distilling of essential oils. I’m not an expert but I have learned this from an essential oils expert, that has a face book group called essential oil university. All essential oil but one are made from a “first distillation”. It is impossible to get further product with repeat distillation of the material. The exception to this is Ylang-Ylang, which does have different properties at different times of the distillation process. After the distillation oils might go through another process that will remove chemicals (natural ones in the oils) that can inhibit or make the use of the oil not as pleasant. The discussion I read was specifically about peppermint because peppermint oil can actually have a chemical component that can upset the stomach, the reasoning behind the removal of this specific molecule is so peppermint can be used to calm the stomach, otherwise why use it for that purpose. They may be argument about why you should use this oil over another because of this treatment, but oils do not go through multiple distillations as the first completely takes out all the oil from the plant material and you would not get more from them. As I said Ylang-ylang is different, but I think that has more to do with the timing of the distillation.

  67. Hi, I am Nellie and I have been with doterra for a few months, I started with a somewhat closed mind but thought i would give it a shot (knowing very little about essential oils). I originally looked into it to find a way to help me and my boyfriend with our health and emotional issues, without the hassle and costs of doctors, but as I started to get into the oils more I realized what I have been missing out on for a long time. The oils have helped us and I have made many natural house cleaners using the Doterra. I really enjoyed your article. I love seeing others remarks (good and bad) about these oils especially since you have tried other brands. I have noticed some oils may work on some people but not others. I would love to read more from you, and maybe swap ideas on how we use them.

  68. I was just wondering if you have tried young living essential oils, I am not trying to sell them to you, I am just wondering if doterra is better, I currently use young living oils but havent switched to doterra because I like the juice YL makes, but I hear great things about doterra

    I am confused…! Maybe Christy could help me

    1. I’ve been using YL for a few months now and really like them. I’ve also been wondering if there is a difference between YL oils and doTERRA oils. I’ve used a bit of doTERRA oils from a friend in the last couple weeks and I haven’t seen a big difference. They smell a little different, but not sure what that means. I think that both companies produce top of the line, pure essential oils. The people who started doTERRA came from YL so they got their education/formulas from YL right?

        1. Sorry…I misspoke. Young may have had the first company, however, each company has proprietary oil blends so there shouldn’t be any same formulas. I agree though, I thought several of the single oils smelled different and seem to react differently with my body. For example, the YL frankincense does nothing for me but dōTERRA’s frankincense cleared up several scars.

          1. i would stay with doTerra …because Gary young is not even a doctor…he was a lumber Jack

    2. Stick with Young Living. They are a reputable company that has been doing business and growing for about 20 years.

      1. Is Young Living reputable?
        Google “Gary Young Living” and see what comes up about Young’s background.

    3. Hi Stephanie,

      I haven’t ever used YL’s oils. I’m afraid that the integrity level of the founders of YL has kept me away from being willing to even go there. It is true that the Founders of doTERRA used to work for YL and left because they didn’t feel comfortable with various aspects of the way the company handled things. I don’t want to mud-sling at all because I know YL’s oils have been beneficial for many. I have recently noticed a lot of people leaving YL for doTERRA though. If you want to learn more feel free to send me an email. 🙂

  69. I love the idea of incorporating essential oils into my massage therapy practice. When a friend signed me up with Doterra I was a little concerned that I didn’t know enough about essential oils to safely use them on my medically fragile clients. After a little more research, that same night, I learned that essential oils used incorrectly can cause harm. I decided that until I learn more and get certified in aromatherapy I couldn’t just apply someone else’s formula. My order, however, was processed immediately with no way to cancel. I don’t like that in business. I don’t dispute the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. But Doterra is a multilevel marketing company selling essential oils. I inadvertently became their sales rep.when I signed up for wholesale oils.

    1. When you signed up to do wholesale you signed up to get the products at a lower cost. It does not in any manner mean that you have to do the business end of it.

      You should of been offered 3 ways to purchase 1). straight retail 2)PM or preferred member which gives you 20% off retail prices or 3)the membership which is like purchasing a membership to Sams club or Costco. You pay a fee to get a discount.

      You don’t have to sell to anyone at all but for purchasing your products through the wholesale plan you also get a percentage put into a pocket and adds up dollar for dollar so that you can utilize it to obtain free oils when you are ready.

      There is a policy that you could of cancelled your membership and then returned your product with in 3 business days of receiving them.

      I am sorry that your consultant that signed you up did not explain this to you.

  70. Stephanie, I really appreciate your comments/ information written here. I think you did a great job and I agree with most of what you said.
    I too would rather use pure natural ingredients for life and have been using essential oils as part of this.
    I have been searching for claimed “pure” essential oils to use medicinally. I have purchased from different companies who claim this to try out for myself. I have a few from doTerra and I do love heir products but the cost is a concern. I guess we who are serious and excited just have to keep trying, researching and sharing with each other.
    You go girl, love your spirit and heart, Jodi

  71. Hi,
    I have been learning about the additional healing capabilities of using essential oils and I just want to clarify that the only ones that should or could be used for internal healing are the ones that clearly have the supplement title stated on their label. I have only seen this distinction on doTERRA’s oils thus far.
    Joan Zietlow BSN, RN, CHHC
    Health and Wellness Expert

  72. This is a great blog, I have referred to it several times to give to my clients interested in purchasing doTERRA Products from me.

    Thank you for your honest assessment of the oils!

  73. I clean with water, vinegar, lemon, peppermint, and tea tree. Lemon helps get rid of the nasty dirt, peppermint kills bacteria and smells fresh, and tea tree kills mold. I also sometimes add cinnamon to help kill some types of viruses.

  74. As an Aromatherapist of 24 years, there are quite a few comments on this thread that cause me serious alarm. “All pure oils are safe to ingest” there is no regulatory body in the world that recognises ingestion of essential oils as safe practice. A distributor that suggests this to a customer who suffers from high blood pressure, heart condition, diabetes, epilepsy is asking for a law suit against them. Unbelievable!
    Also the term “Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil” is a marketing tool. It is a trademark term. There is no standard used for essential oil using the words ‘Therapeutic Grade’. The quality of your Essential Oils are determined by your supplier being able to tell you, Country of Origin, Botanical name, date of crop harvested and extracted, type of extraction used, guarantee of one particular harvest per volume, shelf life, material safety data analysis this I don’t mean reports from an MLM company, but from government regulated scientific sources. Please do your own research. I don’t think I like the ethical practice of Aromatherapy being infiltrated by MLM companies..cheers

    1. thats very intresting what u said about ingesting essential oil, i recently come across boswellia sacra oil and i been drinking it in tea and found it amazing it really relaxes me, how do i know if its safe to consume ? please advise me, thanks

      1. Hi Helen
        I do not advocate the ingestion of any essential oils. As I mentioned previously there is no regulatory body in the world that recommends ingestion of essential oils as safe practice. There are many other safe herbal teas that you could drink instead of boswellia sacra oil (frankincense) for relaxation. MLM companies that sell essential oils are not regulatory bodies. You will have to look up the appropriate organisations in your own country and do your own research. Cheers

  75. Hi Stephanie. I enjoyed this wonderful, nuanced post. I too have the same reaction when I hear people push one brand or another. I am new to Aromatherapy, so I have been buying what is easiest for me to access, Aura Cacia, and am having wonderful therapeutic results. Being new and still exploring I don’t want to buy the expensive brands because already I’ve made a few mistakes in choosing things that are far too stimulating for us for every day use. Once I know my core oils I will explore other brands, like DoTerra and YLO. My Autistic son is having AMAZING results with Vertiver and it is having a positive effect on me, too. As for taking essential oils internally, I never do it. They will kill the beneficial probiotics in the gut just like an antibiotic will. Some of the multi-level marketing advocates criticize Aura Cacia for putting don’t take internally on the label, but the fact that they put that on there doesn’t bother me. In order to be allowed to be labeled food grade essential oils have to be slightly altered per Codex and A.C. doesn’t alter. Since they are sold in grocery stores people often confuse their oils for food additives, so it is helpful to put it on the bottle. So that is the other side of the story, from what I’ve learned in my investigations. Food grade oils like DoTerra are still clearly therapeutic, so whatever the alteration is doesn’t seem to be a problem. I want to try Rose Mountain’s oils because I am very, very impressed with that company’s sustainability commitments and Fair Trade practices.

  76. I love my essential oils…can’t live without them! Thanks for sharing!

  77. Hi Christi…I really enjoyed your article. I have a dear friend who is really excited about these oils not only for the health benefits but also as a business. Your info was concise and interesting. I am considering giving them a try as well. I am really into homeopathic medicine and try to go the natural route whenever possible. L

  78. Just because an essential oil has supplement information does not make it safe for daily ingestion undiluted in the proper way. There is too much miseducation and mis understanding. Spreading the use of essential oils this way is unethical and unsafe. I am a CCAP trained in the clinical use of essential oils

  79. Hi Stephanie,
    Another blog I read also reviewed some of the major EO players, and mentioned Mountain Rose as well. Do you know if Mountain Rose has an “intune” type blend also? I’d love to help my son with his focus also! 🙂

    1. Young Living’s peppermint and cedarwood, and the blends Brain Power, Clarity and Valor have all helped my ADHD son to focus. He also uses the blend Peace & Calming to help him unwind & sleep.

  80. I’ve been using Young Living essential oils for 7 years now & wouldn’t change/give them up for anything! They are the leaders in the industry, they laboratory test all their oils and they grow a lot of their own plants on several company-owned farms. When you compare their oils side-by-side to others you can smell/feel/taste the difference. Others in this blog have warned not to ingest essential oils – that is true if they are adulterated like most on the market, but not true of YL oils. I have been ingesting them for 7 years with amazing results. When you put something on your skin it goes right into your blood stream anyway – so what’s the difference? I am off all my allergy prescriptions, never need an antibiotic (I’ve used the oils to kill strep & shingles for example), and have nothing but YL oils in my medicine cabinet 🙂

  81. Nice post. I am a doTERRA rep (albeit a ‘small time’ one) and the wholesale option you mentioned is great for making the oils affordable…I’m able to get a good supply of oils every month for either free or maybe $20 out of pocket b/c of commissions I receive…so it’s totally doable for anyone who’s interested : )

  82. Before you use any more doTerra, you may want to learn how they have been recently independently lab tested and found to have the toxic synthetic vanillin in their peppermint oil… that is why it smells like candy cane!
    I use to be with DoTerra myself…… This is truth, google… “certified synthetic” and you will find it.. here is some info on vanillin. I then discovered more unethical information about DoTerra and my heart sunk completely as I had invested about $1500 or more in their product…. They do not own their own farms, you cannot go and see any farms, plant on farms, see their distillation plants, they still buy from brokers and when other companies have turned down another essential oil as (because each batch should be tested prior to bottling to ensure the highest of quality and that the chemical compounds from the plant to oil are the exact same…) DoTerra was found to still have purchased it…. This was a shock and disappointing as I had trusted my emotions, my mind and my dollars into this product. And as someone above mentioned… DoTerra just trademarked the name certified therapeutic…. it doesn’t mean it is…. They were too money hungry for me… Now that I know the truth I threw out most of their oils except to use as comparisons… Yvonne

    1. Yvonne…It seems you have been misinformed by a company from whom these claims of “certified synthetic” have been made. In case you are unaware, and to set the record straight for anyone else who reads your post, a lawsuit has been made in response to the false claims and mudslinging which has been made to defame doTERRA and the quality of their oils. You can see the facts and complete details of what has transpired and filed with the United States District Court here:
      The evidence actually points to the unethical nature of the leadership in Young Living and perpetuating lies that were deliberate in falsifying information. Fortunately everything is coming to light now, with the exception it seems of those in YL who are being kept from the truth. And the truth is that doTERRA’s standard has remained of highest quality. In fact, from now through September 15th, they have issued a “Peppermint Challenge” ….for any person who wants to experience the doTERRA difference they can send a bottle of any high quality peppermint oil of any brand to doTERRA and they will in return send a free bottle of Peppermint with a certificate of analysis of the oils sent from an independent laboratory for free.
      You’re right, Yvonne, in that doTERRA doesn’t own their own farms, which reaffirms their therapeutic quality. They in fact source their oils from around the world where they are indigenous to their environment, unlike some companies who farm them. doTERRA works with individual growers all over the world to ensure the integrity of the oils is not compromised, and nothing is added to or taken away from. And, they are certified pure by third party labs, and even validated by Dr. Robert Pappas who is independent and probably the worlds foremost expert in essential oil research.
      In the end, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade does matter, and is what has made the difference in my life. I’ve used all the major oil brands out there, but thankfully I’ve found my home here with doTERRA.

  83. My son was muscle tested to young living frankincense and do terra frankincense he did not test well to young living but tested very well to do terra so that clearly tells me which is more pure. Thanks for your review.

  84. I’m a newbie to essential oils, I spoke with a doterra rep and i bought the intro kit. I would like to buy more but they are so expensive. Has anyone tried Plant Therapy essential oils?

  85. I have just attended an information evening learning about doTerra. Sounds like a wonderful product.
    One question I have that I am not seeing/hearing any comments on is – how often does a person use these oils, for example Deep Blue for arthritis – apply several or many times a day?

  86. Do you know any different in quality between doTerra and young living essential oils? I’m very new with aromatherapy but I’m very interested.

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