Music to my ears

There is something so incredibly homey about having a piano. It just feels almost like a member of the family. I love to hear my husband song writing while I cook dinner, or to hear my little girl tinkling on the ivory keys as she belts out (with no particular melody), "nothing but the blood of Je-sus!".

This beauty (not the adorable one in green with the cheshire grin, but the rather large, glorious piano behind her), is the newest addition to our home, and we hope that she will be with us a good, long time (unless God should see fit to bless us with a baby grand in the near future!).

The offer to take the piano came as a very welcome surprise to us, and even her very presence here is a labor of love, as last week 4 men, plus my husband, spent over two hours trying to get her up the stairs and into our home. This was their main obstacle:

But all that is behind us now (I may be speaking for myself- perhaps I should ask the men who did the dirty deed), and we are just loving our new piano!

I do have a question, though- does anyone know of a good curriculum for teaching your kids to play piano?

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  1. A number of months ago, in a rare moment of musical inspiration, I decided to look for free online piano lessons for myself. I found a few good sites, mostly for kids. Just Google it. You wouldn’t necessarily have to have Abbie viewing on-screen material, but it could give you ideas for how to start.
    Also, while in Japan, one of my good friends was a piano teacher. She had some really cool laminated print-outs of bright, animated characters corresponding with pictures of keyboards and notes. It’s hard to explain, but when I saw them I thought it would really help preschoolers remember notes and “how-to’s”. Not sure where (or if) you can find those things in Canada. I’m sure some of your other readers know better…

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