Inviting you to the grand opening…

…of my new blog design! The official kick-off will be next Monday morning, and I’m so excited!

I’ve been working hard on it with a wonderful designer who created my new header, and I have been learning far more about html and css code than I ever possibly cared to know. In the midst of the design process, I also decided to make the big switch over from Typepad to WordPress, which has been a lot of work but will ultimately be worth it. It is in the finishing stages right now, and it’s all coming together really well.

I feel almost like I should be a proper host and offer you all some deviled eggs and triangle sandwiches with toothpicks and a cup of tea with cream and sugar honey. But since I can’t, I thought I’d do the next best thing and offer some fun giveaways!

Starting next Monday, I will be announcing the first giveaway, and then the Monday after that, another one (and the best part is, this time you don’t have to get all creative and come up with a name suggestion- you just need to show up and say hello!).

So why don’t you plan to pop in next Monday, and I’ll give you a little tour of my new bloggy home, enter your name for something special, and perhaps we can share a warm cup of tea in front of our respective computers? I’ll see you there…

(On a side note, I do so apologize if you notice any construction dust or debris– ie. unfinished areas in my new blog or some brief server downtime during the transfer this weekend– I’m new to this and didn’t realize just how many kinks there are to work out with a design/transfer process like this)

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