I'm sold on the dry diaper pail!

I’m sold on the dry diaper pail!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a few posts about cloth diapering and was asked by a reader about using the dry pail method. It was actually the first time it had occurred to me that it was even an option to not soak my diapers in water!

I’ve been trying it out for the past week and a half, and let me just say, I’m sold!

There is no increased smell (in fact, I would say it’s less smelly than soaking your diapers), the diapers still come clean by using the same method of washing (a cold rinse cycle, followed by a hot wash cycle).

And, the best part for me… I can actually carry the pail without breaking my back! In our current house, the laundry is on the entry level, and the bedrooms are up on the second floor. Because I only wash diapers 2x a week (mostly because it’s just another thing to do and I dislike using all that extra water and energy for such small loads of laundry), my diaper pail was soooo full and heavy! Half the time, I asked my husband to lug it downstairs because I really struggled with it.

Now, the pail is so light and it just makes the whole task of washing diapers feel that much easier.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to all who commented about using how you use the dry pail method! It totally works for me!

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  1. Chris got me a plain old square garbage can with a foot pedal/spring lid, a rubber seal around the inside lid, and the liner comes out for toting down the stairs with the diapers. I plan to use the dry pail method too.

  2. We have always used the dry pail method. I didn’t even know it was a method for the longest time. I just knew it worked for me. I have a clear, tall tub with a locking. I put the diapers in there until I need to wash them. They never dry out, they wash easily and there is no stinky spot in the house because of it.
    Thanks for spreading the idea around. It will save a lot of mom’s a lot of back pain! 🙂
    Great post

  3. After I dump all of my diapers into the washer, I wipe it out with a Clorox wipe and let it air dry. Then I put a few drops of tea tree oil in the bottom just for potential odor control.

    I wash out poop diapers as quickly as possible, wring them out and then toss them into the dry pail.

    I wash diapers every other day.

    I’m so glad you’ve liked using the dry pail. There is no other way in my opinion! It makes using cloth diapers so much easier!

  4. In the last six months or so, I discovered that a dry pail method with two in diapers is VERY easy. I was diapers every 1-2 days. I shake out any diapers that CAN be shaken out in the toilet. And then I don’t even rinse the poopy ones or wring them or anything. I just toss them in the dry pail. And it’s actually easier to cloth diaper two than one. For this challenge of two in diapers, I am indeed blessed!

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