I’m losing my mind, in my old age!

Is it just me, or has anyone else forgotten that it was their birthday? Perhaps it’s just that being one year closer to 30 has brought on even more forgetfulness than usual (or maybe I’m in denial of getting older?).

Today at church, a teenage boy from our caregroup came up to wish me a happy birthday (little did I know my hubby was spreading the word and encouraging people to go up to me!). I was so surprised- I had completely forgotten it was today!

It’s been a wonderful, relaxing day today, made so by my darling husband, who spoiled me for my birthday! Today after church he asked me what I’d like for lunch, and took me out to a favorite restaurant where we shared a delicious chicken salad and a burger, and he had me serenaded by the restaurant servers, and presented with an ice cream sundae! Our kitchen is currently somewhat of a mess (leftover from a busy day yesterday), but I’m not allowed to clean it, by orders of Ryan. 🙂

We did already celebrate my birthday (and my Christmas, sort of) on Thursday. We were supposed to have plans to go out for appies and dessert, having left the kids with auntie and uncle. But oops, he drove right past the restaurant, and all the way into Vancouver’s large university, where we saw an opera!!! I wish I could tell you the name, but it’s all German to me. Nonetheless, it was a really special evening, and I loved the opera (it was my first time, and I had recently mentioned that I would like to see one).

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