Green Pasture Cod Liver Oil Giveaway (10 Winners!)

Green Pasture Cod Liver Oil Giveaway (10 Winners!)

cinnamon tingle and butter oil together

**This giveaway is now closed**

Earlier this week we talked cod liver oil, its numerous health benefits and suggestions for buying and taking it. Full of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin D, cod liver oil is a phenomenal traditional food that helps to grow strong babies and children, and keep their moms and dads healthy as well.

If you’re still unconvinced of the merits of cod liver oil (especially fermented oils), you have a chance to try to win some today and try it for yourself!

What’s So Different About Green Pasture Cod Liver Oil?

For starters, it is the only fermented cod liver oil, processed in traditional, time-honored methods that not only preserve all nutrients but even enhance them. There are many benefits to using oil that is fermented over oil that has been processed in other ways. This means that none of the vitamins or fats (or other nutrients- because whole foods always contain a much wider spectrum of nutrients than singled-out, synthetic vitamins) are damaged by heat, deordorization, bleaching or any other sort of industrial processing.

Cod liver oil was always fermented until 1850, when we learned to render. If heated, we could extract oil in day instead of fermenting which takes 6 months. They didn’t understand oxidation and that they were cheating the system, so as we started to industrialize fish oils, we lost a lot of the nutrition. I suspect the product wasn’t as effective, but we have no samples so it’s just a guess. Likely this heated oil would oxidize very quickly. When you heat the viscera, you break bonds and create free radicals which causes oxidation.

Around the turn of century, cod liver oil started to lose favor. The industry used heat and pressure, and they found that nitrogen would clean up the free radicals. Unfortunately, this tasteless, colorless product was also probably nutrient less. It was all about marketability.

Making fermented cod liver oil is taking it back to its historical roots. Throughout history FCLO was commonly used, and people knew what it did and that it was important without understanding nutrients. I don’t think regular cod liver oil is even the same product that was revered for centuries. (source)

CLO capsules GAPSSecondly, their oils are extremely pure, testing free of or very low in any contaminations or heavy metals (compared to international standards from Europe, Norway, etc.). The fish come from Arctic waters only, never from fish farms or places near industrial centers.

The following is taken from Green Pasture’s Purity Statement on their website:

  • Whole Food Form
  • Wild, as Provided by Nature
  • Real, Unsurpassed Nutrition
  • Unadulterated
  • Natural fatty acid complex, nothing removed or changed
  • Full, deep range of Vitamins A, D, E, K; CoQ enzymes; and other quinones
  • Deep, Rich, Historical Processing Methods
  • Non-industrialized Production
  • Clean, Pure, and Third Party Tested

To my knowledge, there are no other companies out there making a traditional cod liver oil like this. Green Pasture was only launched in 2000, but they have already grown tremendously and become the most highly recommended brand among those who eat real and traditional foods and follow WAPF principles, simply because their quality is unmatched.

Want to understand more about what makes Green Pasture cod liver oil unique? I loved this interview of found Dave Wetzel over at Kitchen Stewardship (Katie knows how to get to the nitty-gritty), and this excellent article written by Dave on cod liver oil manufacturing.

What About the Taste?

Let’s be real. Nobody takes cod liver oil because it tastes good.

It’s oil. From a liver. Of a fish. What do we expect, anyways?

Nonetheless, Green Pasture has done a valiant job of trying to make it as palatable to our picky tastebuds as they can. There’s even one flavor on their website that I’m actually dying to taste (Butter Pecan High Vitamin Butter Oil, though granted, it’s not cod liver oil).

But, that sort of ingenuity absolutely carries over to their cod liver oil flavors. They’ve created flavors like Arctic Orange, Cinnamon Tingle, Oslo Orange, and Chocolate Cream. They just came out with three new emulsified flavors as well (this helps to remove the oily texture and results in a very easy-to-take oil), Licorice, Peppermint, and Ginger.

emulsified GP oilOur Family’s Flavor Reviews

  • Cinnamon Tingle FCLO– Our favorite. My 6 year old doesn’t love it, but she still takes it, and the other kids as well as myself find this one the easiest to swallow.
  • Chocolate Cream FCLO (note- this is now only available as FCLO blend with high-vitamin butter oil, but I imagine the taste is similar)- At first, we couldn’t stand it. It just wasn’t sweet enough so it had a strong fish taste and a mild, chalky cocoa taste. We decided to try adding a drop of stevia to sweeten it, and that’s what made it work for us. My 6 year old prefers this one.
  • Arctic Mint FCLO– I’ve only had a chance to try this once, at a friends house. Personally, I didn’t care for it at all. I’ll stick with my cinnamon tingle.
  • Cinnamon Tingle FCLO/HVBO blend– This is a gel, whereas the first one I mentioned is a liquid. I find that the only difference is that the butter oil tones the flavor down of the fish oil down a bit, making this easy to take.
  • Capsules– My husband takes the orange ones easily. The non-flavored ones are fine, but if you’re really picky, the orange ones cover up that slight fishy taste that you get in your mouth before you actually swallow it and it helps if you burp it up at all (which neither of us do when we take the capsules).

We haven’t yet tried any of the emulsified flavors, but I bet you anything my kids would adore the Licorice, and I’m eager to try the Peppermint!

Want to Win Some Fermented Cod Liver Oil? I have 10 Bottles of Emulsified Cod Liver Oil to Give Away to 10 Winners (1 Each)!

Here’s how to get entered (remember to leave a separate comment for each entry):

1. Visit the Green Pasture site and tell me which flavors look most appealing to you (keep in mind that the giveaway is only for the new emulsified flavors).

2. Subscribe to Keeper of the Home by RSS feed or by email (and be entered to win our monthly email subscriber-only giveaways!).

3. Share about this giveaway through your blog or favorite social media (find us onFacebook and Twitter here).

This giveaway is for US residents only (sorry fellow Canadians!).

Giveaway has now ended. Thanks, everyone!

Disclosure: This giveaway was generously sponsored by Green Pasture. The opinions in both this post and my previous one on cod liver oil are entirely my own. Our family has been taking this brand of CLO for a year or two, and I’m just happy to be able to share a product that we genuinely like and use with my readers!

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  1. I am interested by the ginger flavor and the cinnamon…it seems like those would do a pretty good job at covering the flavor. I am getting ready to bit the bullet and order some even though it seems pricey! Can’t put a price on health! I love your blog!

  2. I have wanted to try this–1 have one child who is a celiac who appears to benefiting from CLO, but I haven’t been able to justify the cost of the Green Pastures to my husband as part of the grocery budget just yet! I think the peppermint and the ginger look good!

  3. I think I could probably go for either the ginger or the licorice– and the kids would probably take the licorice!

  4. When I first read your post and explored the site, the Cinnamon Tingle was calling my name. Still is. 🙂

  5. I would love to try the Cinnamon. I have been holding off on purchasing just due to the price, but I really do need my family to start on these. Thank you for all of the information.

  6. i would try the licorice. although i’m pretty sure i won’t like any of them, but i’ll do it for my families health.

  7. Awesome giveaway! I would be interested in trying the peppermint and ginger. My husband and I have tried their unflavored CLO – that was a little hard to swallow, but we got used to it. 🙂

  8. Of the emulsified flavors, the licorice looks the best, although I’ve been curious about the cinnamon tingle flavor since I first saw it mentioned on your site!

  9. I’d go with your recommendation of Cinnamon Tingle — my favorite flavor of chewing gum, too. 🙂 Thanks Stephanie!

  10. What a generous giveaway! Of the emulsified flavors, the ginger looks the best! Yum!! I also shared your giveaway on FB.

  11. Though “appealing” might be too strong of a word, I think that I would be able to tolerate the peppermint flavored CLO the easiest. Since reading your blog on the subject, I would like to start incorporating CLO into our health regimen.

  12. I was just telling my husband last night I need to buck up and start buying the oil instead of the capsules, because the price is so much better. I’d love to try the emulsified oil…..I love all things mint so the Peppermint might do the trick!

  13. They all look very interesting but I think I would choose the cinamon…I am also sharing link to giveaway on Facebook…

  14. I’d love to try the Licorice (probably the one all three of us would take with the least complaining)! Thanks!

  15. I would definitely have to try the **NEW**BLUE ICE™ Emulsified Fermented Cod Liver Oil – Peppermint. Thanks!

  16. Oh I so want to win this!!! I would love tue licorice, although I’m the only one in our house who likes that flavor in anything!!!

  17. I tried one of the flavors of GP once and thought it was worse than the plain…can’t remember which it was though. I think the only flavor I would give a shot would be the Oslo orange, since I already take my cod liver oil in oj.

  18. I’ve never tried FCLO, but I am expecting and have been seriously considering it. I think I’d feel the safest with the orange capsules, but I do admit the peppermint or licorice emulsified flavors appeal as well!

  19. oohhhh I really want to try this but the cost is keeping me at bay- I fear we’d never gag it down and I’d regret buying it! ha. But anyway Cinnamon Tingle does sounds most interesting, but as far as the emulsified goes-peppermint seems the kind I could most talk everyone into trying. I would love to try licorice, but I don;t think Hubby would like and the kids might not either 😉

  20. I like the sounds of the licorice flavor, because I’ve been studying about licorice as an herb lately.

  21. We take the cinnamon tingle mixed in a little orange juice “shot” in the morning. It’s actually not terrible!
    Keeping in mind that, that is the easiest way for me to get my kids to take it, I’d be most interested in the Ginger flavor of the emulsified oils. I think that would go best with the morning OJ and we’d have the most success in taking it!

  22. I would have to say that the Ginger flavor FCLO would be my pick. I despise licorice! Not sure how well that one would do here! lol

  23. I would probably go for the ginger but my 6.5 YO would like licorice – he hates anything ‘minty’. OTOH my 15 month old could care less – he takes the unflavored stuff right off a spoon and wants more !! I would love this – I haven’t had Green Pastures stuff in a while…

  24. I’m thinking the Ginger flavor would be good to try. I am wanting to try the actual cod liver oil, especially for the kids health.

  25. Wow!
    After reading your blog and this rant by Dave I want to try Cod Liver Oil!!!–the-synthetic-vitamin-d3-scam-will-make-that-look-like-loose-change–/
    However, I know me and my household…. There is NO way my gag reflux (my son has been gifted with this also) would ever let me get this down….
    I am going to have to look into getting the capsules.

    1. @Erica,
      On Second thought, I would like to get one for my Dad, He has been having a lot of health issues lately. And he is one who can take anything!

  26. I would love to win one! We just ran out and don’t have the money to get more yet. I’ve tried the cinnamon tingle and it was very strong. So I tried the plain and… yeah…it was different. I’d love to try the peppermint flavor.

  27. I’ve been trying to find a brand that won’t leave me feeling all burpy and fishy all day long!

    I’d love to give the Oslo Orange a try. I subscribe via email & RSS.

  28. this would be SO fantastic. i’ve known for awhile now that i really need to start taking cod liver oil, but haven’t been wanting to fork out the cash…thanks for all the resources the other day! i think we would try mint.

  29. of the 3 emulsified, I think I’d go with peppermint. Not huge licorice fans here.

    We’ve tried their cinnamon-gummy fish before. Tasty enough that the toddler ate most of an entire container one day… :]

  30. I would try the peppermint one. Thank you for your post about cod liver oil. I want me and my family to start taking it now!

  31. I have been wanting to try Green Pastures for a long time … a little nervous to give it a whirl and it’s always been a little out of my food budget. I think I would like to try ginger flavor because I love anything ginger. The cinnamon tingle also sounds tasty

  32. I think the cinnamon and the capsules appeal the most to me. I’ve been taking the capsules and they don’t taste! That’s very appealing!

  33. I have a thing for Ginger. That flavor sounds the most palatable to me but my kids would likely go for Peppermint. 😉

  34. I posted about your contest on my Facebook page (I tagged your page in it) and my Twitter (@deliciousobsess).

  35. I think the new peppermint emulsified flavor is the one I’d most like to try. Although the capsules are probably the only way I’d ever get hubby to take it…

  36. My kids might actually be agreeable to the peppermint. We tried the fish gummies and my daughter liked them, but my son really didn’t.

  37. I love that they are using sunflower lecithin as an emulsifier instead of soy lecithin. I think my family would like the licorice flavor. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  38. I’d love to try the cinnamon one…… we all love cinnamon except my husband and he’d only take it capsules form anyway 😉 I’ve been wanting to try their products, they look wonderful!

  39. I think I would like to try all three flavors, but if I had to make the tough decision… I guess I’d choose licorice for our family.

  40. I would love to try the peppermint! I admit I’m about afraid of the taste, but this sounds like the most appealing flavor to me.

  41. I would love to try the Blue Ice Emulsified FCLO in Licorice. I have a thing for licorice and would certainly hope this would help cover up that fishy taste!

  42. I think the ginger flavor sounds good! I’d love to try this with our son because the last fish oil wasn’t getting digested right & he started smelling fishy :0

  43. I think I would trust your review and try the cinnamon. I’ve never had any of their oils before, so this would be a first.

  44. I think the peppermint might be ok. I have never had cod liver oil but have trouble taking even a fish oil nordic naturals.

  45. The licorice would go over well with my licorice loving boys. I’d have to go for the cinnamon tingle. Thanks for the chance to win & try some!

  46. Hmm…I think I’d like to try the peppermint. Not knowing what they taste like has kept me from trying.

  47. OOh, i’m excited about this giveaway. I think the ginger flavor sounds good and would probably go for peppermint second.

  48. Licorice sounds the best to me, but my husband loves fresh ginger, so I’d be tempted to try that one as well…

  49. i think the orange sounds interesting. that is the flavor of other brands cod liver oil we have taken before mixed in with a little orange juice.

  50. I think the cinnamon or peppermint flavor would be easiest for my kids to take. I would like licorice, but no one else in my house would.

  51. Perfect givaway! We have 8 (6 of our own 2 foster) kids and I have wanted to get this brand of CLO but I’m kind of worried of what the price will be to supply 10 people with daily doses.
    I would have to get the capsules and I think I would also go with the cinnamon tingle for the kids.
    I subscribe by email, google reader RSS and I will be posting on FB today

  52. If I read correctly, I’d like to try the peppermint…..but if the cinnamon’s an option, I think I’d prefer that one.

  53. The peppermint looks great! Maybe my toddler would take the emulsified – she doesn’t like the fermented kind.

  54. I think the cinammon flavor sounds the most appealing. I quite intrigued by your article on CLO and seriously thinking of trying it.

  55. Ooo, we would love the orange and try it in smoothies and maybe the cinnamon tingle. Have you put it in your oatmeal?

  56. I would think the licorice would be good. It might cover up the fishy taste unless it tastes like fishy licorice, that would not be good. I like the sound of the ginger one as well. I think i would have a harder time swallowing it then my toddler.

  57. I subscribe to your site. I would like to try the ginger or the licorice. My husband likes the cinnamon tingle the best.

  58. I would probably go with cinnamon tingle for the regular or licorice of the emulsified. I think I would like licorice the best but my husband doesn’t even like the candy type of licorice so I doubt he would go for that and I’d hate to buy two kinds. I need to start this now that my 10 month old is still willing to eat anything.

  59. I would have to say that Peppermint sounds most appealing, then ginger and lastly licorice. I’ve seriously never even considered taking cod liver oil, I’d always associated taking it with some form of punishment! =o) But I would be interested to try it and see for myself. Thanks!

  60. I posted about it on facebook.

    really I’m quite intrigued….just from your pictures the other day…how DO you get your children to take it? I can barely get my son to take vitamins for kids….sigh

  61. I am already a subscriber! Oh, and I can’t become a fan on facebook until lent is over. It’s one of my sacrifices. God Bless!

  62. I think I’d like to try the cinnamon out of the emulsified flavors…I’ve been wanting to try this cod liver oil for awhile!

  63. Cinnamon Tingle is our favorite. We’ve tried the gels also and can’t get them down. Maybe it’s the texture, but the oil in Cinnamon Tingle is not a problem for any of us to swallow.

  64. I follow on Facebook and am an e-mail subscriber. I am eager to try the emulsified cod liver oil in peppermint. I never was much on licorice or ginger. My heallth is what I have asked of it all these years and now I desperately need to take charge. Thank you for this opportunity. God Bless.

  65. I think our family would like Licorice althought personally I would probably like peppemrint. I subscribe via FB and am putting a post on it now.

  66. I think I would like the Cinnamon Tingle, but in the emulsified ones, I think Ginger would be best. Thanks for the chance! I could really use a health pick-me-up!

  67. I’m a subscriber. Just enjoyed your last blog on Kombucha. I’m gearing up to try making some this summer.

  68. I just saw the emulsified mentioned somewhere else recently and went to the website to check it out. We’d love to try the Peppermint. This is an excellent company providing top-of-the-line products of great health benefit.

    I’m an e-mail subscriber.

  69. My 6 yr old said she would like to try licorice. We have used regular fish oil for years but I like what I am reding about Cod Liver Oil.

  70. I’d probably prefer the ginger flavor, but my son might prefer the peppermint. We’ve never tried any cod liver oil, but I’m intrigued.

  71. I’m pretty sure the licorice would be the most appealing of the three emulsified flavors. I’m more and more convinced this is something I need to do for my family. So happy to see the giveaway!

  72. We would be willing to try any of the emulsified flavors. Anything with CLO in it is just multiple shades of yuck! (Although, the Oslo Orange followed by a shot of OJ is currently working for us)

  73. Oh, I think the Licorice would be delightful – especially if it is a nice strong licorice flavor. I love Green Pastures – I have had their cod liver oil in the past – it is the best. Tastes pretty good too!

  74. I think, of the new emulsified flavors, the ginger sounds the most appealing. Maybe I could even get my husband to try some!

  75. This giveaway just reminded me I forgot to look for the Weston Price book at the library 🙂 I think the ginger sounds interesting and would love to try it!

  76. I’d like to try the cinnamon tingle or the ginger emulsified flavor. Thanks for the great info. I look forward to seeing your newest topic every morning.

  77. I would love to try Licorice. I love the flavor but haven’t seen sugar-free wheat-free licorice so it has been a while! Maybe I’ll think it is “good candy”! 🙂

  78. I would pick peppermint flavor… I am in my second trimester and although I took cod liver oil for my first month or so I can’t seem to even think about it now without gagging. Hope to get over this soon so I can reap all the benefits from it!!

  79. Well, I might like the ginger b/c I really like ginger snaps but probably peppermint would be my safe bet.

  80. Hi! Thanks for this great giveaway.
    Actually, all three of the emulsified flavors sound good to me,
    but my husband would be more inclined to try peppermint.

  81. I’d try any of them (peppermint or chocolate sound most appealing) – I’d just like to finally jump on the cod liver oil wagon. I keep watching it go by, and keep thinking about boarding, but just haven’t done it yet =).

  82. I’ve been meaning to order some after researching the product. Now I’d love to try the Ginger, or maybe the Licorice!!

  83. I have some lemon flavored capsules right now that are good since I tend to burp it up after I take it. So out of the flavors they offer I think the peppermint would probably be best!

  84. I just subscribed by email and I think peppermint for my kids would be great and ginger for me and the hubby!! 😉 Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  85. We love peppermint oil so I’m trusting anything with peppermint in it will be 100% loved by our kids.

  86. I’d love to try the peppermint. oil. from the liver. of a fish. (Why is healthy never easy?) Thank you!

  87. I am all about the capsule form – orange sounds very doable!
    Love getting your posts via email. 🙂
    Shared on FB.
    What a great giveaway!

  88. 1. Peppermint Definately
    2. Already following you, enjoying everyday.
    3. Shared on facebook!
    Thanks for all the info!!

  89. My kind of giveaway! Thanks!
    I would probably prefer the cinnamon; you sold me. =)
    I have subscribed rss and will share with my friends!

  90. I’d like to try the licorice. I’m excited about the emulsified options! We take the non-emulsified CLO/BO blend right now, cinnamon tingle.

  91. I’m going to have to go with the peppermint for the emulsified oil but the cinnamon tingle sounds good!!

  92. Peppermint sounds great! I remember when my grandmother would force me to take Cod Liver Oil when I was little and now I’m trying to win it. I would have never guessed.

  93. Ooooh I hope I win, A friend of mine has been recently telling me about all the wonderful benefits of Cod Liver Oil! and not just any CLO but green pasture CLO! I would imagine that licorice might be weird enough to throw off the fishiness a bit!

  94. I like the Peppermint. SO funny, I went to b some yesterday after your recommendations. We did,t get the emulsified tho, would like to try too.

    Thanks alot!!

  95. Peppermint sounds the best to me. It seems like it could cover up some of the fishiness.

  96. Hi think Chocolate cream looks tasty. If it can be. I also linked my website to yours. Or shared it or something to that effect.

  97. I think the peppermint looks good if I won one. But I think I will have to order the capsules for my husband, and I am going to try the cinnamon tingle kind myself. This was on my list for this week (to get an order in), so I appreciate your taste test recommendations! Very timely.

  98. Hmmm….it seems like peppermint is great at hiding lots of things. I think that one would be great to try.

  99. I don’t know if any flavor sounds appealing mixed with fermented fish… but I’m thinking peppermint might do the best at masking it!

  100. Peppermint flavor sounds refreshing – just what I need at this important time in my pregnancy! Thanks for all the great info and encouragement to take this nutritional superpower! I would be SO grateful to be a winner!! Thanks : )

  101. Well I would prefer ginger, but I think I would have a hard time getting my hubby to take that so peppermint.

  102. Hmmm of the emulsified flavors, I think Ginger would be my choice. (the Oslo Orange would be my choice for the regular).

  103. Hmm…I think for the emulsified flavors, peppermint sounds the safest, especially for my pregnant tastebuds!

  104. I think peppermint would be my choice on this one… Thank you for the great information and the giveaway!

  105. I would love to try out the ginger flavor. Curious to see how my daughter likes it. She loves the mint flavor currently!

  106. Ginger. But the butter pecan sounds intriguing. Or just weird. I’m such a chicken when it comes to fishy flavors… I have a tremendously strong gag reflex. Just sayin’…

  107. Oh my, oh my, oh my! I was just going over the Green Pastures site tonight and telling my husband that I wish I could try the emulsified ones before buying a whole bunch. We’ve had the regular licorice… as you said, it’s cod liver oil. I don’t love taking it. But I would love to try the emulsified, especially for my kiddos.

    Thanks also for doing a review of all of them. I’m curious.. as W.A. Price foundation recommends basically double the dosage of the label (1 tsp instead of 1/2) – does your husband take four capsules instead of two?

  108. I think I would go for the cinnamon! I’m taking a cod liver oil now that is lemon flavor… reminds me of furniture polish when I take it yech!

  109. I think the peppermint and cinammon may go down a little easier. I am so excited about your giveaway!!

  110. I am already a subscriber love your blog have learned alot and have shared alot of your wisdom with the ladies in my bible study.

  111. As for which flavor….I’d choose ginger. I’m skeptical that any taste GOOD, but I’ve found this product more effective than other products.

  112. I am a happy subscriber! Both the Ginger and Peppermint are appealing to me! I do not have a tongue for licorice!

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunities!!!