End of Season Garden Deals

For this week’s post, I just had to show off my latest deal! We needed to grab something from Superstore (for the Americans reading this, it’s like Walmart or SuperTarget, but more grocery based), and as I was about to run into the store, I noticed red clearance signs beckoning to me (am I the only one?).

Well, sure enough, it was a steal of a deal! They had perennial plants and bushes on a very discounted price. We just moved into a new rental house, and although the house is great, the yard and garden area are in a bit of a sorry state. I was really hoping to buy some perennials to fill in the gaps in front of the house (literal gaps in the landscaped area, in between the other scraggly looking bushes, very sad). What I found was just perfect!

Japanese Purple Hydrangea

It’s a Japanese purple Hydrangea bush, which will be beautiful next summer and will help to fill quite a large space in the garden. And, the best part is that instead of $25, as it is usually sold for during the spring and summer, I paid only… $5!!! I just love being able to buy things at the end of the season, on clearance. I’ve noticed that all spring and summer, outdoor, garden type items are on clearance right now- other types of plants, soil, potters, garden tools, lawnmowers, even garden furniture, and not to mention summer clothing, bathing suits and shoes! So that’s my frugal tip- shop now for end of the season items on clearance!

And, I just can’t resist showing my other little find. It’s nothing much, but it brightened my day yesterday and has made my kitchen look beautiful. At the amazing produce market that I shop at (much of it is unsprayed and/or organic, for very, very good prices and a fantastic selection!), they had some end of the season dahlia bunches, usually about $3-4 a bunch, but only $.99! I just couldn’t help myself! The colors were so warm and autumn-ish, and they worked well with the mini gourds I bought a few weeks ago.

Dahlia bouquet

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