6 Easy Ways to Detox and Cleanse Your Body 13

6 Easy Ways to Detox and Cleanse Your Body

I have discovered 6 easy ways to detox and cleanse my body. They really work. They’ve changed my life! I feel better than I’ve felt in years.

But first, let me share my story…

I’ve been on a three-year struggle with weight, angry at times and depressed at others, never understanding why my body has been holding weight when I’m eating healthy and staying super active with a busy family and great regular exercise routines.

Is it my age?

Am I sick with something really serious and don’t know it?

Am I going crazy? YES, I have really thought this, especially when I am constantly told to eat less and exercise more, to fast or get on this or that diet.

Brain fog, sluggishness, and downright in-the-bed-at-8-o’clock exhaustion.

Can you relate?

I read article after article and spent countless money on lab tests at the doctor and on meds and supplements like armour thyroid.

I felt like no one was listening and nothing was happening.

And then, someone listened.

Earlier this year I began working with a nutritionist who, guess what…LISTENED!!!

After working together for a few months, she realized what I had thought way back in the back of my head all along.

My body wasn’t letting go. You know, letting GO.

Did you know you can hold up to 25 pounds (or who knows, maybe more) of gunk in your intestines? Think of it kind of like plaque in your arteries.

It prevents your body from absorbing the nutrients you need and keeps it from ridding itself of harmful toxins. Without the nutrient absorption and toxin ridding, your body can’t function properly and feel good.

So no matter what I did, it wasn’t going to help.

Until I started cleansing. 


If you are slightly sluggish or just want to be at your best, start with these daily habits I use to cleanse everyday.

My Easy Daily Ways to Detox

1. Use a dry brush before you shower.

This couldn’t be easier. Simply brush your skin, starting with your limbs and working your way towards your gut or heart in long strokes.

It may sound odd, but it gets your blood flowing and feels invigorating.

Remember, too, your skin is your largest organ! Dry brushing is not only good for your skin. It also helps:

  • Remove cellulite.
  • Cleanse your lymphatic system.
  • Remove dead skin.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Stimulate your hormone- and oil-producing glands.
  • Tighten your skin, preventing premature aging.
  • Tone your muscles.
  • Improve the function of your nervous system.
  • Aid digestion.

2. Take a shower immediately following dry brushing, alternating hot and cold water.

This also stimulates blood flow, helping to remove the toxins you are releasing through detoxing. Hydrotherapy is a time-honored technique and you can do it right in your own bathroom.

It’s just as easy as dry brushing (unless you can’t handle the cold)! Don’t worry, though, I struggled with it a bit at first, too.

I started with water as cold as I could handle it for about 30 seconds, then water as hot as I can handle it for about two or three minutes. I alternated so that I do 7 of each, hot and cold.

After doing this for a couple of weeks, I moved myself pretty far over on the cold side and really impressed my husband who didn’t think I’d be able to do it! 😉

Why do hot/cold shower therapy?

The back-and-forth action of hot and cold moves the blood inward toward organs and then outward towards skin unclogging blood flow that might be stuck and increasing the rate of detoxification.

3. Drink warm lemon water with a touch of apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning.

Lemon helps cleanse your arteries and aids your liver in helping to release toxins. It also helps regulate bowel movements (good for me!).

4. Before bed at night, take a salt bath.

This helps to release holding water, and will also help you sleep better through the night. Epsom salt contains magnesium, which has several health benefits, like reducing anxiety and easing pain.

Epsom salt baths help get the colon moving and act sort of like a mild laxative, stimulating movement and further aiding in the detoxification process.

I use 1 full cup of epsom salt, 2 boxes of baking soda, and half a cup of sea salt (yes, seriously…but it’s worth it!!!).

5. Take probiotics to give your gut a healthy microbiome.

Microbiome is the population of microbes in your intestines. This is important, not just for digestion and aiding in the absorption of vitamins and nutrients, but also for the elimination of toxins.

I have a family history of Crohn’s Disease and Celiac Disease, which are both bowel diseases and commonly treated with probiotics.

I've discovered 6 easy ways to detox and cleanse my body. They really work. They've changed my life! I feel better than I've felt in years. Let me share them with you...and maybe you have some great tips you can share too! :)

6. Water, water, water!

My kids all get so tired of me telling them to drink water! It’s my magic cure-all for everything. 😀

For example:

Daughter: “Mom, I have a headache.”

Me: “How much water have you drank today?”

But water is critical in the detoxification process as well! When you are pulling those toxins out, you want to be sure to flush them out!

But wait, there’s more?

If all that frustration I described in the beginning sounds familiar, continue reading in a few weeks to learn more about the colon cleansing process that has changed my life.

No exaggeration.

What are your favorite ways to detox and cleanse?

Disclaimer: Although all Keeper of the Home contributors are passionate about nutrition, natural living and alternative health issues, we are not certified nutritionists, medical doctors, or practitioners of any kind. We are not licensed to counsel anyone in medical matters, nor may we be held responsible for any course of action that you choose in regards to your own health or that of your family. Please remember that what we are sharing is the result of our own experiences and years of study, but may not necessarily be the right course of action for you. We are advocates of becoming informed, knowledgeable and responsible for one’s own health, but our desire is not to be an authority on any matters of health for you, nor would we presume to have sufficient knowledge to do so. Our hope is that what we share may encourage you and start you on the road to doing your own research, and seeking out the opinions of professionals or others that you trust

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  1. Do you think I can do this detox while pregnant? I sure like your advice to take a salt bath every night! Good ‘excuse’! Let’s chat soon! My time is not my own, but I am in the car quite a bit! ; )

    1. Hi Teresa! Yes the salt bath is wonderful during pregnancy just be mindfull with the temperature for baby 🙂 I love hot baths so that was hard for me!! Same with the hot/cold shower…As for the other techniques you should be fine except for the colon cleanse, maybe wait until after baby arrives! Would love to chat soon #taximoms #neveradullmoment #momlife

  2. How much Apple Cider Vinegar do you use for your Lemon tea? And how long should you wait for breakfast after you had the lemon tea? I drink my lemon tea with fresh ginger every morning but It is usually after breakfast because of a lack of time.

    1. Hi Sally, I use between a teaspoon and a Tablespoon of the apple cider vinegar (I’m not very exact at measuring!) in 6-8 oz of very warm water. I usually like to drink this while I am preparing breakfast. I love adding some ginger too 🙂

  3. Hi Ann!
    I’m so very excited to find this site. My daughter and I have been buying Melaleuca products, and we love them, but they are just very expensive monthly. I gave time and the resources to make my own products, so I went searching and found you! 🙂
    Can you please share which detox colon cleanser you have used and is your personal go to? I need this!!!
    Thank you,

  4. Is there another way I can use the salt bath if I only have a shower and would you happen to know why I get gastritis when I’ve tried taking the apple cider vinegar and water

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