Cloth Diaper Liners: No More Rash Overnight!

You may or may not remember how we've been having trouble with Caden getting rashes when we use cloth diapers overnight. We've been able to continue on with cloth in the day, but have been using more natural disposable diapers just at night, for the past 6 months or so.

But no longer! Last week a much anticipated package arrived in the mail. It contained numerous pocket diapers (for the new baby), and also 3 micro-fiber terry inserts that I had expressed a desire to try (thanks Mom!).

I wasn't sure if the microterry would do the trick, but I've used them for both naps and nighttime the past 6 days, and he is still rash free (whereas a rash would usually break out after only one night in cloth)! Whohoo! These are obviously much more absorbent than the plain cloth liners we've been using, and they seem to really whisk the wetness away from his skin. I couldn't be more thrilled!

Cloth diaper clearance

Bolstered by this discovery, I went back to my new favorite cloth diaper site, Cloth Diaper Clearance, and decided to pick up a few more liners. The wonderful thing about this site is they carry a lot of really excellent and even high-end brands, but at discounted prices (and nope, I'm not an affiliate- just a happy customer!). Many of the diapers and accessories are either seconds (meaning they have minor flaws or imperfections, but are still completely usable) or are discontinued (old colors or patterns or designs) or possibly just overstocked. Either way, we end up getting a great deal!

Haute diaper insert The liners I am most in love with at the moment are the Haute One Size Microterry Insert. These come with both a small liner, and a much larger one, and they snap together and can also be used separately. They are intended for stuffing into a Haute Pockets One Size Diaper (which I just received two of and am really happy with!), but they also work perfectly as a liner for a fitted diaper with a cover. For only $3.50 each, these are a steal!

 I've also purchased some Fuzzi Bunz Micro Inserts (also made of micro-fiber terry cloth). They are similar in size to the smaller liner on the Haute Inserts, except that they have square corners rather than round. These are currently a mere $1.50, and I'm equally happy with their absorption.

Has anyone else discovered this wonderful site? What kinds of liners do you find work well to keep little ones dry through the night?

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  1. I just found (and love) this site, too!
    I’ve used Haute Pockets for almost 2 years and love them–they are such great quality and price. But about 6 months ago the PUL started to peel away from the diaper or crack, causing terrible leaks. I’m not sure why that happened–and they did last a year and a half with a lot of use, but I just thought I’d let you know.

  2. So glad you posted this! I use BG one size pocket dipes and have been a bit lack luster on the inserts since the newborn ones seem way to thin (have to change them ALL. THE. TIME.) and snapping down the toddler sized ones to fit creates a ton of bulk. I’ll have to just try some different liners! Thanks!!

    And glad you got something figured out for your little guy!

  3. Thanks so much for this post. I was struggling with diaper rash with my current baby (#6). I have never resorted to disposables before, but in desperation found that if I put one on him at night, the problem disappeared. We have been using gDiapers, which are great but insanely expensive. I had the idea to try some less-natural fabrics and make my own cloth inserts. gDiapers aren’t natural fabrics, anyway! Your post had some great info and gives me hope. Thank-you!

  4. Are you using these inside of something or directly against baby’s skin? I’m a little confused. I’ve actually read many times to NOT put microterry against baby’s skin because it can be too drying. There is some info here… http://www.abbyslane.com/faqs.php#Q10 I’d recommend something microfiber and then a fleece liner on top of that to help wick the moisture away even more. (http://www.abbyslane.com/catalog.php?category=591) Glad you’re solving the problem, just don’t want you to end up with more trouble… 🙂

  5. How cool! My current project is making 22 fitted diapers for my next one. I’m using a microfiber center as a soaker, so I hope it works as well as what you are describing. This is the first baby that I will be cloth diapering from the beginning, so I’m a little nervous 🙂

  6. Is Microterry the same thing as microfiber? I’ve read/understood that you don’t want this stuff (microfiber, anyway) touching baby’s skin (though inside a pocket would be fine).

    I’ve had the same problem with the same (temporary) solution (only doing disposables for the past month or less), potty training in the between-times… However, just this weekend I got out the camp stove and boiled ALL my cloth diapers outdoors (did up the little ones for next month!), and we’re into our 2nd day using them again. The rash/sores finally got a chance to heal up, and hopefully this will help. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  7. We use microterry inside our pocket diapers and have NEVER (in 9 months of using that system) had a leak, even at night!! For night time I use 2 inserts that are 3 layers each and it works really well for our youngest.

    I’ll have to visit the site you recommended, I had never heard of it before!

  8. It’s funny how different stuff works for different babies. Mine both are super sensitive to synthetics- the only thing that keeps rashes away is wool over cotton. But some babies seem to need the ‘stay dryness’ of synthetics. Glad you found something that works, and that online diaper store looks great!

  9. Interesting to hear about the microfiber terry not touching the babies skin!

    I’ve been mostly using it inside the pocket diapers, so it’s not directly touching, and then other times putting a thin cotton liner over top of it, but once in a while just as is. I hadn’t noticed a problem with his skin reacting to it, but I’ll do a bit of research on the topic. Good to know, so thanks!

    And I’m definitely interested to hear opinions on the many types of pocket diapers that are out there! I’ve been so impressed with them (this is my first time to use them), and I’d really like to know which ones you love and why!

  10. So I just read the link to Abby’s Lane, about the issue with microfibers against the skin. It sounds as though because they are so, so absorbent, they can sometimes actually adhere to the skin a bit. I have not noticed this so far, but that’s really good to be aware of.

    Perhaps the way to go is to use these either stuffed inside a pocket diaper, or when using with a fitted, then make sure to put at least a thin liner made of something more natural (cotton, hemp, etc.) overtop.


  11. I would think that a liner of some sort between the microfiber and skin would probably work. What I recall seems to be the issue of the microfiber absorbing even the natural skin oils – my hands will sometimes feel that way after working in our clay soil, or dealing with a lot of dust… I imagined that might be what happens with the microfiber.

    Because I didn’t boil the covers (yet?), I’m still going with straight cotton against baby, then a pocket diaper with a microfiber insert (well, a microfiber auto-polishing cloth from costco – same stuff, very cheap. :)) for overnight. The synthetic liner of the diaper (alova suedecloth – homemade pocket diapers) seems to keep odors (and therefore maybe something more?) more easily, so while we’re using the cloth again, I want to rule out one thing at a time, as far as the rash goes.

  12. I use Imsy Vimsy liners with my pocket diapers (mostly to catch the poo) but they are great at wicking moisture away and preventing rash. You can wash them multiple times (depending on how rough your machine is) and then just drop them in the toilet after a poo. They would be a good protection from the microfiber inserts for those using them with a fitted diaper.

  13. I’m a big fan of bumGenius micro-terry inserts, which I got inexpensively from Cotton Babies. We use prefolds with Kushies covers, and add the liners for overnight with great success. I’ve read that microfiber shouldn’t be used directly against baby’s skin, as it can be drying, but we haven’t had any problems with that, and it actually has helped prevent rashes, so that’s what we’re doing for now. I can’t wait to check out the Cloth Diaper Clearance site now, though!

  14. I havent started my cloth diapering adventure yet (a couple more weeks to get adjusted to new baby, thanks), but the people I am doing a diaper trial with swear by hemp and bamboo liners. They say they are safe next to baby’s skin and 4 times as absorbent as cotton. So we will give those a go first, I think.

  15. I have been cloth diapering my 9-month-old for about 5 months. We did disposables with the first so I am fairly new to all this. We have a huge problem with leaking at night and him getting a rash everywhere the diaper touches. At first I thought it was the detergent we were using, even though it was a free & clear. We stitched to using Dr. Bronner’s but he still gets the rash overnight. It also goes away when we use disposables. I just got fleece liners to wick away the moisture from his skin that I have yet to try. I will have to look into the microfiber to increase absorbency. Sometimes I feel like we are putting so many layers on him at night that the poor kid can barely sit up!

  16. Jess, I’ve also heard that hemp and bamboo are great, but be forewarned that they’re almost twice the price. 🙁 If you find a great deal on them somewhere, let me know!

  17. I wanted to add something to my previous comment. We use prefolds a lot during the day with a Thirsties cover, so for naps I fold a microterry insert inside the prefold before laying it in the cover. It works wonderfully during the long (3 hr.) mid-day nap and she never leaks!

  18. I was wondering if the Fuzzi Bunz Micro Inserts would work great in a pair of underware while training a toddler to use the potty. Has anyone done something like this?

  19. I sew all my own diapers, but I’ve always used prefolds to stuff my diapers with no problems. Infant size from Green Mountain Diapers has worked overnight since 4 months and continues to work now at almost 18 months. I have newborn-size prefolds that I use for the newborn stage (I didn’t CD my first until around 2 or 3 months, but I’m currently in labor with #2 so I’ll let you know if a few days on newborns) and also to stuff my small diapers. This has been our BEST solution, and yes, we have used microfiber. In fact we used tri-folded microfiber towels for awhile, but DH did not like the way they felt and they were not any better than our prefolds. btw if you like microfiber, you can buy 25 towels for only $10 at Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco. They don’t need any sewing either. 🙂

  20. We mainly use Bum Genius 3.0, but we’ve tried a great variety of diapers in the past 18 months. At this point, the standard microfiber inserts (that come with Bum Genius, Fuzzi Bunz, Haute Pockets, etc.) work great for us – both day & night.

    When Alex was teeny, I had a couple of “loopy-do” inserts (microfiber/hemp combination) made by Knickernappy that I used for overnights because they are not at all bulky. That is an option for Donielle or for others who don’t like the bulk of thicker inserts, but don’t get enough absorbancy from newborn inserts.

    I look forward to diapering a newborn again in just 5 or 6 weeks, so we may be checking out Cloth Diaper Clearance soon! 🙂

  21. When Everett gets a rash, I spray a mixture of chamomile and honey… you would think that it would make it worse as it’s more moisture, but remarkably, it heals over night! We do use the Bum Genius 3.0 with the microfleece overnight, as well, but I don’t have it against his skin, it sits in the pocket… then we use the organic ones during the day… the organic ones would give him a rash at night due to the moisture… even though microfiber isn’t “natural”, it sure takes care of the rash!

  22. My first child had rashes too. Looking back, I know she has exema issues now. She still gets some exema between her legs (and she has been out of diapers for almost a year). We mainly use prefolds with bummis covers, but we found with her that microfleece is a good stay-dry option. I have also tried the bummis stay-dry liners that have cotton terry and then a mesh type of fabric but found they do not help. The microfleece we use inside a prefold for nights and for any time that the child is in a diaper for a while. I got mine at Parenting by nature for about $1 each. You could make your own but I found it very hard to find mircofleece where I live. Other fleece would not work the same way. Its very simple though if you did get the fabric, you just have to cut them, as it does not fray. NO sewing required. That way you can also get the width you want them to be.

    I also have a few Bum Genius diapers, one size ones, (3 2.0s and 3 3.0s) that were mostly gifts. Although I love them for the ease of use, I find they do not wash out as well, and I have had stink issues, even though I do everything the “right” way and use a detergent recommended etc. etc. They also show more wear than I think they should for how much they have been used. I like them more for others to change the diaper- like the very odd time Grandma does or a babysitter. Also good for being out and about. I still love my good old prefolds though and the microfleece liners work well (although not as well as the stay-dry built in fabric of the BG diaper).

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  24. I have a variety of cloth diapers I use on my son. I’ve used BUM Genius 2.0 and I like them for the fact that they seem to keep him drier next to his skin, but they tend to leak around his legs a little. They leaked a lot worse when he was smaller. I believe the leg opening gaps more on younger babies with the pocket all in ones. I bought my Bum Genius stash very used, and the PUL is dying. I’m actually re – sewing them into fitted diapers. I pick apart the used Bum Genius with a seam ripper, and sew two layers of flannel where the PUL used to be. I use the same microfiber insert and put a Thirsties diaper cover over it. For the comments above about nighttime and keeping the baby dry. I recommend a pocket diaper. (I use my re – sewn converted Bum Genius into a fitted pocket) and stuff it with a hemp prefold. It’s a bit bulky, and my son smells in the morning because he’s a heavy wetter, but I have never had a leak this way. Hemp is so absorbant, and whatever material the inner lining of the Bum Genius is keeps him so dry next to his skin. The hemp gets more and more absorbant the more times it is washed. (I wash in an all natural detergent).

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