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We're now past 37 weeks and are in the final countdown before baby comes! I thought it might be fun to have a baby poll, and let you give me your best guess as to the details of baby's arrival!

Here's the way it will work:

1) Leave a comment letting me know 3 things:

  • WHEN you think baby will come (a date and a time)
  • Which GENDER you think it will be
  • How much you think that baby will WEIGH

Just to help you out a little, my due date is August 5 or 6th. With my first baby, I went into labor 2 days late and had her the next day. With my second, he was born 8 days early, but with the help of a labor cocktail (yes, castor oil, ick!) to help him arrive in between my hubby's chemo treatments. My guess is that without the cocktail, he would have been early still, but probably not a full week. Also, my daughter was 7lbs 11oz, and my son was 6lbs 6oz.

2) When baby arrives, I will sift through all the guesses, and narrow them down, first by gender. Then I will take all the guesses with the correct gender and find the one that came closest to guessing the date and time of the birth. If there needs to be a tie breaker, I'll take the one that was closer to baby's birth weight.

3) The winner will get a $20 Amazon gift card, for anything their heart desires. They will also win a free copy of my ebook, Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time. Not to mention the distinction of being the one who gets to say "I told you so". 🙂

I hadn't been planning to post this up quite yet, but with the sudden nesting urge that has hit me and the fact that I feel like this baby is practically about to burst it's way out, I decided it was time!

I've actually been sick for the last week and a half, fighting a cold that just doesn't want to say goodbye. Despite the fact that I'm physically worn out, I have had the strongest need to nest, clean, organize and just get everything ready for baby. I can't really explain it as anything other than an absolute compulsion! Tired or not, I couldn't stop doing it if I wanted to! The house is now quite clean (though there's more I want to do still), the laundry's all caught up, all the home birth stuff (pool included) is set up, the food has all been completed, the kid's bag is packed, and I'm hoping to just finish up a few things in the garden. Phew!

It is possible that even if baby doesn't come in the next week that I will slow down in my blogging just a bit. Having been sick this past week, I've been using up all of the posts I like to pre-write and always be working on ahead of time. The reality is that it's more important for me to rest, finish recuperating and rebuild my strength while the kids nap/take quiet time than to it is to blog. I know that all of you mamas out there understand. :) 

I'm eager to see your guesses! And to meet this precious baby! I'll keep you updated!

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  1. Hmm, let’s see…

    •July 31
    •4:15 a.m.
    •7 lbs, 6 oz.

    I pretty much randomly picked all of that… 🙂

  2. How exciting:) I purpose that you will have….

    :: August 1st
    :: baby girl
    :: 6lbs 10oz

    Take good care of yourself!

  3. One more thing…before my second I had everything you could get…seriously…pink eye, laryngitis, cold, cough, aches and pains…and then it all went away and we had a beautiful baby girl and I was very healthy. Sometimes I think it is the body preparing. God knows and will heal and give you grace:)

  4. Boy
    August 2 @ 11:45pm
    7lbs 5oz

    I’ll be praying for you that all goes smoothly and the little one is nice and healthy! May God continue to give you a peaceful mind and prepare your body for bringing this new life into our world.

  5. boy
    Aug 4th
    7lbs 11 oz

    praying that everything goes smoothy and that you have a beautiful birth experience!! 🙂

  6. It seems that a lot of people have a similar idea as me…

    Girl, Aug 1st, 10:42 am, 7lbs 2 oz.

    Not to add to your list of to do’s, but concidering your experience with Abby, you might want to pack a hospital bag, just in case.

  7. Boy
    Labour Aug 4
    Birth Aug 5 4:00 AM
    7 lbs 2 oz

    You sound more prepared than any pregnant woman I’ve ever met. Ever!

  8. * WHEN you think baby will come (a date and a time) — Aug. 5th, 4:03pm
    * Which GENDER you think it will be — Girl
    * How much you think that baby will WEIGH — 7lbs. 1oz.

  9. Girl
    August 6th
    7lbs 4 ounces

    Hope everything goes well!
    Maybe the baby will be early and be on my b-day. 🙂

  10. It’s been so fun to see your pregnancy updates, because you’re just a couple of months ahead of me, so I get to see what’s coming up next for me. I’m also glad to see that you’ve gotten so much prepared, because that gives me hope!

  11. How fun! The question is…are you taking the labor cocktail this time? 🙂

    July 30
    5:00 a.m.
    7 lbs., 3 oz.

  12. August 1st
    7 lbs 1 oz

    Blessings to you – I am praying for a healthy baby for you and your husband!

  13. by the way… My mom took castor oil with me and I was born a few hours later…. I was already a week late :). She said it took her all day to work up the courage to drink the stuff, but when she did – labor came on fast! Nasty stuff, but it worked for her too 🙂

  14. I am guessing:
    July 26th
    7 pounds 10 ounces

    I wish you the best the last whatever days or weeks of your pregnancy. I am scheduled to have my baby on the 24th. I am very excited to be done. I hope you get better really quick and have a wonderful, healthy baby shortly.

  15. August 8th, boy, 6 pounds, 9 ounces. at 4:03 a.m.

    Hey? Did any of us win the name contest for your business, or are you still deciding?

  16. Jennifer, nope, I won’t be taking any cocktail (castor oil or otherwise) this time, unless I go quite late, which I’m not really expecting.

    Jena, we did decide on a business name, and no, it wasn’t anybody from my blog. We chose one name, and it was from someone at our church. The business name is “Resound School of Music”. 🙂

  17. August 1 at 4 am
    7 lbs 5 oz

    I hope you have a safe an uneventful delivery! It won’t be long and you will be holding him/her in your arms.

  18. August 5th (which is also my awesome mother’s birthday, so of course I have to pick it!)
    1:46 pm
    7 pounds 4 oz

  19. Date: August 4th @ 7 am
    Sex: Female
    Weight: 7 lbs 3 oz

    Thanks for all your posts! I just found your blog a few weeks ago and LOVE it. We’re expecting our baby at the end of February and I’ve so appreciated the many helpful posts on pregnancy, pre-birth preparation (I am going to be stocking my freezer the last trimester – so smart!), and baby items. I’ll be praying for a healthy baby and successful home birth for you.

  20. August 3rd, 10:15pm
    7lb 4oz

    hopefully this isn’t a total duplicate, I skimmed the comments to try and avoid that…I hope my nesting urge kicks in soon! I’m doing very well at my food prep but not so well at my organizing and cleaning.

  21. I am so excited for you!!

    Here are my guesses:

    August 1st 3am
    7lb 2oz

    Extra Blessings to you during this precious season!

  22. Hello Stephanie! So, we are very excited about your soon-to-be (Lord willing!) new baby!!! We just love babies!

    On to our guess… a girl
    born August 8th at 2:45 pm
    7 lbs 13 oz

    We do think about you, Stephanie, even though we can’t frequent your blog as much as we’d like!
    May The Lord bless you and your lovely family~
    xo~ the Long ladies

  23. A sweet boy! Born August 5 at 10:30 PM. weighs 7 lbs, 6 oz.
    Good luck to you!!!! How exciting! 🙂
    Amy in ca

  24. I hope all is going well!
    I guess:
    ~August 7th, 7:30 AM
    ~7 lbs 5 oz.

    No matter what the gender, time or size I hope it goes very well!

  25. I’m putting in a 2nd guess so you can exclude it from the contest if you’d like!

    August 4
    2:36 pm
    7 lbs 2 oz

  26. I forgot to put a time with mine…

    here is a recap with a time included:)

    Aug. 10, 11:25am
    7 pounds 4 ounces

  27. Oh gosh, now I double messed up…I think the “posted by is under the post”, so I had put a time when I originally posted…oy! Go with my original:) sorry!

  28. Hope it’s okay that I jump on the bandwagon…a little late, but I ‘m willing to make a guess since you haven’t gone into labour yet!

    August 14th
    3:40 pm
    7 lbs 10 oz.

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