An inside look at the Polestar planner

Someone requested a look at the inside of the Polestar planner. This is what each week looks like. Sorry the pictures aren’t great (a photographer, I am not!), but the headings above the columns are Family Appointments, Meals/Kitchen, Home, and then the left list is To Do, the right list is To Buy, and the bottom right section is Messages.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. It is even better than I thought.

    I am on a no spending month..but, I am supposed to get an amazon gift card in the mail next week – so maybe then I’ll get it!


  2. Thanks for posting the pics
    Its a great planner…might look into it.
    It would seem that I might just need one for homeschooling, a different one.

  3. Oh, lucky you to get an Amazon gift card, Stacy! Have fun!

    You’re welcome, Linda. I agree that you would likely need another one for homeschooling. I think I could use it for my little one, and maybe one other child, but probably not more. If you find something good for that purpose, let me know!

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