A thoughtful way to serve others

Today I read a wonderful post by Kimi at Womanly Pursuits, about how we can serve others through meeting their special dietary needs.

Being a member of a family full of different dietary needs (allergies to wheat, milk, sugar, certain vegetables and fruits and legumes, one person who is vegan, and sometimes short-term diets such as gluten free, egg free, all raw, candida, etc.) I have learned to be quite flexible and adapt my cooking to almost any diet under the sun.

However, this does not come so easily to everyone. To many, it can be overwhelming to even think of what to prepare for someone with a particular allergy or dietary restriction. Although we would often like to bless an individual or family in need by bringing a meal, or offering an invitation for dinner, this can feel so challenging.

If this is you, please read Kimi’s post, and I would also love to hear from you as to which allergies or special diets you would like to know more about preparing meals for. Practicing hospitality and serving others in this manner can be such a meaningful gesture (this is coming from one who has been the recipient of so many generous people who have sought to cook according to our family’s own special needs), and any way that we can serve and love others only brings more glory to God.

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  1. My son’s food allergies are challenging (gluten, dairy, egg, soy, fish, nuts) so feeding him can definitely be a lot of work and overwhelming. I was never more blessed than when my mom took the time to learn all the many details it takes to feed my son in order to give us a reprieve once and awhile. Such an amazing gift!

  2. That is so wonderful that your mom has done that! And wow, you’ve got your hands full with those allergies. No wonder you are strict about meal planning- you would need to be! If you ever wanna chat food allergies and alternatives, recipes, etc. you know where to find me. 🙂

  3. I have a daughter, age 3, who is allergic to egg and kiwi (and wasn’t introduced to nuts, peanuts and seashells) so we avoid all those foods at home. Once I found all the recipes I needed, I started cooking everything. I also have support from my family and my in-laws, because I agree that it is nice from time to time to have a break from the kitchen.

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