Blendtec vs. Vitamix: Which Blender is Better?

Blendtec vs. Vitamix: Which Blender is Better?

If you’re going to spend a big chunk of money on a high-quality blender, you want to make sure it’s going to do the job;and;do it for years to come.;

For most of us, an expensive purchase like a Vitamix or Blendtec high speed blender is a carefully-made decision, and a purchase for which you’re likely to spend time saving up for. Ultimately, the cost is worth it in my opinion.

It was 8 years ago that I first saved up to purchase a Vitamix (at the time, I had never heard of Blendtec). I desperately wanted one, since we make smoothies on a regular basis, not to mention using our blender heavily for all sorts of other kitchen tasks.

I saved up,;little by little, in hopes of buying an older, used model off of eBay or Craigslist. Imagine my shock and delight that Christmas when together with own savings, money for my birthday and Christmas gift, and the astounding donation of a generous woman my husband met at Costco who offered to pay the rest (yes, seriously — I still love that story!), a Vitamix ended up under the tree that year.;

I’ve used it faithfully and frequently ever since. It’s in constant motion in our home.;

It hasn’t been without any troubles at all… I’ve had to replace the tamper twice (I’ll confess, it was human error both times), and we also had to replace the canister because the part where the blade;is secured;was breaking (this was still covered by warranty).;

That said, it’s been a sturdy workhorse of a blender and that is exactly why I wanted it.;

blendtec vs vitamix

In the last few years, however, another blender caught my attention;-;the Blendtec.

I was drawn to it for the ways in which it was different than the Vitamix, namely the fancy settings panel and the wide base of the container with the two-pronged blade instead of the smaller base with a four-pronged blade.;

But would it actually outperform the Vitamix? Was either one really any better than the other? I was really curious, but not about to fork out more money just to conduct an experiment.;

So when Blendtec offered me a blender to review (esp. as my Vitamix approaches old age and will only last so much longer), I eagerly said yes. I know that in previous posts with mentions of the Vitamix, readers have often wondered as I did, “Which is better? Is one more worth the money than the other?”

Let’s find out then, shall we, and see how the Vitamix holds up vs. the Blendtec?;

Blendtec vs. Vitamix: Which Blender is Better?


Specs: ;64 oz. container size (2 quarts). Takes 63.4 square inches of counter space.

Cost:;Starts at $579 (for the classic C-series – other models start at $469 and $679 respectively — taken;from;official website. (Or $455 from Amazon)

Warranty:; 5-7 year warranty

What I like about the Vitamix:;

  • The tamper. This is an ingenious design that works particularly well for making very thick, heavy, stiff foods, like ice cream or nut butter. It allows you to keep the blender going while pushing the food back down towards the blade so that it doesn’t get stuck, everything gets mixed, and you don’t overheat the;motor.;
  • If you do overheat the motor, it will shut down until fully cooled off, to protect it from permanent damage (ask me how I know).;
  • I feel like it’s slightly less noisy than the Blendtec (that said, at full speed they’re both still really loud).
  • It can handle a smaller amount of food or liquid to get going than the Blendtec, because of the narrower base. If you put the same small amount in a Blendtec, the blades would just spin around and not accomplish anything. (I’m talking about;a cup of liquid or less)
  • While not as fun or customized as the Blendtec’s computer-like touch screen, I do worry less about the Vitamix’s manually-controlled speed gears breaking down on me.;
  • There is a dry canister that you can buy if you want to grind things like grains, which is an awesome option for someone who wants to do a small amount of grain grinding (though personally, I wouldn’t expect it to replace a grain grinder if you want to use it for larger amounts or with any frequency). That said, I found that even the regular canister was perfect for grinding things like raw sugar into powdered sugar or to help me grind up just a small amount of something like quinoa or oat flour on the rare occasion that I wanted it. So long as I wiped the canister out really dry and didn’t overload it, it worked like a charm.;

What I dislike about the Vitamix:;

  • I can’t usually walk away from it. Because the speeds are manually controlled (rather than having;a pre-set program), you have to stay nearby to babysit what you’re blending and gradually move the speed up or down as needed.;
  • It’s so tall. It has never fit under the cupboards of any of the;5 homes we’ve lived in since we got it, so I have to store the canister sitting beside the base, taking up more counter space.;
  • I find it hard to scoop out thicker foods or drinks from around the blades. For instance, if I make guacamole or whipped cream, even if I get in there with a spatula, I still never feel like I get it all out, and I detest wasting food.;
  • Sometimes it blends almost too well. You do have to watch that you don’t blend so long on high speed that you actually start to warm your lovely cold smoothie up (that said, the Blendtec is also capable of this, but because it has pre-set programming, you’re less likely to do this by accident).;
  • The Vitamix lid is a bit tricky to get firmly in place, and then requires a bit of wrangling to remove once you’ve created a tight seal. But if you don’t seal it well, you’ll have to hold it on with one hand while you blend unless you like spattering your ceiling with blueberries. It sometimes made me nervous when I was blending something hot, like a soup, because I had to be careful to really seal the lid shut, but then careful not to spill soup on myself in the process of getting the tight lid back off again.;

Note: Since I bought mine a long time ago, Vitamix has come out with some new models. One is a slightly shorter, wider model that is closer in shape to a Blendtec. These models are more expensive than the basic ones, though. They also have a new smaller model with two types of jug attachments, which reminds me somewhat of a fancier Magic Bullet.

Blendtec vs. Vitamix: Which Blender is Better?


Specs: ;64 oz. container (2 quarts). Takes up 64.75 inches squared.

Cost:;Basic models start at $399 and go up to $649 for the Designer 725. Twister jars are optional, and cost an extra $119 — taken from;official website.;

Note: The Blendtec website always offers certified refurbished models which still come with a warranty, starting as low as $279, which is a really great price!;

Warranty:;8 year

Disclaimer: I’ve used the Blendtec for several months, usually 2-3 times per day, which is long enough to get a really good feel for a machine. But, I’ll admit, maybe not quite long enough to discover all of the annoying little nuances that I’ve learned about the Vitamix, so I want to say upfront that it’s possible that given another year or two, I may find a few more things that I don’t like quite as well.;

What I like about the Blendtec:

  • ;It’s wider base and two-pronged blade. Food rarely gets stuck in the bottom and when it does, it’s easy to scrape out.;
  • The nifty touch screen. It’s quick and easy to use and there’s no mussing around with manual speed dials. There are settings for blending, pureering, chopping, etc. (Note: The lower-end models don’t have a touch screen but just use buttons instead)
  • The touch;sliding;control – it lets you customize the exact speed you want and you just slide your finger to speed it up or slow it down ;(again, only on the upper end models)
  • I really love the pre-programmed settings. For example, the smoothie setting starts slower to grind up big chunks, then gets faster as it goes, to get it really smooth by the end. On a Vitamix, I have to control this process manually myself. With the Blendtec, I touch the button and walk away.;
  • How it senses things like when it needs more liquid and the screen tells me so. With the Vitamix, I can usually tell this but sometimes I would get the motor too hot before realizing. With these “add more liquid” messages I’ve never accidentally overheated the Blendtec.;
  • The look. I feel like it’s a nicer looking;machine than the Vitamix. Not that that’s how I choose my kitchen appliances, but I’m just saying.;
  • The height. While I don’t keep mine under a counter in this particular house, I used to in an old house and it always drove me crazy that my Vitamix was too tall to fit.;
  • Though I haven’t really learned much about them yet, the upper end models have something called Blend Rewards. The blender actually counts how many times you use it (it shows me the number each time I turn it on), and you can earn codes to be used online to redeem various thing. Sounds fun!;
  • Ease of washing. It has a wash setting (where you put in hot water and a drop of soap then turn it on) which is nifty, although the Vitamix can do the same thing. But, I find the Blendtec easier to clean when I need to give it a scrub, and the lid pops apart and then back together so quickly, which makes cleaning it a breeze.
  • The longer warranty.

What I dislike about the Blendtec:

  • The nifty touch screen. As a general rule, I prefer things that are manual rather than electronic, because I worry about electronic parts breaking. In fact, we did have a problem with our touch screen, but thankfully Blendtec has an awesome warranty and great customer service, so it wasn’t really a problem.;
  • I can’t use it for really small amounts. Because the base is so wide, it really takes at least a cup or more (usually more) of liquid or food for the blades to be able to do anything other than spin.
  • If you want to blend really thick stuff, although you technically still can with the regular jar, it really works better if you get a Twister Jar. These are handy and have a lid that you can twist and use to scrape thick food or drink back off the sides down towards the bottom, to keep it blending (essentially, this does what the tamper does on the Vitamix). But you do have to buy the Twister Jar separately, whereas the standard Vitamix comes with a tamper. You can still blend thicker things in the Blendtec, like ice cream, guacamole, mayonnaise, or nut butter, but you might need to occasionally stop it and use the spatula to scrape down the sides and keep things moving.
  • Occasionally I feel like it has a harder time with thick stuff than the Vitamix. Now, this may be the result of not having a tamper to just give it a good push or two to get it going smoothly. But once in a while, I have to stop it, add a bit more water or push down the sides to get it really going, especially when I use large frozen things like whole strawberries. That said, once it gets going on something, the end result is always perfectly smooth.


So which one I would choose?;

It’s honestly a;very;tough call. I love them both. Each one has it’s pros and cons, but they’re both genuinely amazing machines.

I can’t really diss on the Vitamix, since it has served our family so well for 8 years. It’s a great machine. But I will confess to really loving my new Blendtec. I think that if I had to pick, I would say the Blendtec is my fave, just by a little bit.

Since smoothies, iced drinks, soups, etc. are the majority of what I blend, I don’t usually miss my tamper (and spoiled me, I have the Twister jar to reach for if I need it). If I blended really thick things more frequently, I might prefer a Vitamix. For me, however, I do a lot of my thick mixing in a food processor (just a cheap Hamilton Beach one) and that seems to be good enough for me.;

Blendtec vs. Vitamix: Which Blender is Better?Now, who wants to win their own Blendtec?!

The kind folks at Blendtec are offering up one of their top-of-the-line Blendtec Designer 725 Wildside + With Jar PLUS a Twister Jar! It’s a $769.90 value!



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Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by either Blendtec or Vitamix, but the giveaway was generously offered by Blendtec, as was my review blender. This post does contain affiliate links.;


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  89. I would love a Blendtech for my protein hater kid! He loves smoothies & I can get all kinds of yummy protein in them for him. Unfortunately, I don’t like the texture of thick smoothies so our food processor just doesn’t work for the both of us. I would love a Blendtech that can serve smoothies my whole family can enjoy.

  90. I would use the Blendtec mainly for smoothies and soups, and then for anything else I would ever need a blender or food processor for! It would be such an amazing gift!!!

  91. I have longed to have a blender like this! I have five kids and an amazing husband and this would take our whole food approach to life to a whole new level!

  92. I am presently saving up for one of these… I have a Bosch Kitchen Center and the blender it comes with is awesome, but just not heavy duty enough to stand up to what I do daily… we have had to replace the motor on the Kitchen System and the jar for the blender. I borrowed a friend’s Vitamix for a couple weeks (babysat it while she was on vacation, smile) and I became royally spoiled. Originally I was saving up for a Vitamix, like you said, looking on eBay and Craigslist, but I have recently heard wonderful things about the Blendec so now I am torn….I have decided to just ‘save up’ for now and see what happens.

  93. Oh- what I would use it for? Well, we eat a whole foods, gluten free diet, and we don’t have a lot of money to buy pre-made stuff. I would use it for grinding grains like chia seeds, flax seeds, oats into oat flour… I’d use it for making almond milk (that’s what killed my Bosch motor) coconut butter (that’s what broke the jar) smoothies, my grain-free granola, my pasta sauces, my pasta dough!, no end to the uses.

  94. Nut butters, ice cream, and smoothies! I saw my cousin use her bender to make ice cream over the summer and have been so jealous at how easy it was.

  95. Nut butttttters, creamy smooth nut butters are what makes me envious of blendtec demos and recipes on line.
    I liked reading a review where you’ve had your hands on both.

  96. Excellent review! We’re dealing with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease at my house, so I use a blender multiple times daily. Would love to be able to try the Blendtec! Thanks for offering the possibility!

  97. I always feel like I am burning out the motor in my wedding-gift blender when I make smoothies. I am becoming more and more intrigued with these higher-end blenders. Thank you for your comparison of the two!

  98. We are needing to change our diet due to allergies, etc and this would really help me with quick and easy food preparation.

  99. I would love to win this we have a blender that we use constantly and it is on its last leg soo winning this would be awesome!

  100. I would love this! Been talking about blend rev and saving for one for a couple years now, and sadness I just came close to having the funds when the turbo went out on my truck

  101. Every fall the motivation for my husband to go and pick blackberries is the floats that I make–blended up fresh blackberries (or the individual berries I freeze up for use all year long), vanilla ice cream, and Sprite (about the only time we buy soda is for floats). My old blender is dying on me and I’ve wanted either a VitaMix or Blendtec for years–both beyond the budget. Thank you for a great give away.

  102. I love this post!!! I have had similar thoughts on the two blenders… I have also owned both. Though, my Blend tech is one of the older models, so no touch screen. I do miss the tamper (And we have ruined many a spoon trying to replace it LOL) but I like the Blend Tech better… though, ever so slightly 🙂

  103. My husband and I have been hoping to have either a Vitamix or Blendtec for years! We have done our own research, comparing the two, but I found this post very helpful! We are constantly using our blender for smoothies, soups, etc., and would love to have either of these one day. Thanks for the post!

  104. We make smoothies everyday. My husband is actually the smoothie maker, but the whole family enjoys them. He has had his eye on a blendtec (or vitamix) for some time. I would love to surprise him with one for Christmas.

  105. I would probably use it for smoothies. I really appreciate your insight because I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for a while, but I wasn’t really sure about the differences. Thank you!

  106. We’ve been wanting to make more smoothies, especially green smoothies, but our current blender doesn’t get them very smooth! I’d love to get a Blendtec that can really handle this.

  107. Oh my, I would LOVE the Blendtec! I loved how detailed your review was, and as I read, I came to the same conclusion. Blendtec would totally be my choice!

  108. I’ve been thinking of getting a Blendtec for awhile, did ALOT of research and came to the conclusion that it would be the better choice:-). I make smoothies almost daily but my magic bullet has died and I need something new!

  109. My family just returned from a trip to the beach. A local cafe was offering a seasonal green smoothie using kale and beets. It was amazing! I would try to make a copycat version of that smoothie.

  110. This post is so timely! I have been researching both blenders, trying to decide which one I want to save up for. Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. I would give the BlendTec to my daughter and then her and I could have smoothie making contests and truly see for ourselves which one is better! I’ve been a proud Vitamix owner for a long time, but am open to change!

  112. I’ve been wanting a top-notch blender for a long time. I always thought Vitamix was the gold standard and, kind of embarrassingly, I hadn’t heard of the Blendtec. I would love to try it!

  113. This is going to sound a little crazy probably, but I would use the Blendtec MOST for homemade salsa. Mmm-mmm!!

  114. I would love to try the Blendtec! I have a vitamix, and the difficult in scraping it out is also one of my biggest annoyances. I’d to see how they compare. If I won, I’d give away my Vitamix to a family member 😀

  115. Who wouldn’t love to win either one of these great machines??? I have a nutri bullet at the moment, but would love something with more power and and a larger canister!

  116. Thank you for the thorough reviews. I’ve started a green smoothie habit and would enjoy a more powerful blender.

  117. I realy enjoyed your presentation. I don’t have kids but am working to get my house natural without toxins. I believe in my lifetime, all the little fast and easy conveniences have not been all that good for us. Your presentation is only the second one that I had time to watch and it was well worth my time!

  118. I would definitely say smoothies would be the most often made! But really, who can discount the nut butters, hummus, ice cream, soups…it just makes me hungry thinking about it (I’ll be going to the kitchen very soon). I also have had my eye one of these machines for some time, but alas…with family of 8 it hasn’t yet made it into the budget. I would immensely enjoy the speed and ease it would add to my prep time in the kitchen, as I have been trying to make more of our whole foods at home! Thank you for the wonderful and honest review & the awesome give away opportunity.

  119. What would I use a Blendtec for if I won it: Mainly for smoothies and other healthy food ideas. I recently had trouble with my gallbladder and I have had to change my entire diet as well as mindset about food. I know I am on a long journey back to health and I feel like I could do that winning the Blendtec. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to have a chance to win. I’m sorry not able to enter any of the other ways specified to make my chances more. By the way I still have my gallbladder so far. Thank You

  120. I recently purchased as Vitamix, and LOVE it! Well…my daughter, I believe, loves it even more (if that’s possible). She’s a mama with 3 young kiddos, super diligent to feed her family whole foods, and pinches pennies where she can, but honestly, saving for a Vitamix or your new fave, the Blentec will take a long, long time. She would love to have this Blendtec. So, I’m submitting my entry to promote the good health of my grandchildren. She would work this thing daily. And that kind of review is Grammy approved.

  121. Thanks for the great information! I have started saving money for one of these two blenders (it’s going to take a while) and was leaning towards a Blendtec, so this helped reassure my decision! Winning one would be absolutely great!! 🙂

  122. Awesome! I’ve been wondering about these, so thank you for making this post! I definitely need something bigger than what I have to blend up larger amounts.

  123. My family has begun enjoying healthy green smoothies on a regular basis and I would use this blender daily for those! Plus I would love a quality, multitasking machine to try my hand at nut butters, nut milks, soups and hummus! Yummmmm!!!

  124. I would use it for smoothies mostly and for juicing veggies when I can and I’m sure many other things:)

  125. I would use it mostly for smoothies! Right now I have to make smoothies in 2 batches to feed our fam of 6 – it would be great to fit it all in one batch!!

  126. I make a smoothie every morning and I also make a lot of hummus. I just found out my baby is allergic to peanuts so I would also love to make almond butter.

  127. I am wanting to start making smoothies again in the mornings. I used to be pretty faithful at this, but a number of major life changes (husband medically retired from USN with 100% permanent and total disability with PTSD/TBI, caring for my twin grandsons in addition to my own children, and moving back home) have disrupted (demolished) my routine. I know we would all feel healthier if we could get back into the smoothie habit and this appliance would be a tremendous blessing!

  128. I make smoothies everyday and fresh juice (than strain), pureed soups, salad dressing, hummus. You name it! I give my blender a good workout and would love a blendtec!

  129. We kinda make a wicked smoothie every night as a treat for me and the hubby. It’s a wonderful way to end the night and have something delish, easy and nourishing.

  130. I’ve never owned a blender, just a food processor but I can dream of the many things I would make with a blender. 🙂

  131. I killed my oster blender today 🙁 I guess the recipe I was following was too thick…it did say to use a high powered blender! It seems they meant a blendtec 😉

  132. I would love thid for smoothies and so much more and our budget wont allow for a blender like this so i would be super blessed to win!!!!!!!

  133. I’ve never been willing to splurge on one of these, but I think it would be most useful at our house for smoothies and soups!

  134. I absolutely understand! I used a Blentec for months until the motor burned up making a nut butter 🙁 However, thanks to Costco, we were able to return it. At the time of the return, they were only selling Vitamix, so we gave it a try – it it is definitely my favorite of the two. I didn’t mind the Blentec, but I actually enjoy using the Vitamix better. Either way, these are both amazing machines, and if I were to win this, I would give it to my best friend who hasn’t been able to purchase one. So exciting!

  135. To start, I would use my new blendtec for making pumpkin puree. My current machine is so weak, I have to make in small batches. After that, I love morning smoothies and would love to try soups.

  136. I’d definitely use it for smoothies, but probably a million other things too. Our blender is broken but usable so I haven’t replaced it but its such a hassle to use that I rarely use it anymore.

  137. I would love a blendtec! I have a hand me down one that’s a blessing but is no longer working except on pulse (it’s 13 years old!). We use our blender for smoothies mainly, but also love making banana “icecream” and grinding small amounts of oat flour.

  138. I had never heard of Blentec before. Thanks for introducing it to me! I’ve been looking into getting a Vitamix for a few years, so it’s nice to know there’s a similar product out there that I should consider. I love that you can make soup in it.

  139. I would use it most often for homemade nut butters. They can be so expensive from the store. And also I love knowing exactly what goes into my food!

  140. I would start with Smoothies, then I would be able to make all these wonderful recipes I have saved for so long with the hope that I would some day have a high speed mixer to use. I have a 15 year old walmart special that is all plastic. I’m trying to remove plastics from my kitchen and have been looking at thrift stores for a glass one. To have a new Blendtec is beyond my reality.

  141. I have been making smoothies daily and so has my husband; I’m waiting for our blender or immersion blender to break! Loved hearing you on Wellness Family Summit!!

  142. I love my Vitamix. I have the shorter version, which fits under my cabinets just fine. I did purchase an extra large canister at Costco.
    Would love to do my own comparison!

  143. I would use it daily for smoothies, not just for myself but also for sneaking veggies into the kids smoothies.


  145. I would use it for smoothies, soups, salsa and much more! I don’t have a machine at all! Would love to win this Blendtec 🙂

  146. Ohhh I would want to make so many things . The 1st thing salsa & a milk shake to keep them quieted while I whipped out the next course some beautiful Cream of anything soup, Oh the fun I could have! I so need a Blentec as my machine died upon me through canning season and honestly I do not have it in the budget to replace it just now. I am so missing my smoothies! I can tell my body is lacking due to me not having one a day in my system.

  147. I would love a Blendtec!!!! I would use it for blending my shakeology with yummy stuff and for making healthy drinks for my family.

  148. Thank you for the good comparison! I would love to win this! I’m slowly, very slowly, trying to save for one

  149. Great review and that’s so very generous of Blendtec! I’ve been wanting a Vitamix for awhile now, but wouldn’t mind having a Blendtec as well. They both look like great machines. I would want to be able to make any and everything I could with it as I don’t even have a regular blender, let alone a fancy-schmancy one. 😉

  150. I don’t have a blender at all right now and am so happy you did this post since I will be asking Santa for one! I think I will use it the most for smoothies for my kids for breakfast.

  151. I cannot believe I waited so long to purchase a premium blender, but I have had a Blendtec now for 3.5 years. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and would love to share one with my daughter. Smoothies almost everyday, but really love making our own nut butters. Not just any blender does that. And of course, salad dressings.

  152. This is great info. I’ve been wanting a Vitamix for a while to start juicing, but I’m kinda liking the Blendtec now! 🙂

  153. I’ve been limping along a hand me down blender for the last year after the one I got when I was married blew up. A really great blender is on my list of must-purchase, but something else always comes up. 😉

  154. We are living on a super tight budget, and lately I have thrown away some spoiled fruit (to my chagrin) because I didn’t realize how ripe it was! I’d like to get into the habit of freezing my almost-but-not-yet spoiled fruit and using it for smoothies. A Blendtec would be so great for this!!

  155. Definitely my nightly whipped frozen banana treat (currently using hand blender which struggles with the frozen bits) and soup!

  156. I’m a young mom, staying at home with our 2kiddos (2 yrs and 6 months), on a teachers budget….I would use this for everything 😉 particularly smoothies and homemade hummus (the food processor just doesn’t give the texture needed).

  157. Green smoothies and a lot if my own toxin free sauces, purees, etc, etc. the ingredients on labels these days are Scary. It would be a relief to see what us in your food!

  158. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m trying to get some more nutrition into my picky eaters’ diets. I decided that smoothies were the way to go. I’m considering purchasing either a Vitamix or Blendtec, but it would be awesome to win one instead!

  159. id make veggie smoothies each day im trying to eat healthy and this would be such a treat to have ofcourse i would make some apple butter

  160. I would love to make smoothies with the Blendtec. With my family of 5, we would use this a ton!! Honestly, I probably could never afford this. It would be awesome to win!!

  161. I would use a new Blendtec to make smoothies since I really need to add more veggies & fruits to my diet. I would also like to try it for nut butter, soups, etc. I’ve never had a good quality blender so it would be wonderful to see what all one could do! Thanks for the opportunity!

  162. I love making smoothies but our blender is old and cheap…so my family doesn’t drink them due to not great texture. Blended would be a huge help to have them drink smoothies with me!

  163. Thanks for the detailed description of both blenders! It’s nice to have when buying such an expensive machine! 🙂

  164. This was helpful to read, as I’m still debating which to choose when we do save up enough to purchase one. We make green smoothies frequently, and I’d love to get creative with other things. 🙂

  165. Because of throat cancer, I have been on a liquid only diet for the last three years and probably will be forever. I love my vitamix but am also very intrigued with this blender. Would love to have one.

  166. I’ve been wanting a blendtec for a while! I have a 3 month old baby girl so I anticipate needing to blend up a lot of yummy things for her in the next few months : ) This would be a huge blessing!

  167. I have neither and think they are both awesome. Would love to have a ‘REAL” Blender! I would make peanut butter!

  168. Awesome for making butters, smoothies, milling grains, dips, sauces and sooo much more! Good luck everyone!

  169. What an awesome giveaway! I would use the Blendtec for just about everything but especially smoothies and juices for the whole fam … I eye both of these blenders at Costco everytime <3

  170. I’ve been saving my pennies, literally, with the hopes of buying a blendtec. Would be wonderful to win one! Smoothie heaven that would be!

  171. I think I’d use it to start making my but milks now that I found out about the junk put in the package stuff.

  172. nut butters, smoothies, and nut milks for dishes. I also make my sons formula from the wapf recipe so i need a good blender! oh please oh please!!

  173. I would you use it for everything! From butters to baby food, smoothies to snack dip, and to making home made cleaning/beauty supplies.

  174. I can’t express enough how much my husband and I want a Blendtec. The past few years our family of four (with two elementary school aged kids) have gone through a lot of stress with multiple illnesses caused by stress and stemming from stress, thus creating a vicious cycle. We’ve since started seeking holistic care rather than conventional care and it’s working – we are finally coming out of this scary, confusing time. However, it’s come to our attention that our continued struggle to recovery would be greatly enhanced (and be less of a struggle) by juicing. I’m big on the importance of fiber and have come to the conclusion that it’s not necessarily a juicer we need, which removes pulp, but a heavy-duty (unfortunately costly) blender that will whirl away all the greens, veggies and fruits (keeping the important fiber) I’m learning will make a real difference in our family’s health. My husband has a highly stressful public service job and I’m a stay-at-home-mom who subs in my kids school district when needed so I can be there for if and when my kids get sick again. We’re convinced a Blendtec will make a dramatic difference in our family’s overall health. Please pick us!!

  175. I would use my blender for smoothies, iced coffee, good girl moonshine, bulletproof coffee….The list goes on!

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