The Stay at Home Mom and Evangelism

What a great reminder of the opportunities that we have to share the love of Christ, even as we are centered in our homes. I appreciate guest poster Sandra’s focus on intentionality, and her encouragement to focus on the possibilities we have to share in the midst of everyday situations.

Guest Post by Sandra

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As a stay-at-home-mom and preacher’s wife, I have a hard time starting
and building relationships with people outside of my family and church
circles. This is a challenge in evangelism. I have found a few ways to
get outside the church doors and into spreading the Good News!

Book Club-
This is my favorite because I love to read! A couple ladies from our
church invited me to a book club they are in with ladies they know from
around town. At the first meeting, both of the ladies I know weren’t
able to go, but I went anyway. The book we had read was Eat, Pray, Love
by Elizabeth Gilbert which has spiritual themes, but is not a Christian
book. So the ladies opened up about their views on God. Our group of 6
that night had two (unhappy) Catholics, one Unitarian, two who have no
religious affiliation and myself. I was able to share my beliefs. Our next book is The Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs, so we should have more interesting discussions about faith and practice.

Meeting the Neighbors-
Since we moved in January, we were hoping as the weather got warmer we
would meet more of our neighbors. The families with young kids are out
everyday and we are deliberately
meeting them and talking about our church. We passed out VBS
invitations, and invitations to other family events at our church.
Also, we have four town homes for sell on our block! So when new neighbors move in we will take a “Welcome Basket” to meet the new families.

Evangelical Touches-
This is what my husband calls the quick moments you have when you’re
out and about. Offering to pray for your waitress before your meal,
inviting the lady from your dry cleaner to a special event at your
church, or just saying “Aren’t children a blessing?” to the older
couple in line behind you who are smiling at the baby. These are most
effective when done routinely. For example, “adopt” a restaurant and try to get the same waitress/waiter each time. We just got back from Chick-fil-A where they have the sweetest hostess! My family can intentionally show her appreciation and the love of Christ.

the Great Commission is not easy when you feel like you’re always
either at home or at church, but looking for ways to be intentional
about sharing God’s love will go a long way. Pray for opportunities to
share, and be ready when you walk out of your door into your mission

blogs at Today’s Housewife ( where she
and three friends discuss the topic of the week related to “building
their homes,” Proverbs 14:1.

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  1. Thanks Sandra for your words! Great job on the post! We need to be more intentional about sharing with those we come in contact with, so thanks for the reminder!

  2. I’m not a stay-at-home anything yet, but myself and a group of young ladies at our church are starting up a crocheting/knitting ministry where we make winter articles and prayer shawls for some of the low income families we minister to in the area. I just learned to crochet a week ago, and have already made a scarf! It is NOT hard, and I am already addicted!!! We get together twice a month with projects we are working on, and then pray over the projects at the end of the night. Such a fun girl’s night out!!!

  3. perhaps the book of Acts was right…the gospel flows along lines of relationships. Peter to his wife to his mother-in-law.

    yet few Christian today have a lost friend and would be horrified to go to where the lost are in their daily living.

    what if Jesus came to your town where would he go? answer that and that’s where you find those who need the gospel. rarely is in pew next to you.

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