Spring Giveaway Week: MightyNest Picnic Gear Pack (with Review!)

Mighty Nest Giveaway

By Beth Ricci, Contributing Writer

What’s summer without a picnic or two or twenty? Um, nothing, that’s what.

OK, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but isn’t it true that two of the most universally loved human experiences are eating and enjoying the great outdoors? Put the two of them together and you’ve got sheer bliss, baby!

My kids love picnics so much that they have pretend ones all year long indoors. A blanket on the floor and a plate of snacks = happy little people, which also incidentally = a happy mama. It’s good.

The one wrinkle in this whole plan is that I haven’t had a great system for packing a picnic lunch and taking it places. I have used throw-away baggies (cringing at the wastefulness and expense) and bulky, plastic yogurt containers, thrown together in a plastic shopping bag, or a cloth bag if I can find one in the mad dash out the door. (I know, I know – planning ahead and all that. One day…)

This summer we bought a zoo membership since the Toronto zoo is just a few minutes from our doorstep. It’s the perfect outing for my little ones at the ages of almost 5, 3, and 1.

However, I’ve really been wishing lately for a nice, insulated lunch bag that would help keep things fresh while walking around before lunch time, and I’ve had my eye on some nice divided lunch containers to hold all of the little items my kiddos love to snack on, like carrots, berries, crackers and cheese, etc. (When you throw it all into one container things get kinda gross and mushy).

When I was given the opportunity to review this amazing prize package from Mighty Nest for y’all today I jumped for joy at the chance. Seriously. I was excited. I eagerly awaited the package in the mail, hoping it would be as awesome as I thought it would be so that I could write this review with enthusiasm and conviction.


Spring Giveaway Week: MightyNest Picnic Gear Pack (with Review!)

Can I just say: if all of the products that Mighty Nest sells are as high-quality as these – I’m going to seriously be ordering more ASAP.

Let me level with ya: I’m a frugal hate-spending-money kind of mama. I shop at thrift stores and “make-do” whenever possible.

But these products? Dreamy. Love, love, love them, to infinity and beyond, AND… to be perfectly honest – after using them, I would honestly go and spend the money to buy them for myself, knowing how awesome they are.

Here are five reasons I LOVE my Mighty Nest picnic gear:

1) Beautiful

My hubby doesn’t get it, but I bet many of you fellow-mamas do. When something is pretty, I am like eleventy-billion times more likely to use it than if it’s ugly. Pretty dishtowels? More fun to use. Pretty pots and kitchen gear? More fun to cook. Pretty lunch bags and picnic gear? More fun to pack up the snacks and lunch for a day out. It’s just true.

2) Quality

That cloth napkin? Yeah, it’s like 2 parts washcloth, 1 part adorable, and 1 part sturdy. It’s well made, thick, organic cotton with a terry cloth back that I find way more effective at wiping peanut butter from toddler hands and faces. This ain’t yo dolla store flimsy piece of synthetic fabric that doesn’t wipe a dang thing.

I never thought I’d say this about a napkin, but it’s really impressive.

Same goes for that snack taxi, also made of organic cotton. How cute is that pattern, by the way? Like I said: beautiful things are way more fun. It’s strong and secure, perfect for any non-liquid snack.

The lunch bag is strong and thick (but also light-weight!), insulated nicely to keep things fresh. It’s made out of recycled pop bottles (<– how cool is that?!?) and is obviously well-made and will last for years to come (I can honestly see this being something our family uses and loves for the rest of our lives; it’s that well-made). There’s just such an obvious difference between this bag and some random cheapo thing bought at your typical big-box store.

The stainless steel containers are beautiful – I was concerned the lids might not stay on well, being stainless steel also, but they totally slide on and stay snug. I put them into the lunch bag sideways without worrying about them opening and spilling. I have a duo and a trio, and wasn’t sure which I would enjoy more – but it turns out I love them both for different things. It’s nice to have the smaller compartments for things like berries or trail mix, and it’s nice to have the larger ones for things like meat or boiled eggs or crackers.

Spring Giveaway Week: MightyNest Picnic Gear Pack (with Review!)

3) Integrity

This is how Annie described their company to me:

“Mighty Nest is a place where people feel motivated and welcomed, not discouraged and judged; somewhere people are empowered to make changes in their lives, whether large or small.”

Isn’t that beautiful?Β I love that there is something motivating them other than just the bottom line.Β Their integrity shines through with beautiful eco-friendly, healthy, well-made products. That’s the kind of company I want to support!

4) Earth-Friendly

When you build a company on a certain kind of values, everything you do and sell will flow from that. For Mighty Nest, it is evident that they value caring for the earth and caring for our health.

Mighty Nest is a unique site that provides you the ability to research, get advice and buy natural, organic and non-toxic products all in one place.

All of the products they sell are free from known toxic ingredients such as: BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, melamine, formaldehyde, flame retardants, parabens and more.

5) Practical

There are a LOT of products on the Mighty Nest site. I seriously got lost browsing around their beautiful selection!

Here’s a wee confession for you: I get a little twitchy sometimes at some things in the natural-living, eco-friendly world. Things like a $200 reclaimed Balinese wood toilet brush holder? Pretty silly.

But the things on the MightyNest website are not only beautiful and extremely high-quality – they are wonderfully useful and practical, too! I will be using my new picnic gear several times weekly, I’m sure. I could easily fill my cart with dozens of items I would use all. the. time.

(Maybe I’ll start making my birthday wishlist from there instead. After all, I may or may not be turning *cough* thirty *cough, cough* in a month.)

Would you like to be entered to win your own picnic pack fromΒ Mighty Nest like the one I received? (The answer is yes, of course you do, silly!)

Click below to complete one Rafflecopter form, for all of your multiple entries, and then you’re done! If you’re reading in an email, make sure that you click through to enter from the actual website.

As a bonus, from now through to the end of June, Keeper of the Home readers will receive 10% off at MightyNest with the code “KOTH10”!

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Giveaway ends 6/10/2013 at midnight.

Disclosure: All opinions expressed are my own. I honestly use and love these products. This giveaway was generously sponsored by MightyNest, and I received the products for free for the purpose of review.


  1. I would love to have this picnic set! I’m currently living in Japan, surrounded by beautiful parks and beaches, and everyone here seems to love picnics. I’m sure our summer will be full of them, and this set is just what I need.

  2. I use one large insulated bag and whatever I can find to store the small items in. Love the storage compartments in the stainless steel containers!

  3. What a neat set. Pretty too! We currently use an ugly blue lunch tote that is starting to rip near the handles. Would love to win this set!

  4. When I pack a picnic I pack it in my tupperware, but I’m trying to get rid of my plastic. Then I put it all in an insulated bag with a frozen ice pack and off we go.

  5. I have a soy allergy so I pack my lunch wherever we go (can’t eat at most restaurants). So, this would be great so I don’t have to take my lunch in a plastic grocery bag anymore.

  6. I love snack taxi – I’ve been buying and using them since they were happy sacks! Would love to try out some stainless containers – I hope I win so I can!

  7. I use a mix of glass and plastic containers in an insulated tote. I am trying to increase the amount of safe packing materials.

  8. This sounds awesome!! I love picnic sets and this one sounds wonderful. I totally agree with the “pretty” aspect. I am MUCH more likely to use something if it looks nice!

  9. I would love to win! I use our old cruddy lunch boxes, but I would love to win this because we are trying to go plastic baggy free in our house and this would help!

  10. We have a cooler that I use and I usually just take a basket to put other things in….but I want this REALLY BAD!!!!

  11. I have been seriously considering more eco-friendly lunch gear. I would love to own this picnic set!!

  12. We recently outgrew my current thermal tote, with three kiddos eating real food now. I need something more!

  13. Beautiful idea!

    We currently use various sizes of mason jars and ziplocs in a cloth bag, with stainless steel bottles for drinking.

  14. We don’t really picnic but when we travel and have to eat lunch on the run we use a cooler and mostly not good for us plastic ware

  15. We just use a cooler and wrap stuff in foil and use cloth reusable bags. These would be great!

  16. I usually just pack everything in the kids school lunchboxes and an old cooler we have. This stuff would be a BIG step up πŸ™‚

  17. I just use whatever I have on hand that will hold our stuff. Sadly, I haven’t been able to completely make the switch away from plastics (working on that…) so lock-n-lock containers still get used a lot. We do often use mason jars for drinks, though.

  18. I would love a really pretty, as well as functonal, lunch/picnic set such as this! I see other employees with similar bags and containers but I have not shopped here I have seen any. Blessing to you and your family and have a great day!

  19. Sometimes I use insulated lunch bags, sometimes an ice chest, sometimes plastic grocery bags…this would be infinitely better!:)

  20. I am somewhat of a Tupperware addict, so I use whatever Tupperware I need depending on what I am bringing πŸ˜‰

  21. I have a small cooler that we use for picnics and trip munchies. I’m interested in replacing some of our plastic containers with stainless steel. This is a cute set!

  22. I unfortunately use a lot of plastic baggies when we have picnics. I don’t really have anything else at the moment.

  23. We tend to take along bread and buy sandwich fixings. I guess we don’t have much picnic gear.

  24. We love picnics at the park and usually use a mixture of glass and plastic containers and always take our klean kanteens with us!

  25. We have a picnic set we received as a wedding gift that has plates, napkins, cups, cutting board, utensils, and is insulated. Unfortunately the plates are melamine, the cups plastic… and it only has enough for 2 people and there are 5 of us. So I usually have to pack extra things in a separate bag, and I usually use paper plates/napkins πŸ™

  26. We use a old thirty one bag and could really use a new one! Our family loves to picnic all summer long! What is better than a day out at the park or with a picnic lunch:-)

  27. What a great product from a great company! The picnic pack would definitely make for some fun summer outings in the park!

  28. My huge cooler that is too heavy to carry especially with three little ones and lots of plastic bags – would love something lighter and re-usable.

  29. I always use reusable containers to pack a picnic. Plus wet washcloths in ziploc bags and regular table silverware that gets washed when we get home. The goal is always to make the picnic trash-free.

  30. I use whatever containers I have on hand when we go to the park. Usually a combination of glass and plastic containers.

  31. We would love this picnic set. Some of our snack taxi bags have been used so much that we could really use some new ones πŸ™‚

  32. We need to picnic more! I have some sandwich boxes that we use and we also use plastic baggies.

  33. I use an old picnic basket that came with plates, flatware, cups, etc. These containers would be a nice compliment to that to take my grandchildren on picnics to the parks this summer…one of their favorite things to do.

  34. When we picnic, we usually use Sistema bento-type boxes and paper napkins. Trying to get more eco-friendly each time!

  35. Usually I use my big cooler. Have been getting better about using reusable items but would LOVE to win this especially for the Lunchbots!

  36. Normally I just use whatever is clean and handy, but we are trying to get away from using plastic so these containers would be perfect!

  37. I usually make a stack of sandwiches and put them right back into the bread bag. Washed fruit & veggies go in tupperware that sits inside an old thermal lunch sack.

  38. We bring a cooler, lots of ice packs, and Paleo-style food in this humid weather in SC πŸ™‚

  39. What do I use? Oh goodness! Paperware! LOL! I usually use a cooler or an insulated lunch bag I have from Thirty-One Gifts. I’d love to have some non-disposable picnic stuff!

  40. This would be a perfect addition to our picnic stuff. Right now I have a double pie carrier basket that I use as for picnics, along with a bulky insulated picnic bag. I LOVE the bento style stainless steel boxes! I love all things bento and would LOVE to use these! Great review!

  41. We use a bulky ice chest and random plastic containers. We would love this awesome set – my little ones love snacky lunches. πŸ™‚

  42. When we do picnics, it’s usually lots of plastic baggies for us. We also have a zoo membership and are on the lookout for the perfect way to pack a lunch for a day at the zoo πŸ™‚

  43. Great idea- I reuse ziplock bags every time- even bringing them home from trips and washing them. It just dawned on me recently, however, that they may leach chemicals into the foods they bag. Hmmm, I think an alternative is worth looking into!

  44. We usually use plastic sandwich containers and then divided plastic containers for our fruits and veggies and put it all in our travel cooler. Works well enough but I wonder about the plastic and what it might be leaking into our food. This is the perfect giveaway just in time for summer! Thanks

  45. What a great time for this giveaway! Thanks for bringing this company to my attention. My kids and I would love this set, and yes, prettier is more fun!

  46. I typically use a smorgasbord of things-plastic containers, plastic bags, and silverware from home. Nothing cute! πŸ™

  47. Lots of handy, yummy food. Berries, sandwiches, and definitly cookies!
    These things look awesome πŸ™‚

  48. When I pack picnics, it’s usually a combo of reusable glass and plastic containers.
    However, I pack my husband’s lunch daily. I would TOTALLY pack it for him in this. (He takes two snacks, lunch, and breakfast… that’s a picnic worth of food!) Right now I have two divided dishes I use for him and we use mason jars for as much as possible. (dry cereal, milk, yogurt, diced/chopped fruit, soups, etc.)

    I homeschool my kidlet, and honestly something like this would REALLY make packing lunches easy for us when we go on field trips… and it’s not… *lunch box-y* so kidlet might not balk at it…

    Something like this package would really round out what I have available to use.

  49. I LOVE this. I go to a local amusement park with my kids and this would be great for taking along our own nutritious snacks instead of the highly processed food offerings there.

  50. I use whatever we have that day. Typically we have tortilla rollups, veggies or fruit and some homemade treat.

  51. I would love this! It would get a ton of use at our house. Thanks for sharing this, and introducing me to such a great product.

  52. We repurpose take out containers from friends and family. Would love something that sealed better though.

  53. i just use whatever plastic containers we have + cloth napkins and put it all into a reusable grocery bag πŸ™‚

  54. I use a cloth grocery bag and put in bags of food. I’d like to have something more sustainable to use.

  55. We use all disposable items on a picnic. Trying to go to more earth-friendly items and be more whole food conscious. Just in the starting/baby steps phase. Would love these! Thank you!

  56. Looks great! I love that the bag is from recycled bottles. Also, it is hard to find sectioned plates for kids that arent plastic and on top of that, they have lids!!!

  57. I pack lots of finger foods for lunch because my kiddos are little. For me personally I love to pack salads for lunch.

  58. I have a little zip up insulated tote that my husband got for free from a work event. It doesn’t hold much, but it works. πŸ™‚

  59. ice chest and wal-mart bags . . . sad isnt it?! but we always make our picnics special by bringing along a cake or cupcakes!

  60. All this stuff looks very practical and useful, but what I love about it in comparison to others I’ve seen is how attractive it is as well!

  61. We use a lot of wax paper and a big basket! But I’d love to upgrade and use stainless steel for packing food. Much more practical for salads and juicy fruit.

  62. I have some Kids Konserve items, but not nearly enough for my growing family! I would love to have some divided containers – and definitely another insulated bag or two!

  63. Lovely! When my family picnics, we use a large basket and glass containers. I have been wanting the lunchbots for a while!!!

  64. This give away is so awesome! I love your page and really hope I can win this awesome pcinic gear! xx

  65. We use anything we can get our hands on! It would be amazing to have this product and have our packing problems solved!

  66. We have a prehistoric insulated bag that we use for picnics. I try to pick foods that don’t need refrigeration to not worry about cold packs.

  67. How fun! I am getting away from all plastic. We just went on a picnic and I brought my actually dishes from the cupboard. So this would be nice.

  68. I am in the process of changing over our food storage from plastic to glass/stainless steel this would be perfect!

  69. We own 3 lunchbots and I love them. We use them every time we travel, to the zoo or even for a picnic to the park. Problem is we are a family of 5. I would love to win this.

  70. we use paper bag and plastic baggies on our picnics. It’s all so messy and jumbled sometimes that we dont do it much. This would be nice to have to keep our food from being squished.

  71. More and more we are taking snacks with us when we go out so we aren’t tempted to eat junk food with plastic packaging so this would be great.

  72. We have two of the lunchbot stainless steel containers, but we need a few more! They’re getting old and they didn’t have the three compartment one when we got ours! We use a lunchbag ALL the time but I haven’t been able to find an ecofriendly insulated one like this. So cool!

  73. I use my Wrap N Mat and snack sack from reuseit.com. I usually just throw them in a diaper bag or a reuseable shopping bag. But in a pinch I’ll just grab a snack cup full of shredded wheat and as many pieces of fruit as I can throw together. (Like when I realize we’re late for a park playdate and we still have to walk there).

  74. OOOH! I’ve been looking at the Lunch Bots containers for a while now. How cool would it be to win some?!

  75. I just use zip locks and tupperware, along with my handy-dandy-been-repaired-8-times beach bag!

  76. We use an insulated bag that was a wedding gift (12 years ago), that is really too big for a small snack. Would love to win this!

  77. I have a cooler bag that I use to throw everything into. But I tend to do the plastic baggie thing, and throw it all into my cooler bag. How cool would it be to use something eco-friendly AND cute!

  78. We use a rectangular tupperware to hold all our sandwiches and then we use it to pack home any leftovers or garbage.

  79. we just use what we can find. our favorite cach-all is a cardboard box, and then it depends on what we’re eating how that is packaged.

  80. Sometimes I use mason jars and other times I use plastic bags. It depends on what I am taking. I am trying to stay away from plastic. I have found the mason jars work well with fruit and salads. Sometimes I use my small Pyrex because it is solid and easier for the kids to use.

  81. what a great giveaway! :o) Our family loves picnics too,….especially when it’s snowing outside and we’re inside by the fire! ;o) I typically use containers I’ve kept from yogurts or canning jars.

  82. Usually a paper bag or one of my reusable grocery bags, and the food is typically in plastic bags… This looks like a fabulous system!!!

  83. We often picnic and in the summer, I use the kids lunch gear from the school year (A Laptop Lunch and some Lunchbots). We love finger food~ tortilla wraps/veggies/berries. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. i use pyrex and pack it up with whatever i have laying around. this is a beautiful little set! thanks for the chance!

  85. I use cloth bags with plastic containers and little cloth snack bags that I made that fasten with Velcro. Although I love the steel container idea. This little package would go great with my picnic basket I just found at a garage sale!

  86. Love this giveaway! I have been trying to transition away from so much plastic. Right now we use glass lidded containers and plastic bags on our picnics.

  87. We use glass jars and plastic containers, but nothing fits together nicely and glass jars are really heavy

  88. We use a combo of Pyrex with lids and Tupperware. This set is adorable! My daughter would want to use it daily for lunch on the patio. It would also be perfect for snacks as we run to our various lessons and classes.

  89. I’ve been looking for stainless steel containers like this with good lids. Thanks for the review and giveaway. I’m definitely checking out their store

  90. I use our Thirtyone brand insulated lunch totes and whatever portable containers are clean, but these would be so nice to have. (especially since our lunch totes are going on 7 years old!)

  91. We use plastic and foil, but we’re trying to get away from the plastic and foil isn’t so secure.

  92. I want to win this set!! We will use it like crazy during all of our summer travels. We normally use tupperware and grocery bags to cart our food around.

  93. My daughter uses a lunch bot for school and loves it! These products are fabulous and what a wonderful giveaway! This would be wonderful for summer picnics!

  94. Right now we use ziplock containers but I would LOVE to switch to something a little more sustainable.

  95. I usually use a tupperware for sandwiches and plastic bags for smaller things that I don’t have a tiny tupperware for. So wasteful!!!

  96. We are also using plastic bags or containers right now. Love the look and functionality of the Mighty Nest products!

  97. We just had a picnic last night! I have my favorite picnic basket, the food in Pyrex containers, silverware, a dish towel, plastic plates, etc.

  98. I have an insulated picnic basket that I like but I have to use my glass storage containers to pack fruit, veggies, etc.

  99. I usually use lots of glass containers with lids and my one snack taxi (would love more!). I also use our regular silverware and wash clothes as napkins.

  100. I hate to admit that I’ve never packed a picnic! Hoping to change that up this summer, and looking forward to packing in some Bento boxes I purchased to send with lunch for the hubby. I could always use more options for work lunches, too!

  101. When we picnic, which is frequently, we pack things in reusable Pyrex dishes and some Tupperware and then put it all in a grocery sack. It’s functional but not pretty!

  102. We usually stick with plastic baggies and I always cringe. They’re just convenient and small. Those stainless steel containers look AMAZING though! They are officially on my wish list πŸ™‚

  103. “Tupperware” (only the old yogurt containers don’t seem to disapear), ziplock bags, old juice & water bottles

  104. We actually have a lovely wooden picnic basket, but . . . it’s a pain to lug around. Instead, I tend to use a big, insulated cooler bag for picnics. I would love more storage items for the different foods inside the bag, though!

  105. Right now, I have an insulated lunch bag from 31 that I use. It’s just right for a small lunch for my boys and me.

  106. I absolutely LOVE those containers! I have been looking for something like that, we use plastic re-useable containers, but they warp and crack over time (and who wants to use plastic anyway?)

  107. I think this would make a terrific lunch package for my husband to take to work. I have tried various things to some success, but I like this!

  108. We use our cooler, and a paper bag or cardboard box if we need more room, with the food in plastic containers and baggies .

  109. We normally use glass and/or stainless steel though I have used plastic bags with the boys at times.

  110. we love picnics but my husband hates all the fuss of containers and garbage. Maybe this will make them easier for him which means more often for us!

  111. Usually just throw everything in a big tote and it’s pretty much a mess…and I don’t even bother with things that need to be kept cold, which makes it hard.

  112. I love picnics and use a lot of plastic containers. I really want to use things like this, better for the environment and our bodies.

  113. We love packing picnics & usually use our cooler or just and insulated bag with πŸ™ too many plastic containers πŸ™

  114. usually plastic ziplock bags and cheapy plastic containers that the lids dont fit very well on.
    We need a new system!!! This sounds perfect

  115. old bread bags, glass jars, parchment bags, hmmm- pretty much whatever I have on hand at the moment.

  116. I used a lame bag for my picnics or hefty Trader Joes bag that work pretty well, but something cute and handy would be so much better! πŸ™‚

  117. we use a couple of old insulated lunchbags from when I packed lunches for work. along with plastic baggies…although I do wash and reuse them as long as possible. and a small hardsided cooler, which is okay for car driving but not something I would carry around visiting someplace.

  118. I’m trying to do more packing for picnics, beach trips, etc. The other day my daughter used a divided, covered microwave plate to pack some fruit for the beach. I throw stuff in whatever is available .. . . plastic containers, plastic bags, insulated lunch bags, insulated picnic tote, etc. This looks great!

  119. We love to picnic! This set is adorable!! We use an insulated tote, some reusable containers and some baggies….

  120. I have an old thermal lunch bag and some Lunchskinz. I use Vapur bottles as icepacks, filling them with the chosen beverage 1/2 full and freezing a few days before hand. What I would love to get is something for dips or condiments.

  121. Unfortunately just plastic baggies and some glass Pyrex containers, so we’d love to try these products!

  122. We use a hodge podge of old plastic baby plates and carry them in a tote. Not elegant. But it works!

  123. Whatever I can find. It often involves plastic bags (using the bread bag for the sandwiches if I buy bread), etc. We mostly have glass containers for food, and although I love them for leftovers, they’re difficult for a picnic!

  124. I usually use a hodge-podge of bags and containers for a picnic. How wonderful it would be to have a pack all ready to use!

  125. We have one lunchbots container (which we love!) and three kids–would love to round out our picnics with a container for each kid. =) The other two have plastic divided trays, but the lids do not stay on as well as the lunchbots.

  126. We use plastic containers and sandwich bags but plastic containers aren’t always spill proof and I personally want to get away from sandwich bags (just need to get hubby on board). Then we throw everything into a cooler when needed or a reusable shopping bag.

  127. We LOVE lunchbots at our house! Would love to try Snack Taxi, the cloth napkin and the awesome cooler. Thanks!

  128. You can’t ever have too many coolers in my opinion. I love re-useable articles for food! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  129. THis is awesome! We use a backpack and glass dishes…it gets VERY heavy and usually makes someone cranky.

  130. Right now when we go out we just reuse plastic shopping bags and, if needed, a small cooler. Needless to say it’s not the ideal set-up!

  131. I currently use a combo of reuseable baggies, plastic bags & a really old insulated lunchbag that needs replacing!

  132. We actually haven’t done a picnic yet but I use lots of cheap plastic containers to pack lunches and travel food. I’m looking to move away from that into glass and stainless steel.

  133. We use glass dishes and a cooler bag, but sometimes we use plastic just because of glass getting so heavy with all we need to pack!

  134. We use plastic containers and an insulated backpack. I actually won it years ago and it is falling apart. This looks great.

  135. We use baggies over and over, and then when they will o longer hold food we reuse them for crafts, small hardware organization,etc. We always use our own silverware, never plastic utensils.

  136. I use paper/plastic products if I have any, but I don’t buy them unless it’s for one of my kids’ birthdays, so often we are out. Then I just use regular dishes.

  137. I use my glass containers for hauling things around- from the bulk section to canning to leftovers, I use those babies to their max potential. However, they are pretty heavy, and with a lot of them in the same bag I worry they may break and ruin my picnic! πŸ™‚

  138. I use some Thirty-One thermal bags, but like you, pack the actual food in baggies, or small containers I have laying around.

  139. These look amazing. Right now I pack everything into individual containers and put it all in my big polka dotted lunchbox

  140. My sister made us some reusable snack bags, so I like to fill those and bottle of water for on-the-road meals.

  141. I use the simple milk storage bag and ice pack for cold stuff and tupperware or plastic baggies for other things and put it all in a big cloth bag. I would love this cute package.

  142. Although, we try to avoid using plastic, we usually use plastic for picnics and on-the-go meals too. It would be a blessing to have something non-plastic and that is so handy to use.

  143. I pack it in a Thirty-One thermal bag and try to use reusable containers (usually stainless steel or plastic) and reusable baggies for everything. Drinks are usually boxes or pouches. The only thing we usually don’t use that’s reusable are paper towels.

  144. uggg… I use tupperware! It’s the only plastic I’ve got left in the house- the few little sandwich holders!

  145. I usually use plastic containers and baggies πŸ™ because that is what I have on hand and it makes me feel guilty every time.

  146. We have a picnic backpack but I like the looks of this much more!! The picnic backpack has a lot of plastic involved…the less of that we use, the better. =)

  147. we don’t have any snazzy picnic items, just a cooler & disposable container items.

  148. I usually use the same things that you used to! Ziploc bags, maybe plastic reusable containers, lots and lots of waste…I’m taking baby steps toward a healthier life and home. It is a work in progress!

  149. We don’t have any particularly picnic items, we just throw it all in however we can – sometimes it doesn’t arrive looking very appetizing. A little forethought and this snazzy stuff would be wonderful this summer.

  150. I have one stainless steel container and it is my favorite reusable container to travel with since it’s so light and tough! I also have one beautiful cloth napkin and I wish I had more like it!

  151. I was just talking to my sister about these!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a picnic pack!

  152. We don’t have anything near as cool as this. We just use the random plastic containers that actually have lids we can find too!

  153. Would love this picnic set for my food allergic son! We pack every single meal for him that we don’t eat at home!

  154. I am very tempted to take a peak at their website, our family is transitioning to packing more lunches and i hate to waste money on plastic baggies too!

  155. We use reusable containers but they’re getting beat up and our cooler leaks πŸ™
    This set would make me sooooo happy!

  156. I always have to have this perfect blanket that’s plastic on the bottom and soft on the top.

  157. i’m in the cloth bag, mismatching empty plastic pots and leaking water bottles brigade. Help me!!!

  158. Generally I use whatever plastic containers I have on hand that I usually pack the kids’ lunches in.

  159. I don’t know that I’ve ever been on a picnic? I have a 1 year old now and have recently thought it’s something we’ll be able to do in the upcoming summers of his life and this giveaway is perfect. We’d just take reusable containers if we went as it’s what we have.

  160. Right now, we generally grab a couple of footlongs from Subway. Obviously, I want to be better and more intentional about picnic meals. I do have a picnic plate/utensils set that we will probably use. This set sounds really nice.

  161. Zoo trips and weekly picnics are a big part of our week! We would love, love this and will save up for if we don’t get picked.

  162. When I pack picnics I use reusable plastic containers. Used to use baggies but everything got squashed.

  163. We use regular containers and baggies in a cooler ATM, but they are not nearly as awesome as these πŸ™‚

  164. I currently use a couple reusable snack bags, a couple small containers & our kids lunch bags. But nothing holds everything & I also have the same problem of things getting soggy which means that I just end up having more snack bags (which are good for snacks but not ideal for lunch). I would love some stainless food containers πŸ™‚

  165. I saw a dandelion large tote on their website, how cute! I am going to have to check out their stuff, it seems good quality. We always pack fruits and veggies for our picnics!

  166. We use stainless steel water bottles, a soft-side cooler, and reusable plastic tupperware containers. We keep blankets in the van that we can pull out for any picnic situation πŸ™‚

  167. I love this set! We have one stainless steel to go set, but it’s not enough for the whole family. Sure would love to win this one : )

  168. We currently just use whatever plastic containers and baggies we have on hand. A cooler and reusable shopping totes to carry it all together.

  169. If I’m packing food for more than 2 people, I end up putting it all in a reusable shopping bag (the kind you buy from the grocery store, about the same dimensions as a paper grocery sack). Not the best solution, but it means everything fits! (usually) I would LOVE this set.

  170. I use a plastic bag along with my Tupperware lunchbox from Kindergarten. I don’t get to go on many picnics. πŸ™

  171. These look like the perfect thing for packing my husband’s lunches (or a picnic for the kids). I have some glass containers that I love, but they are glass after all and there is always the risk of them breaking. These would be a great alternative and wouldn’t involve more plastic, which I’ve tried to get away from when possible….

  172. We use a large insulated lunch bag for picnics , but the boys are getting older and I’m running out of room !

  173. I use as many reusable containers as I can and when packing sandwiches, we just stick them all back in the bread bag (with 10 family members, we use at least one bag of bread per trip). πŸ™‚

  174. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went on a picnic…but this would definitely be the motivation to go! πŸ™‚

  175. I’m the “shove-a-few-Tupperware-containers-in-a-bag-and-call-it-good” packer. Would be nice to have something actually MEANT for this, though!

  176. Love these products.. glad to find you on FB and Pinterest.. Hope to see more…. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway chance too.

  177. im not very organized and just throw everything in diff. containers…plastic or glass, whatever is available at the time. It works, but this giveaway would be helpful!!

  178. It seems I am a woman of extremes… our picnics are packed in either a way-too-small insulated lunch sack or a way-too-big hardsided cooler. Sigh. This looks like the perfect size for picnics with our little family. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  179. This looks fabulous. I usually just use a couple of lunch boxes but have been meaning to get picnic gear.

  180. I’ve started to move to all glass jars, but it’s so hard to pack for a picnic! I also have a basket that doesn’t have a top, but folds up, which I received as a wedding gift and love.

  181. Usually ziploc baggies in my canvas tote…we are pretty much glass containers at home, but those aren’t the most conducive for picnicking!

  182. I use a reuse able insulated tote from whole foods which works well for the kids and I but for the whole family I have a picnic basket which s fun to use!

  183. I normally use my current plastic containers as well as reused plastic bags/new ones. I would really like to be more earth-friendly!

  184. We use whatever leftover to-go containers and glass jars we have sitting around. I feel like our diaper bag is always a snack away from being a full picnic.

  185. What a great giveaway! Right now I have a hodge podge of stuff that I use when we picnic or take lunches somewhere. I’d love to win this set!

  186. This looks like a great giveaway! We use quart jars for drinking to get away from plastic bottles…It can be tricky when traveling, but the right size of ice chest helps it to be easier. πŸ™‚

  187. When I pack a picnic I usually just use a 31 utility tote and throw it all in. It’s cute, but extremely picnic-friendly. Love this picnic gear!!!

  188. I use a Thirty One insulated tote. But, would love to try this product to see which I like better to order more.

  189. we love to pack a lot of little sancks for our picnics at our local parks.. the bad thing is that we use zip lock bags( so bad for the earth) πŸ™ I am a stay at home mom on the run. It always seens like we are grabbing food and heading out the door. This set would make my life so much easier.. just grab, pack, an go…

  190. I am making the switch to a more natural lifestyle and I love that you guys share your favorites in products!

  191. For picnics I usually use plastic containers and 2 reusable snack bags I have. My hubs throws everything in a plastic grocery bag πŸ™‚ These products look great!

  192. Our current picnic is a wicker basket, with mason jars for beverages, real silverware….and then the dreaded plastic to keep the food in. πŸ™ We are working on switching away from plastic, but it is currently cost-prohibitive, so one thing at a time. This giveaway is fabulous!

  193. We usually just use a cooler and then paper plates…..I would love to have this kit for picnics with my granddaughter! πŸ™‚

  194. I spent a good 30 minutes browsing the Mighty site. I so need some of the compartment tins for my kiddos who love to eat the fruits and veggies faster than I can get them out of the shopping bag. Would love to load up a tin each day and when its gone, its gone.

  195. Oh and I use plastic bags and/or plastic food storage containers and a wicker basket for our picnics. Am trying to purge the house of plastic piece by piece.

  196. I have a 31 thermal tote and some zip lock baggies / but I would probably pass this one on to my daughter for her to enjoy with her children

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