Menu Plan Monday- Feb 18

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Hello again! I’m still puttering away with my restrictive diet… two weeks down, minimum of 6 more to go!

Each week I am stretched to find tasty, interesting, healthy and still frugal meals that we can all enjoy. I’m finding that being really purposeful to make yummy dinners (and therefore, having great lunches through leftovers) makes any kind of special diet bearable. You just have to get creative!

Monday: Salmon, sweet potato and broccoli chowder

Tuesday: Thai Chicken Stir Fry (another recipe from Real Simple, just like the chowder above, but I could only find it in my magazine copy, not on the web), over quinoa instead of rice.

Wednesday: At a church event (I’ll bring leftovers for myself)

Thursday: Butternut Squash Risotto with a green salad

(I’m on a Real Simple kick this week- if you’ve never tried their recipes, they are almost always completely from scratch and use wonderful fresh ingredients, but are generally not too complicated or time consuming- try browsing through their recipes!)

Friday: Millet Root Vegetable Cobbler with steamed side veggies (I’m thinking asparagus, but it depends on the price at the produce market), for guests. For dessert, probably ice cream with fruit (for my hubby, who’s craving ice cream, but feels bad buying it when I can’t have any), and I will either have a smoothie or just some fruit.

Saturday: Pizzas on sprouted corn tortillas (tortillas are such a great way to make fast, simple, individual pizzas, and it’s an interesting change from regular pizza dough). For mine, I intend to create a pesto concoction, make with goat’s cheese instead of parmesan, plus we’ll use some chicken, peppers, fresh herbs, and for my hubby, tomato sauce, onions, and cheddar cheese (lucky bum- I miss cheese!).

Sunday: Moroccan Tagine (a crockpot lamb dish, with fruit and lots of spices- it sounds divine!), with a green salad

As well, on Wednesday, I will be hosting a girls waffle brunch for my 3 favorite girlfriends from university (possibly our last girly get together before the last of our bunch gets married this spring). For them, I will be making Classic Waffles, and for myself, I will be altering Nourishing Tradition’s pancake recipe to be egg-free and use goat’s milk. I’ll serve them with whipped cream and fruit (I can have the fruit, and I might just make a smidge of whipped cream for myself with stevia instead of sugar- a girl has to indulge once in a while, right?)

Someone recently asked what I am doing for breakfasts, and the answer is:
Breakfast sausages, which I just ran out of 🙁
Scrambled tofu (I’m not normally a tofu eater or advocate, but I’m feeling a little desperate here)
A little bit of sourdough spelt bread (though I’m trying to keep the bread minimal). I just bought some almond butter yesterday, which I am really excited to have in lieu of our regular organic peanut butter.
Fruit smoothies (with a nut/seed base rather than a yogurt base, and stevia instead of honey for sweetener)
Some “raw” buckwheat granola I made myself, with almond milk and berries
And my husband and daughter are also eating oatmeal and more toast than I’m eating (with cheese, peanut butter, etc.).

More menu plans at Organizing Junkie!

To those of you who’ve done similar Candida or restrictive diets before, any other great breakfast suggestions, or even just dinner recipe links? It would be very appreciated, and probably useful to some other people as well!

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  1. Looks like a great menu that you definitely put a lot of thought into – good luck with your diet! The vegetable cobbler sounds interesting – I always think of “cobbler” as related to a fruit dessert but it makes sense to consider it for a savory dish. Yum!

    Best of luck with the tagine as well! Those are tasty!


  2. The Thai Chicken Stir Fry sounds good. If you like it, would you mind posting the recipe, please. Your menu sounds great.

  3. I believe I remember reading that dairy is one of the limitations of your restrictive diet. Do you plan on substituting it when you make the chowder? That recipes sounds delicious, but I also limit my dairy intake for health reasons, so I was curious to know how that chowder would come together for you.

  4. Tami, I’d be happy to post the recipe if we like it!

    Risha, you’re right that I’m off dairy, but only cow’s dairy. I didn’t test sensitive to goat’s milk, so although it’s not my favorite, that’s what I will be using. If I couldn’t use goat’s, I think I would use almond milk (the unsweetened kind). When I’ve tried non-dairy substitutes, that seems to be what works best for me, as I don’t do soy and rice milk is a little bit watery for me.

  5. Good luck with your diet. I had to go on a bland diet when my littlest one had eczema and we thought had food alergies. I substituted rice milk in all of my baking and still do. We also used sunflower butter and still do not. I LOVED it! And it is easy to get organic. Might be worth a try. I didn’t really like the almond butter. I ate a ton of rice crackers with sunflower butter on them. Yum! Good luck again! Glad to be done with it now (my son ended up getting rid of the eczema and when we added things back into his diet it never came back) but it was a great way to lose weight and eat really health. My naturopath said I could stay on that diet forever if I wanted (just add eggs back in occassionally).

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