The All-Natural, Eco-Friendly Way to Dry Laundry (Homestead Drying Racks Review & Giveaway!)


One of the most delightful things about living life abroad this past year was that, almost everywhere we traveled, I had to line dry my laundry.

How is that delightful, you ask?

What sounded somewhat like a chore at first quickly became a cherished, ritual, liturgical part of the day.

Walking outside and breathing in the fresh air.

Stopping and quieting myself from whatever I was doing or surrounded by in the house.

Methodically, soothingly, picking up one piece of laundry at a time, feeling its pleasing dampness, giving it a brisk shake, and settling it on the line or rack in neat rows.

Thinking quiet, meditative thoughts, mouthing prayers, humming a song.

Catching whatever rays of sunshine could be had on the nicest days.

Satisfying myself with the clouds or trees or birds or what-have-you on the overcast days. There’s always something lovely to be seen.

eco friendly way to dry laundry giveaway

Laundry as liturgy, and so much more.

We’ve been home for one month exactly, and my spirit already craves these outdoor laundry pauses. I am eagerly awaiting our move into our new-to-us home this weekend, where I will pull out my gorgeous wooden drying rack with eager hands and set it up near a window on the rainy days (we’re West coasters… we get a lot of those this time of year) or out on the lawn on those rare and precious sunny ones.

The everyday liturgical act of laundry hanging isn’t the only reason to choose to hang-dry your clothes and linens.

There’s also the fact that:

  • You can use the sun as the best natural bleach ever.
  • It will save you money on energy costs.
  • It just saves energy in general, never a bad thing for those seeking a greener lifestyle.
  • It’s easier on your clothes and will help them to last longer and look nicer.

I like to hang-dry our laundry for all of these reasons and more.

It shouldn’t have surprised me that all over the world, dryers don’t really exist. Whether we were in Argentina or France or Turkey or Rwanda or China or Australia, we hung our laundry out in the fresh air. It was just the normal thing to do.

And it works.

win homestead drying rack

Homestead Drying Racks

I’ve used a whole slew of different drying options in the past, not just over the course of this year, but in my Canadian home as well. Over-the-stair banisters, clothes hangers on shower curtain poles, backs of dining room chairs, metal or plastic foldable drying racks in my backyard, you name it, I’ve probably done it.

And in reality, it all works. But these solid, sturdy, wooden drying racks from Homestead Drying Racks are a mighty good way to do it instead.

They’re incredibly well made, something that I can foresee lasting for years and years. So many of my plastic or metal ones were a bit flimsy and all broke within a relatively short period of time.

These racks, however, are very strong and can hold a lot of weight. You could easily put large bedspreads or blankets or sleeping bags on these (their website even says you can put rugs on them!), the Homesteader size in particular. At 6 ft tall and 4 ft wide, they offer 56 linear ft of drying space and can handle the largest pieces of laundry in your pile.

I love that they’re wooden, because not only are they handsome, but they aren’t going to fill a landfill up with more junk.

Their tall V-shape is intended for optimal drying time.

They even have a variety of sizes, to suit your drying needs and the size of your family and home. I chose the largest model, because we’re already a family of 6 and we can put out a LOT of laundry in a short space of time, especially if I’m doing bedsheets.

ryan with drying rack
My 6’3″ husband holding our just-arrived drying rack, before we put it together. That’s one tall drying rack!

They also carry a mid-size rack, perfect for a small family or someone that only hang-dries some of their laundry, as well as a more apartment-size drying rack for small loads and even a tabletop size that can go on top of a counter or the top of your dryer, perfect for small items like socks and underwear!

Homesteading video bonus!

I didn’t even realize that along with my gorgeous rack, they were sending me a full set of their Homesteading for Beginners DVDs!

This coming weekend, our family is moving into our very first home of our own, after 10 years of renting. We purposefully chose to move further out of the big city so that we could afford a house with a nice, large 1/5 acre lot.

Big backyard = HUGE garden and berry bushes and a few fruit trees. And maybe some laying hens. I’m just a bit giddy at the thought of it all.

homesteading videos

So you can imagine how tickled I was to read the back of each of the four homesteading videos and find topics like:

  • Egg layers
  • Raising chickens and processing them
  • Root cellaring
  • A ton of tutorials in canning and other methods of preserving
  • Gardening
  • plus all sorts of other things that interest me, like soap making, cheese making, bread baking, and much more.

I think I’ll be watching these while I wait for spring to stop teasing us and just get here already, so that I can get my hands back in the dirt!

Want to win your own Homesteader Drying Rack just like Stephanie’s? Enter to win that PLUS a full set of Homesteading for Beginners DVD’s (total value of $228)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends March 19 at noon. Disclosure: This giveaway was generously sponsored by Homestead Drying Racks, and is open to residents of the U.S.Β All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. We LOVE outside, line-dried clothes…usually using the dryer Only when we don’t have line-drying weather for days and days…something unusual in my state. Clothes smell sooo good, and they definitely last longer.

  2. Now that is a drying rack! I mostly line dry in the summer, but given the size of that rack I could probably line dry year round.

  3. Love the drying rack. Love drying my clothes outside for the fresh smell you cannot get from a bottle or sheet. Would love to enter to win, but takes too much time clicking on so many ways to enter.

  4. I don’t enter these giveaways anymore. I don’t see the point if there are thousands entered because I would never get chosen over a thousand entrants.
    Anyways, I have my Mom’s old drying rack. The thing is literally in shambles. I had to use wood glue to glue one of the rods back into it’s holes. The white paint is peeling off the rods and I always shake the clothes off after I take them off after they have dried. Too bad their isn’t something I can drench the rack in to get the paint off lolz :p I sweep under it every day. I usually have it up all the time by the furnace in the living room. Usually in the winter it gets used to hang my undergarments, my dish drying towel, or my small electric blanket trow. It really does come in handy though I think. In the warmer months, I have it up outside in case I run out of space on my clothesline. I think it is an essential in any home. Although, mine is much smaller than the one you have and cost at least a hundred dollars less. But like anything, you get what you pay for, but mine does the job for now. This is a great giveaway and I would have never known about this site unless you had posted it. And I am going to share it with my Mom. She would definitely be interested in it too.
    Thanks and have a great day! πŸ™‚

  5. My favorite is the the homesteader drying rack but I also like the plunger washer. I think it would be great for camping.

  6. Hi Stephanie. I went to their website and am really pleasantly surprised at the large size of the rack. I have 2 smaller ones. But they are hardly adequate. I use them indoors downstairs in my basement office just under where the heat vent blows warm air. I’ve been looking for a good, strong large rack to hold the big stuff (jeans, towels, etc). I only use my racks indoors though as it gets super-windy at the drop of a hat here in Edmonton, Alberta. And I have a tree-style cemented into the ground clothesline set up I use during the half of the year it is not freezing outside (sometimes that’s only about 4 months here). So an indoor system is a must. Thanks for bringing us this giveaway. I’ve entered and if I don’t win, I’ll purchase one from the company anyway. Cheers!

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