Homemaker’s Friend Giveaway: Win 1 of 10 Daily Planners!

Homemaker's Friend Giveaway: Win 1 of 10 Daily Planners!

If getting organized was one of the goals you put on your resolution list for the new year, we’ve got a great giveaway for you today! The Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner is a wonderful assistant for any homemaker. The weekly two-page spread is easy to use and its flexibility makes it a favorite planner for the unpredictable life of a mom. There is a designated section for task lists, projects and events, information and perforated grocery lists, all printed on beautiful pages with inspirational Bible verses to encourage you throughout your days.

Today we’re giving away ten 2015 Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planners!

Homemaker's Friend Giveaway: Win 1 of 10 Daily Planners!

In designing the Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner, Sue Hooley’s goal was to publish an uncomplicated, guilt-free planner to help women/moms to simplify their lives. She has achieved this goal in a beautiful format that simplifies the process of planning your day.

As an added bonus, Sue has offered Keeper of the Home readers a discount of 40% off the regular price of the planners, bringing them to just $9.99 each! Click here to pick up your own copy of this amazing organizational tool!

To enter our giveaway for 1 of 10 Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planners, enter your information in the form below.


Disclosure: This giveaway was generously sponsored by Homemaker’s Friend.


  1. What a wonderful giveaway! As painfully as this is to admit, right now my way of organizing and managing my home is just survival mode.

  2. I like to be able to see the plans of the day and keep it all in one place. I do think this organizer would help me to do that. Currently, I am using a planner from the store. thx

  3. This looks exactly like what I need in a planner (I made my own out of a three ring binder, with all of the same boxes (task list, dinner menu, etc), but mine is missing the bible verses (which I love), and I haven’t finished it (it’s missing March-December…a daunting task)! Great design!

  4. I have been wanting one of these planners for so long! Right now, I manage my time with one of those little pocket planners, and it has helped, though I am always needing more room 🙂

  5. Lovely planners. It would be great to have a place to keep organized with more details than I can fill in on my calendar, or the random pieces of paper floating around the house with little notes to myself!

  6. I am struggling to organize my daily duties while raising my 2 daughters under 3. This would be extremely helpful to jot down my to do list while keeping track of appointments outside of the house.

  7. This looks like a great way to help get organized. Having much of my information in one place would definitely make things run smoother.

  8. I love this spiral bound planner. It’s similar to the one I use now, but I have to draw in my own sections for menu planning and mine doesn’t have a Bible verse or monthly calendar on each two page spread.

  9. With 5 kids time management is rough. I try using my phone and a huge wall calendar now but this planner would be great!!!!

  10. I’m terrible at time management. I try…writing myself notes on sticky paper or the calendar but I’m bound to lose them somewhere. This would help for sure. =)

  11. This looks like such an easy to use amazing tool! I have such a hard time staying organized with a preschooler a toddler and a baby arriving any day now:)

  12. I enjoy looking over my planner and seeing the whole weeks schedule. I have a planner almost like this one.

  13. I have such a hard time setting a schedule especially if I don’t see it visually. The planner helps me to stay focused and helps me remember everything!

  14. My kids are just getting to the age where we have more going on and I can’t keep it just in my mind anymore! This would be wonderful to help me get a new system of actually writing things down!

  15. I still prefer an old-fashioned hard-copy planner instead of using electronics. I’d love to give this one a try!

  16. A prefer a written calendar/organizer to using apps on my phone. It would be great to have one that I could throw in my purse and have access to when I am on the go.

  17. I have a hard time with organization especially now since I have purchased my first home. I have been misplacing things and it seems that I keep running round like a crazy person. I need someplace to keep my important info and appts so I am not running late or forgetting things completely.

  18. I desperately need organization. I feel like nothing is getting done & there is so much to do. A planner would get me on track & keep me on it better. Plus, I still prefer the written-on-paper things instead of electronics.

  19. Planning my week always makes life flow smoother and saves me when unexpected things come up. I have usually just printed off my own weekly planning sheets but often I need to plan farther ahead so this book would be great. Also I love that it has biblical inspirations!!

  20. The way to really get a lot done is tone have a plan. The phrase, when u aim at nothing you hit it every time, is a constant reminder to me. I’m working on adjusting to life with a baby and replanting making life be productive.

  21. I always have to have a planner to organize my life and I just lost the one I purchased for this year! So I am floundering on random pieces of paper. I would love to get one of these!

  22. I do have a tough time managing day to day stuff that needs to be done around the house. I like that there are lines for each day of the week in this planner, I think using the lines to write down things like “laundry, empty d/w, etc.” would help me with daily tasks. I do currently use a planner, but I have yet to purchase one for 2015.

  23. I don’t really have a tough time with time management BUT I DO need to keep track of everything homeschooling-wise, which is what I’d use this for. 🙂
    Sarah M

  24. I have a tough time scheduling. Life is always changing up. I like to have a planner and written documentation of my days.

  25. If I do not have something to write on all that I have going on, I am completely unorganized. I like order, so I think a planner would be a great way to keep order.

  26. Time management is always an issue in my house due to me being pulled in different directions. I think this would help me because then I could use it for personal.

  27. Had put off ordering a planner for some reason. Maybe that reason was a free one is coming my way! =) Love your site! God bless you!

  28. I really like the task list at the top of the page! You can see what needs to be done at a glance and coordinate with your schedule!

  29. I kinda just get by. If something needs done I do it.. I’m finding that I need reminders everywhere. Using my phone for this is good. 🙂 I always love new planners and REALLY want to use one to the fullest. I think somehow this might help me FEEL more together for once.. someday..

  30. I don’t do very well with following a calendar but my mom is excellent at it. I’d like to pass this on to her. She refers to her planner as her brain.

  31. I need help keeping up with hubby’s 2 on-3 off work schedule plus 9 grandchildren’s ball schedule no to mention my Dr visits

  32. I would love to have all my kitchen tasks organized and together. I have a couple different systems right now and often times lose track of things. This sounds great.

  33. We use Managers of The Home by the Maxwells for our schedules. I love that system because it breaks down what each person is supposed to be doing at what time. This is great for our school year.
    What I do need is a personal planner, just for me, that I could jot down everything in. Right now, I just write things on notes and loose track of what I wanted to be cleaning or what I needed to get out for dinner. This would help tremendously!

  34. I’m having a horrible time scheduling my time and tasks now. I’ve been trying to transition back to a paper planner for over a year now. I have several different kinds but nothing seems to motivate me. I’m living from alarm to alarm and frequently forgetting or missing things. 🙁 This is also not an effective way to manage my son’s homeschooling. Would love to win a calendar so that maybe I’m not out the kind of money I spent last year trying to get a schedule put together and ultimately failing. 🙁

  35. FYI :: you’re having a problem with the “subscribe to keeper of the home emails” portion. When you click “enter email”, it takes you to an error page saying that you need to enter an email. 🙂 I’m already a subscriber so it wasn’t a big deal to me but it might mess up your new subscribers. 🙂

  36. What I like from the picture is the space to keep your menus for your meals and even some room to make notes so you remember to soak etc. That was the first thing that caught my attention that this would be good for. Right now I just write my menu and plans on a paper that I sometimes lose if I don’t keep track of it. I am in menu planning mode right now because I am trying to budget better in this area. Thanks for giving us the chance to win one of these planners.

  37. Just lovin’ this daily planner. I haven’t purchased my new planner for 2015 and this beats all I’ve seen. Great organization planner. I could use that about now!

  38. Hi there! I plan to get organized with this planner! Right now I REALLY need it because of my business and blog. I would love to get organized to keep up with my classes, one-on-one’s and wellness consults, team calls and so on!

  39. I very much rely on my current paper book planner! But it will end in June so I will need another one soon. I am not into the digital planning (phone, iPad etc) yet. I’m old school!

  40. My family and I are missionaries in West Africa. We are heading home on furlough/home assignment in March and I would love a way to keep track of our busy, ever-changing furlough schedule.

  41. I have a terrible time keeping track of tasks to do – which is bad since I’m the designated person in the family to make appointments, pay bills, and do other errands! I’m especially forgetful when my husband mentiins something I need to do in passing – I bet writing everything down in a central place would help a lot!

  42. This planner would be so helpful. I have 4 children and a home daycare, so life can be a little crazy. It would be such a help in remembering schedules and keeping notes of things I need to remember. What a great product!

  43. I would love to win this! My time management is abysmal at the moment. I’ve tried using digital aids like Google Calendar but haven’t found a solution that works. At the moment, I’m using envelopes from junk mail and writing out a daily to-do list on the backs (saves paper and repurposes junk mail that would otherwise get tossed). It’s far from perfect, but at least it’s something.

  44. I don’t have any kind of planner right now, but would love one, especially for homeschooling and homemaking.

    p.s. the “Keeper of the Home’s email newsletter” option gave me an error when I clicked the link to sign up, so I signed up using the link at the top right of your blog instead.

  45. I do.have some trouble managing my time. I dint check what is supposed to happen for the day often enough. I think this planner would help because it’s pretty, so I could leave it out. 🙂

  46. I try to use my phone to keep track of appointments and such but I am usually horrible about it! This would be great to have something to write things down!

  47. Time management is always an issue. Sometimes it feels like I’m juggling and someone keeps throwing in new balls. I’ve tried using Google Calendar, but have reverted to a paper calendar and a notebook. A planner that could cover what I do with both would be great.

  48. I totally need all the help I can get. I know I need time management but I don’t always do it. I think a paper planner would work for me because I am an old fashioned kind of girl. Needing the actual in hand planner. 🙂

  49. I actually write down my schedule rather than put it all in a phone. I like to be able to see and change it up by hand. This planner is just like what I use from year to year. This planner would be so much nicer than the one I currently use!

  50. I do have trouble keeping track of everything I need to do. Sometimes it can be really overwhelming. I have resorted to printing out calendar pages and carrying them around in a binder. A planner would be so much easier!

  51. I do have a hard time managing my schedule! I try to keep in on my phone but it doesn’t always work. With homeschooling my 5 boys, doctor appts, dentist, appts, it can be a lot. Also my hubby is the senior pastor of a growing church and so we have tons of activities and things going on at the church to keep track of too!

  52. I do have trouble staying on top of things – this looks like a great way to get a better handle on he “to-dos”!

  53. I have spent the last few months at home. Not having to work helps, but I am easily fatigued as I am pregnant! Naps help as well as my great husband.

  54. I do have a hard time. I find that writing things down is the best way to keep my days straight. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  55. Who doesn’t have an issue with time management. I make lists, lists, and more lists. Each week I add half my stuff to do list to the next week because it doesn’t get done. I’m afraid if I saw some of my old to do lists from a few months back there would still be some of those items being transfered. lol

  56. With 8 different schedules in the house, this planner would make it easy to carry my calendar with me in order to stop double and triple booking myself. :o\ Right now I try to use a combination of my phone, a calendar that is much too large to carry and my cloudy memory. *Thank you for the chance to win! :o)

  57. Goodness knows I could use this! Being a mom is hectic! A little organization would be very helpful – and I like how it claims to be “guilt-free.” We definitely don’t need any more of that! 🙂

  58. Oh my gosh – as a single mother, full time employee, part time artist/business owner — need I say more? I totally need a planner to help keep me on track and I haven’t purchased one yet for 2015!!

  59. I’m a busy stay at home mom and I am always running in a million different directions. I often drop things midway to deal with things that pop up and have a difficult time actually accomplishing necessary tasks. I struggle with actually getting anything done and feel frustrated at the end of the day when I’m exhausted but there are still a million things to do! I need a plan to carve out some time each day to get a plan together.

  60. I try to keep track of appointments on a white board now. That’s not working out so well though. Being a homeschooling mom, I really need to get it together this year.

  61. I do have a smidge of difficulty trying to keep myself organized. My husband is always saying that I’m very scatter-brained. This might help me to at least have a place to go to keep me on track. I do homeschool on my days off.

  62. Each year I like to try a new system/planner. Variety is key…keeps me interested and more apt to follow through on a day-to-day basis.

  63. I try to organize now with a regular planner & a homeschool planner, but it doesn’t totally work. I think having many things in one place would be really helpful.

  64. A planner would be such a great help in my house! I work long hours and we always have a lot going on! What a great idea for a giveaway!

  65. I thrive on structure but I often find that I don’t have the right tools to help me be more structured with my time. I use the calendar on my phone but its a far cry from what I need to keep me organized between meal planning, homeschooling, keeping up the house, starting up a business and all the kids’ activities. I think this planner would be so perfect, and I like the idea of being able to write it all out in one place. Thank you for creating this wonderful tool.

  66. I love the scriptures for daily inspiration! Like most people, I would Love 2b better organized & this would be perfect! …..tired of post-it notes & random pieces of paper..haha.

  67. I have to write things down or I forget! Having a place for my to-do lists & organize them would definitely help me out!

  68. I definitely have a hard time managing my time right now with my kids and their many activities. I would love a planner like this, as I like having things written down. I use the calendar on my phone right now, it’s linked to my husband’s calendar too. I think I would prefer having it written down for my personal organization projects right now.

  69. This looks like a good way to manage winter soccer, hockey, after-school extracurriculars and my own two jobs!

  70. As I get older I find I have difficulty holding my schedule in my mind like I used to, so I really need a planner to keep me from forgetting something important.

  71. Right now, our family has a notebook where we write our schedule down to try keep everything organized. Try is the key word. Sometimes we do lose info.

  72. Currently, I am not managing my time very well. I have sticky notes and lists everywhere! This planner would be ideal because everything would be in one place and the scriptures throughout are a huge bonus and daily encouragement.

  73. I work hard to keep things under control here as we are in our 16th year of home schooling! This planner would be extremely helpful to me with all that goes on here in a day!

  74. I am definitely am in need of a good planner. I left it too late to buy the moleskin I usually get and now everywhere is sold out. I would love to try something that is more geared to moms, and with a godly focus. Managing my time well has always been a real challenge, and especially now with homeschooling 4 boys!

  75. I could definitely use more help in the planning department, we have so much going on it’s hard to keep track of it all. No real “system” at this point.

  76. hmmm I don’t think I have a hard time managing my time. I just need more of it. I work ft and commute over an hour each way. as a single parent, and having a dog that needs exercise, there isn’t much left for anything but cooking, sleeping, and if I’m lucky some cleaning and art.

  77. One of my biggest faults is managing my time. I always have so many places to be and it seems like I am always going in circles. This would really help me as I could keep where I have to be in one place instead of all the sticky yellow notes I use all around the house.

  78. I am a visual person and need to have things written down. Right now, I write down notes and lists on scraps of paper.

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