It ’ s officially a write off

My morning, that is.

I went to bed last night, with full intentions of waking early, accomplishing my morning routine, and having a wonderfully efficient day.

Instead, I woke up at 2:30am to nurse my son, to extreme stomach cramping and pain, aches and chills. I slept fitfully until 8:30 when I had no choice but to be up, and have spent the morning in pajamas and a hoodie, sipping on tea, and hoping that this stomach bug (or whatever it is) runs it’s course quickly.

Such is life. And even in the midst of my day, with the messy living room full of unfinished Christmas decorating projects, the uncleaned kitchen, lack of a proper breakfast for my daughter (hey, she got fed and it wasn’t sugar- I’m satisfied) and the absence of anything remotely resembling productivity or achievement today, God is so good, and I love my job.

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