How to Make Mayonnaise

The following recipe is adapted from Everyday Paleo. It turns a beautiful yellow color due to the mustard. It's so flavorful! It's an excellent addition to sandwiches.



  1. Add the eggs yolks, vinegar, mustard, sea salt, and cayenne pepper to a large bowl (if using a hand mixer) or your food processor. Blend together for about ten seconds. (See! I told you I started out in my food processor!)
  2. With the mixer running on the lowest setting, add the oil slowly. Just a little drip at a time. When the cup is very full, it can be hard to control how much oil is poured out, so I sometimes use a measuring spoon to drizzle the oil in slowly. This is the part where you must be patient. Maybe even read a book while you are standing there!
  3. When the mixture begins to emulsify, or thicken, you can begin to add the oil a little more quickly, but still be very careful. Don't dump all of the oil in at once. This whole process will take close to 20 minutes. But it's worth it!
  4. This recipe makes a little over 2 cups of mayonnaise. Keep in the fridge for about 2 weeks.

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